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Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.2 / 10


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Aug 17, 2020 at 08:27 pm


Dhanush as Ram
Shruti Haasan as Janani
Prabhu as Ram's father
Bhanupriya as Ram's mother
Rohini as Janani's mother

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Movie Reviews

A Brilliant,Beautiful and Touching Masterpiece...

I just watched 3 a.k.a "moonu" 2 months back. There are many things to be told about this movie. Firstly, this movie was written and directed by a debutant director, Aishwarya.R.Dhanush. Well, all I new about her was she was director Selvaraghavan's apperentice, and wife to actor Dhanush. Now about the movie, she has done an AMAZING job in the story, screenplay, and especially the touching dialogues. Despite being a debutant director and writer, she has done a perfect job in the way she portrayed Ram and Jananai's characters. It was as if we were living in their story.The music was equally brilliant by Anirudh Ravichander. If we think out of the box, only then this movie can be our cup of tea. Agreed that there were a few flaws; "Why this koleveri di" video, a bit exaggerated scenes of crying, etc. But, come on! This is just Aishwarya's beginning! I agree suicide in bipolar isn't normal, but it has been shown clearly that Ram doesn't take his medication properly and towards the end, avoids Senthil from accompanying him into his house before the suicide. This movie is underrated, and deserves a much better recognition. Don't miss it. It's a movie of a lifetime. :)

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A brilliant masterpiece that will haunt you forever!

I just finished watching "3" and it is 3.30 a.m IST. I have watched the movie after more than a year the movie released in theatres in India. I had gotten mixed reviews for the movie from my friends. While some had totally written the movie down stating it was illogical, dark, and pointless, a few of my friends had described it as a masterpiece with brilliant performances. I have through time mastered the art of watching movies with an open mind without expectations even after the hype and hoopla surrounding a movie and even after reading several reviews. And that is exactly what I did while I started watching "3" too. The movie opens with the scene of a coffin with garlands surrounded my mourning people, and a visibly shattered Janani ( Shruti Hassan). The credits start rolling as the coffin is taken away and as Janani sits in her empty apartment, she hears the distinct voice of her husband calling out her name – "Janani" and that's when Aishwarya Dhanush chooses to reveal the movie's name – "3"!

Just with this opening scene giving me Goosebumps and a chill down my spine, I was assured that this movie is going to be an experience that I will remember forever. The entire narrative of the movie is split into three parts and hence the title. The first part shows the school days of Janani and Ram ( Dhanush), how their love blossoms and grows. You would be pleasantly surprised by how well Dhanush and Shruti register in your hearts as the high school Ram and Janani in just a single shot. They both look like high school kids every bit and this is by far the most happily enjoyable part of the movie. Sivakarthikeyan as Dhanush's friend Kumaran and Badava Gopi as the tuition teacher provide excellent humor. Special mention must be made to Gabriella as Shruti's deaf and dumb younger sister who steals our hearts in just the few scenes that she appears. From the beginning, Aishwarya keeps us on the edge of our seats making us keep guessing how Ram would have died and what would have caused his death. And, along with this, she gradually builds the love story of Ram and Janani that proceeds to the tying of the nuptial knot in a pub in the second part of the narrative. After this, once the police inspector reveals the findings of the postmortem of Ram, Janani is shocked to her core and goes around speaking to Ram's father and in search of Ram's closest confidant senthil ( played outstandingly by Sundar Raman). The facts that Senthil reveals about Ram forms the most important and pivotal part of the movie- the final part of the narrative. Yes, the movie is dark. Yes, the movie is not all about falling-in-love- getting-married-living-happily-ever-after. But, it deals with a very sensitive and a very important subject and we should all take a bow to Aishwarya for making such a bold attempt with her debut movie. It is quite evident in many scenes that Aishwarya has worked with Selvaraghavan. But that just goes to tell us what beautiful masterpieces Selva has made and how we are able to recognize his stamps. Dhanush, who has become a seasoned actor over the last decade, has given one of his career best lifetime performances. The man made me cry at many places just by his looks and expressions. This is yet another feather in his hat to mark the point that he has carved a niche for himself in Indian cinema and deserves many accolades and recognition in the world of cinema. Shruti has done complete justice to her role and makes us feel all the right emotions for all that she brings out of her on the screen. She has been negatively criticized for her crying scenes, but I personally felt she has done a great job in all scenes. Sundar Raman, as Dhanush's close friend who has to deal with Ram's secret and help his friend has etched a wonderful performance. Anirudh's "kolaveri" went on to become a viral hit all over the world much before the movie. But the young man has given some wonderful songs and background score throughout. All the songs have a underlying sadness to them keeping in line with the central theme of the movie. Prabhu, Bhanupriya and Rohini have done their parts to perfection proving the fact that they are veterans. The cinematography and editing of the movie sustain the thrill, darkness and the feel of the movie throughout. "3" is a brilliant and bold work about a very serious issue and will leave an impression on you that one can never forget. The movie will stay with you long after you have watched it and will haunt you forever. Yes, it is dark but it will not disappoint you. If you are looking for cheesy romance, corny songs, one-liners, a happy ending or if you are too weak and not strong enough to watch some serious, dark themed movie, then I'd suggest not watching it. But, I would strongly recommend "3" for those of you who like to watch a meaningful masterpiece with brilliant and extremely memorable performances.

