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A Aa


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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IMDb Rating
6.8 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Aug 26, 2021 at 03:29 pm


Nithiin as Anand Vihari
Samantha Akkineni as Anasuya Ramalingam
Anupama Parameswaran as Nagavalli
Nadia Moidu as Mahalakshmi
V.K. Naresh as Ramalingam

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Movie Reviews

Vintage Trivikram is back, a bit differently though.

"Once a person reaches the heights of success, there is an ample of chance that one might forget what they truly were before they started walking on a path that brought them to that position, so I made this film searching my true self as a director, tracking back my initial self." These were the words spoken by the Magician Trivikram at the audio launch event of this flick. And he never lied. One can see that vintage Trivikram style of dialogues which don't necessarily have 'punches' in them but often carry a deeper meaning were present in tonnes in this film, which were hard to find since 'Khaleja', barring 'SOS' to an extent. Similar to his first film ever as a director, 'Nuvve Nuvve' this flick has that slow story narration but never bores you. The first half was at a good pace with a lot of entertainment, good songs and soothing BGM. The second half lacked the speed and was dragged towards the end. Coming to the story, its complete family drama with ample of comedy. I somewhat felt it was like 'Attarintiki Daredi' in reverse. The art direction by A S Prakash was commendable, thanks to the high production values. Cinematography was really good too. Mickey's compositions for both soundtrack and BGM were a big asset, and probably this movie might give him the correct breakthrough that he deserves. All actors did their part well, special mention to Anupama Parameshwaran and Rao Ramesh. Unlike Trivikram's previous films as a writer, this time the female lead played by Samantha, is more sophisticated in terms of characterization. And the male lead was relatively not. That came to me as a surprise. None the less, its a perfect watch for family audience. Why wait then, go grab a seat in your nearest theaters.

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Subtle and splendid

Trivikram expressed the movie in the best possible way.His magic of words goes uninterrupted until the climax. It's devoid of most routine commercial aspects such as item song, entry song, fights to elevate hero. One can't stop laughing in the movie but that does not mean that the movie is just a comedy. The music is a perfect fit, one would start loving the songs after seeing the movie. I never thought Samantha had this much in her, hats-off to her and Trivikram sir for brining that out. Nithin did more than justice to his role as expected. All in all it's definitely worth watching. Whether Trivikram's fan or not? ONE would leave the theater fully satisfied..

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Good but not the best

A AA (2016): If its time for Trivikram movie,everyone gets ready for his dialogues more than his making.He is one of the best dialogue writers in Tollywood and even has good skills in directing family oriented movie.Now he is back with A AA with which is another family movie.How is this Anasuya Ramalingam vs Anand Vihari.

Plot: Anand Vihari (Nithin) works as caterer cum chef in Hyderabad. He belongs to middle-class family and has many responsibilities to fulfill like marrying off his sister (Ananya) and clearing off debts.

On the other hand, Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha) is daughter of rich and strict mother (Nadiya). When her mother goes on a business trip, her father sends to her Kalavapudi village near Vijayawada to spend some time at Anand Vihari's home.

Anand Vihari happens to be her baava but she doesn't know about his family till she is sent there. While she happily discovers the joy of being at her aunt's house, she also comes to know why her aunt's family and her mother are not on talking terms. Rest of the movie drama is all about how Anand Vihari achieves all the hurdles to get married to Anasuya.

Plus Points: 1)Samantha Samantha Samantha Samantha Samantha: She is the major plus point of the movie.OMG her cute expressions,her novelty,her maturity in performance made me proud to be her die-hard fan.I can clearly say that she is going to disturb our sleeps again.Love you Samantha.

2)First half: First half of the movie is entertaining with good comedy and lighthearted moments.We can thoroughly enjoy it without getting bored.

3)BGM: BGM gave good soul for the scenes.It really helped a lot for giving movie a rise in every scene.

4)Dialogues: Movie has good Trivikram mark dialogues and those who are his hardcore fans for dialogues will definitely get nice fest.

Minus Points: 1)Second half: Movie's second half seems lost with bit dragging screenplay.Few scenes seem lengthy.

2)Duration: Movie has lengthy duration of 2hr 32 min.Especially in second half of movie seems more lengthy.

So, A AA is definitely a feast for Samantha fans and I can watch this movie any number of times only for her.

My rating 6.5/10

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A AA is definitely a feast for Samantha fans and I can watch this movie any number of times only for her.

'Navvadam oka bhogam, Navinchadam oka yogam' quoted the famous writer and director Jandhyala garu. His movies were epitome of entertainment and he had the skill to pen for both commercial and art movies with equal nonchalance making him one of the best film makers in the history of TFI. After his demise, every telugu movie lover hungrily awaited for his cinema heir. Enter Trivikram, a post grad in Nuclear physics who introduced 'prasa' into our lives so much so that 'Praasa lekunda pallu kuda tomukovatledu yedavalu'. His movies have become a part and parcel of our lives. His dialogues are heard in our living room, his lines are improvised by lovers in their attempts to woo their beloved ones and his buzz words (in movies) are commonly used among friends. Yep, Maa Tv needs to be given some credit for this. But you gotto agree this man is pure genius.

A aa is Trivikram's 8th movie as director. By casting Nithin, our Maatalu Mantrikudu Trivikram surely did raise some eyebrows - Sahasame seyshadu ra dimbaka. But Nithin has given his career best performance. We always had to pause, rewind and play multiple times to understand his dialogues. He used to mouth them at 10 wps (words per second). Trivikram made sure that his lines thru Nithin were well understood and enjoyed by the audience. Samantha - cuteness overload. After Jessi in YMC, she makes us fall in love with her all over again with such adorable expressions that I'm running out of adjectives describing her without going over the 21+only line. Next beauty - Anupama Parameshwaran - the bubbly Premam gal. She puts in a commendable act in A..Aa and is definitely here to stay. At one point in TFI, if people discussed about Mallu beauties it was either Shobana or Shakila both from different perspectives. But times have changed and there are lot of decent mallu actresses zooming their way into TFI. My review wouldn't be complete without the mention of one fine artiste - Rao Ramesh. A..Aa's one of Rao Ramesh's supreme performance and Trivikram pens superb lines for him. He makes you laugh at his antics and scoff at his character at the same time. Absolute bliss. Nadiya, Naresh, prema pavuralu Praveen, Hari Teja (Mangamma) etc contribute equally to the proceedings. Srinivas Avasarala was totally wasted. It was sad to see such a good actor in an insignificant role. There's no Brahmi in this movie. Yep pinch me and pinch yourselves. It's true.

Music by Mickey is run-of-the-mill although a couple of songs stand out. 1st half of the movie is breezy. Trivikram keeps you engaged and entertained to the core. Joke, joke, joke and bam second half hits you. This is where Trivikram loses his plot and the story drags and drags. Obviously, when you have a wafer thin plot, it becomes tough to keep the audience engrossed for close to 2 hrs. The story also has shades of Attarintiki Daredi as well. Trivikram needs to come out of AD hangover and focus a little more on the storyline in addition to the ample entertainment which he is always known for.

After a tedious 2nd half, climax descends upon and Trivikram weaves his magic wand again. He ensures that you step out of the auditorium with a smile on your lips. In commercial terms, A..aa brings in a breath of fresh air to TFI after a disastrous summer with two biggies biting the dust.

Finally it's A..Aa (titles) to AahaaaaAAA (end credits) !!! Enjoy it with your family and friends.

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