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Action / Drama / Sport / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
8.1 / 10


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Aug 17, 2020 at 08:29 pm



Dhanush as K.P. Karuppu
Taapsee Pannu as Irene Clauge
Jayabalan as Pettaikaran
Aadukalam Naren as Rathnavelu

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Movie Reviews

Tamil movie of the season

I was pleasantly surprised and full of emotions after watching Aadukalam. Initially centered around rooster fights and a love story, I wondered what this movie could tell. But masterful direction by Vetrimaran and a wonderful performance from Dhanush and other actors puts this movie alongside the best in Tamil.

Dhanush has displayed a myriad of emotions in this movie and has proved to be a great actor. The story seems to be long but it stays in your mind. The darkness of the Pettaikaran character may irk you a bit. Aadukalam has trust, betrayal, angst, happiness, sorrow and what not? The Behind-the-screen departments have performed a tremendous job. The rooster-fight graphics was awesome.

Overall I'd say, it's one of a kind movie! Go for Aadukalam at once!!

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One of the best movies of Tamil cinema

Once we know, Tamil cinema is filled with actors and directors, who concentrate on movies, which concentrated on unbelievable fight scenes and songs in unusual circumstances. But i can see that it is slowly moving into the other side of the cinema, which touches the heart of normal people and in the mean time giving what they need. The movie must have been a complete drama or power packed actions, but the director he brilliantly made this movie in neither of the genre but mixes several genre like action, drama, romance, thriller etc in a single movie but concentrating more on the thrill in the drama, which is very rare in world movies. The songs are beautiful and he used it at right times. Brilliant performance by dhanush, haven't seen him doing a believable performance in many of his movies. In this movie, he was perfect in most of the scenes with his dialogues. But the best part is the movie is not just concentrated on a single character of the movie(99% of Tamil movies will have a story centers around a single character) but it focuses on multiple characters. The other actors performed equally and some better than dhanush. the movie deserves many awards and for sure it is a path breaking movie in Tamil cinema.

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This is how world class movies are like

In the league of Devar Magan, Paruthiveeran yet another movie that portrays the life of people as it is in the reality. Aadukalam is a movie based on the life of rooster-fighters, their passion, love, emotions and everything.

After success of Polladhavan, Dhanush and Vetrimaaran have tagged again for this classical venture and have succeeded too, making it both commercial and critically acclaimed movie.

Plot: Pettaikaran and Rathnasamy are the rivals in the rooster fight. Karuppu, the jockey of Pettaikaran team, goes to win the best rooster award and a ransom price money in a tournament despite Pettaikaran denial to compete with his rooster. Rest of the movie depicts how situations go bad as people change after Karuppu gaining popularity.

Yet another brilliant acting from the lead, Dhanush and excellent acting from the support casts Jayabalan, Kishore, and Narien. Tapsee who does the love interest of Dhanush, has done a recent job as well.

Music is done by G.V Prakash Kumar has delivered exactly what it is supposed to.

Full credits to Vetrimaaran for this excellent direction and superlative screenplay.

No wonder that this movie has bagged six National awards including best actor, best director and best screenplay.

For those who are looking for an honest and a quality movie, I would highly recommend this.

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a must see for all!!

i was really impressed with the level of sophistication in the movie's plot. this is definitely among the better performances dhanush has given in his career, and he really captures the imagination of the audience. he really gels with his character, giving a realistic feel that stayed in my mind long enough to give this movie a review.

the integrated songs are also a welcome change from the typical cut and migrate to different country kind of songs that tamil viewers are so used to. and viewers will certainly enjoy the dance sequences:)

the masterful capture of emotions in the second part of the movie and the parallels drawn to rooster fighting are a treat to movie fans who expect more from their movie experience. all in all, a must see for all, for the casual entertainment seeker, or the serious movie buff.

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