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excellent.this movie will stay in my heart always

awesome movie

it shows real life

this movie will always stay in my heart i have not written a single review in my life this is the first time i am writing one.shruthi has improved in her performance. dhanush acting is very good. mind-blowing has very good songs.anirudh has done excellent in is debut film.

Must watch for all movie lovers.

The BGM was excellent.

Lovely movie! Breathtaking performance by Dhanush! One of the finest actors of the present generation. His character will stay with you for some time even after leaving the cinema hall. Complimented well by Shruthi & the supporting cast. Won't be surprised to see Dhanush getting his second consecutive national award. And of course Aishwarya deserves a huge applause for making all this possible.Great direction indeed. Brilliant script. The 3 stages of couple's life has been shown brilliantly.

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A refreshingly new and successful attempt in Tamil cinema. Highly recommended!

This is the first review I am writing, and I wanted to write about this film because it truly impressed me. Here it goes...

Finally, the movie which has created much hype, even without publicity, is here. The movie 3, directed by Aishwarya Dhanush, and starring Dhanush and Shruti Hassan in lead roles, portrays love in three different phases of life - school love, which is thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining; college love, which is realistic, and love after marriage. The film is a full-on love story, backed with a powerful story along with awesome performances and great music.

The movie is about the love and life of Ram(Dhanush), the son of a successful businessman(Prabhu), and Janani(Shruti), the daughter of a middle class parents, who meet in a perfect coincidence - Janani's cycle chain has come down and Ram is stuck up in traffic. Eventually, Ram goes and helps Janani, and this leads to love and marriage. They live a happy and a good life, until tragedy strikes the happily married couple. I do not wish to reveal more, because it would shatter the suspense and I want all of them to experience it on big screen.

First of all, the movie is titled as "3" because it portrays love in 3 phases of life. I was thoroughly satisfied with the movie, and I am left wondering why many people did not like the second half of the movie.

Aishwarya Dhanush has made a brilliant directorial debut with this movie. The way of direction and screenplay is highly impressive. And the bravery in giving this classy script to Tamil audiences also should be appreciated.

The performance by Dhanush is just the BEST, and although the National Award winner has given us great performances, this is his career best, according to me. His path-breaking performance makes the audience laugh and cry in appropriate situations. Shruthi Hassan also makes an impressive performance, and both of them are successful in portraying as school students, college students, and finally married couple. The supporting roles by Shiva Karthikeyan and Sundar are also impressive. The veteran actors Prabhu, Bhanupriya and Rohini also make their presences to be felt with their performances.

The music of the movie by Anirudh needs no introduction. The songs like Why this Kolaveri di? and Po Nee Po, are chartbusters. But the background score should be mentioned. It was highly impressive, and reveals the talent of the debutant composer.

The editing by Kola Baskar and the cinematography by Velraj does not spoil the mood of the film. "3" is also impressive technically. The single fight in the movie makes us believe that Dhanush, even though he is lean, could bash up 10 people. It was highly realistic too.

Overall, "3" should not be missed. It is a refreshingly new attempt in Tamil cinema. Great performances, impressive screenplay ,directing and music makes it a movie to be cherished. I think all people should appreciate for the hard-work of the people involved in the making.

My rating : 9 out of 10.

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