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Action / Comedy

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IMDb Rating
5.3 / 10


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Jul 12, 2020 at 09:38 pm



Suriya as Aadhavan
Nayanthara as Tara
Vadivelu as Banerjee
Saroja Devi B. as Aadhavan's grandma
Murali as Judge

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Movie Reviews

The most boring and sick movie of the year

I never thought that k.s.Ravikumar and Surya combination stinks like this. I watched this movie last Sunday with some expectations hanging on Surya and K.S Ravikumar who is one of the talented entertaining directors in Tamil film industry but as the movie started to fly on screen and so did Surya i started to realize that i got on wrong boat. The plot was horrible nevertheless to say about the cast. Surya is becoming like Vijay which is not a good sign at all. Music though quite soothing to ears didn't help much as the film was rotting with storyline of prehistoric times and good for nothing screenplay and the use of songs in every twenty minutes which really annoyed me. I didn't get any laugh at vadivel's cliché comedies. Altogether the movie sunk to the bottom with all boring commercial elements.

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Movie of the 90s

First of all, this movie should have released in 1990s. The story is like that.. With an ordinary hit-man' story, they tried to make a good action movie..

Surya has wasted his talent in this movie.

Much expectation after Dasavatharam, KS Ravikumar also disappointed.

Harris Jeyaraj music is good enough to save the movie. Vadivelu as usual rocking..

Action sequences are pretty old one..

Finally, I want to mention one thing.. Climax scene, setting a timer in a bomb which was fired from a rocket launcher is too much.

Overall one-time watchable movie.

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a cliché

i wouldn't say this as a worst film but surely not a good film. The film a brisk 10 min start..then fails to deliver the rest..bromidic dialogue and spider man stunts...the best part in this movie is few vadivel comedies..surya(madhavan),a paid killer is assigned to kill a judge,who is supposedly his father..this is the main plot..since he fails to kill the judge in first attempt , he goes to his house as a servant(disguise).He falls in love with the nayantara,(i have no idea why has she not learned how to act ). there are few scenes in the film where u would like to tear off your shirt and run away esp during climax and post climax scenes....harris music is very mediocre..the only thing that will keep u not to tear the movie screen is few comedies and few songs..

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Awful Movie

This film is simply one of the worst movies ever and it is definitely one of Surya's worst movie. The action sequences were not that bad but once again it still follow the infamous " Kollywood Matrix" style. The film begins with Aadhavan , an assassin who works for his adoptive father(Ibrahim Rowther). Due to Aadhavan's impressive skills at weapons , Ibrahim Rowther became rich and famous in the underground world. As the story goes deeper into the main plot, Aadhavan was hired by Abdul Kulkarny to assassinate Judge Subramanium. Before the court trial, Aadhavan fails to kill the Judge and was chased by the police. Near the end of the movie, Aadhavan revealed to the Ibrahim Rowther that Judge Subramanium is his real father and was caught by the police during the escape after Aadhavan failed to assassinate the judge. Aadhavan was then offered a job at the police department if he made a deal to protect his father(Judge Subramanium) from the other Assassins despite the fact that Aadhavan has committed serious murders in India as well as in the foreign country. This is by far the dumbest scene in cinema history. An assassin should be prosecuted in court because he killed many people. How can he escape the death penalty and at the same time getting a police job. It just does not make any sense. The first half of the movie is not bad. The comedy scenes are hilarious. The graphics is quite good and the action sequence is meh. But plot is the one that ruins the whole movie. In conclusion, this movie is awful.

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