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12 Rounds 3: Lockdown


Action / Crime / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
5.2 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Feb 03, 2021 at 02:25 pm


Jonathan Good as John Shaw
Roger Cross as Tyler Burke
Daniel Cudmore as Gideon
Lochlyn Munro as Darrow
Ty Olsson as Harris

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Movie Reviews

A pretty cliché action movie that really is worth watching only if you are a huge fan of Dean Ambrose.

"He's dirty and I got the evidence." After returning to the force after a gunshot wound, officer Shaw (Ambrose) thinks he's in for a easy day back. When he discovers his former partner is involved in illegal activity he wants to do something about it. After the building is locked down It is up to him to stop them and keep the evidence safe. There really isn't too much to say about this one. The first two movies in this series were actually not too bad. A cop forced to go through a series of tests in order to save the ones he loves. The only thing this had in common with the others is the title and a wrestler is the main star. This is pretty much a generic action movie that did everything it could to be Assault on Precinct 16 but fell way short. Overall, a pretty cliché action movie that really is worth watching only if you are a huge fan of Dean Ambrose. This one strayed too far from what made the others interesting to watch. I give this a C.

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Decent action sequences, but abysmally weak script

"12 Rounds 3: Lockdown" deserved a much better script. As a mindless action flick, it's not a bad way to spend ninety minutes. Production values are adequate and there are some decent action sequences. The unarmed combat scenes are much better than the gunfights. The somewhat gratuitous car scenes seem more like product placements than part of the script.

The script makes no sense at all. Why would a police department even have a lockdown mode that prevents fire doors from opening from the inside? Why would the villains think they could hunt down and murder an officer when every corner of the building is monitored by security cameras? The villains operate as if there is no forensic evidence of anything, even the caliber of weapons.

The script tries to give Shaw (Ambrose) a backstory and inner conflict with an incident that resulted in a partner's death and required an extended leave for psychiatric care. Several characters refer to the incident; however, there is never any resolution. We expect to find out that either it wasn't really his fault due to circumstances he didn't understand, as in "Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol" or to learn that some character fault or error in judgment did result in the death and that he can overcome a similar dilemma only if he has learned from the experience. But it is never developed and his experience doesn't seem to infuse his actions. Shaw also has history with the villain, but neither seems to use any unique understanding of the other to any advantage.

"12 Rounds" and "12 Rounds 2: Reloaded" have been compared to "Die Hard with a Vengeance," while "12 Rounds 3: Lockdown" has been compared to the original "Die Hard." However, where the first two 12 Rounds films had clever scripts that compared favorably with the second Die Hard, the third pales compared to the original "Die Hard."

Long segments without dialogue require actors of the caliber of Bruce Willis ("Die Hard"), Robert Redford ("All is Lost") and Tom Hanks ("Castaway"). Dean Ambrose can be effective when given the material. An early scene at a stoplight is effective without dialogue. Unfortunately, he's not given much to work with.

Shaw frequently ejects his magazine to count the number of bullets remaining, but never adds in one for the bullet in the chamber. The villains are able to get into the armory and equip themselves with assault rifles and bulletproof vests, but Shaw can't manage to pick up one of the weapons dropped during a fight.

There is no character development and no moral. Shaw has inner demons, but seems to ignore them. He is wounded, but ignores the wounds. He has an opportunity to team up with another cop, but doesn't.

The script is a largely predictable mishmash of familiar tropes. The level of gunplay is over the top. There is no way the villains could hope to argue that their use of force was justified by the circumstances or that the top brass would allow them to continue shooting up the department with wild abandon. And yet, the tone is very serious and down to earth, unlike such films as "Shoot 'Em Up" or "Smokin' Aces," which have a comic book sense of reality.

While the film never really engages the viewer, neither does it bore. While the plot seems ridiculous and implausible, if one can disengage ones mental faculties, it offers some entertaining action sequences.

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Awful. Awful, awful. Pls don't watch

This movie is crap. In fact I had to sign up with IMDb to review it. Where do I start from? Oh yes the acting. The lead protagonist Shaw can't even act to save his life. His expressions are flat and the same throughout the movie. The rest of the actors apart from the main villain carried themselves like morons throughout. Shaw got shot yet he didn't like it. He didn't favor the bad hand and kept moving it the way he liked. And when Shaw killed the only female villain, the next person who shot at him had a clear view of Shaw's upper body. There was nothing protecting him. Yet this guy shot speedily at the desk allowing Shaw to escape. Why? The script told him to.

The plot of the movie was weak. Very weak. Are we to believe a precinct can be locked down just like that? Some things were just too hard to believe. Like the fact that Shaw, someone who could barely nail a good shot during practice was so good at it under pressure, killing all the bad guys with his expertise. And why did Burke keep hesitating to kill Shaw? He had all the time to do it. And I just can't believe capt Matthews was a bad cop. It seemed desperate. And the worst of all was when the guy watching the cameras stopped an upload sent from the central monitor in the server room. That is impossible. The central monitor controls every other monitor and network. A client network cannot stop it. It was so dumb.

I never want to watch something like this again. Ever. It had no redeemable feature. The sequence of actions were out of place. It was Just awful. Don't waste your time. Don't watch this.

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Good Action, bad scenario

There are so many sins in this movie. I will not comment on the action scene because it's good enough. Not the best, but pretty good. The main problem is the scenario/script of the movie is sucks so much.

1) why the main character not send the proof to the internet at the first place? This is 2015, everybody has internet. At least copy it to your desktop so you have a backup.

2) if I were him, I'm at least show the evidence to my friends or at least I'm gonna scream and gathered everyone on my computer to see the evidence together.

3) when the main character manage to get to the roof and get his gun to the main villain, why he not at least shoot his leg or arms??? its stupid!

4) why the main character must use only one gun??? he killed the villain and their guns is falling everywhere... WHY HE DIDN'T TAKE THEIR GUNS??? I'm really confuse...

5) why the main villain hesitate so much to killing him??? he destroyed the flash drive so why he need him alive??? and when he chasing him, he shoot and tell everybody to kill him. But when he got the chance to kill him, he didn't! why??

6) at the end, the main character recorded the voice of the main villain to make a proof. BUT THAT IS NOT A PROOF! He didn't even mention about "drugs" or anything. He just said about "THIS IS MY SHOW" and some stupid words.

I can give more question. but I think you get my point. This movie is sucks. I'm not talking about the actor or the action. I'm talking about the script.

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