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IMDb Rating
6.3 / 10


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Jul 11, 2020 at 03:38 pm



Amala Paul as Kamini / Sudhandhira Kodi
Sriranjani as Kamini's Mother
Ramya Subramanian as Jennifer
Vivek Prasanna as Sugumar

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Movie Reviews

Aadai - "Don't misuse your freedom"

Amala paul , dare to choose this role but she deserves all appreciation., superb performance

Excellent cinematography in 2nd half, which played a major role to show audience no scene is obscene . More applauds

Bold and unique attempt in tamil cinema by director Rathnakumar.

Completely different experience., Try and thrilled it.,

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This film is more than Nudity. Neatly made with someSolid writing

I randomly searched for a film last weekend in prime. To be honest started watching this for its nudity. But right from the 1st frame glued to the screen. Infact i totally forgot the nudity in the film half way through. Be it the visuals, performance,music, editing and last but not least writing. Everything is top notch. It spoke about much relevant and need issue towards the climax and Third act packs the punch with a positive end. This film is kickass. Wondering why the rating is low. I think lot of misinterpretation happened with the viewers bcoz of feminist angle. Kamini is a unforgettable character and to me she is not a feminist. Love you .

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Blown Away by this tiny little gem

Amala paul starrer Aadai is a unique film and a good film to watch. But it has only Why? Come on guys for a film like Aadai it atleast requires better rating.

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Idiotic Attempt

When i read the controversy about being naked in the movie i was anticipating something really logical, and artistic about the performances. Am feminist like any other woman but this movie is not at all woman centric. Am still trying to figure out why did they narrate "Nangeli" story in the beginning of the movie?? Dull side characters, i dont like amala paul. It seemed like she had a bad marriage and she wants to do something wild and getaway from her personal disturbance and have done this wanna be movie. Infact it looked like she could be the worst example of a woman. Humiliating her co worker , can do anything to any extreme, abusive towards mom, oppurtunitist and no remorse or emotional. She dint feel sorry even after the girl tells her because if her prank she couldnt write her exam. One of the worst movie. She dint have to be naked just for an illogical movie. All she did in the movie was being naked. No grip in the story, no strong point. Worst movie ever. I would rather watch old illogical small movies than watching this. Wasted my time. I dont know people who gave 10 stars. How on earth did they even feel like this is ana amazing movie.

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