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Adanga Maru


Action / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.2 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 17, 2020 at 01:35 pm


Jayam Ravi as Subash
Raashi Khanna as Anitha
Ponvannan as Subash's Father
Babu Antony as Sanjay
Sampath Raj as J. C. P. Sarangan

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Movie Reviews

Cliche Old Story With An Essence Of Tech!!

I swear the movie is sooo interesting.. good humour.. awesome acting by jayam ravi.. chance less! story is very good and a very different one

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Average film

Adanga Maru is a power-packed action thriller! Featuring one of the most intense performances by Jayam Ravi, it connects to the viewer emotionally and that's when the proceedings get more and more intriguing. Filled with action, emotion and suspense, it does follow a template used over and over in action movies but the execution is what does the job. Combining the hero's brutal action with his intelligent mind games is one of the many things this film gets right.

Anger is an expression that suits Jayam Ravi, and he proves it with this one.

Action sequences are stunning, especially those in the second half. Beautifully shot, neatly choreographed and perfectly placed, they hold your attention as you watch the destruction unfold. Kudos to the technical department as well for delivering the film in a top notch quality.

One might feel a bit of similarity with Law Abiding Citizen (2009) in which the protagonist also plays games with the corrupt system despite being captured, but the execution is still splendid. Do yourself a favor, give it a watch if you like action thriller films. You won't be disappointed, given how well this film has been made.

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Best movie of 2018!

Good Movie overall. Must watch if you are Jayam Ravi. Typical Police Revenge movie with new added Twists.

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A power-packed action thriller bound to impress Jayam Ravi fans!

Adanga Maru is watchable for a good performance of Jayam Ravi and some interesting plot points. After tragedies and disappointments the cop Subash wants to take justice in his own hands against the arrongance of some rich people.

As I said the good performance by Jayam Ravi makes this movie watchable. The rest of the cast did a decent job, too. But it didn't help to hide the bad characterization. Especially the antagonists were written very simple-minded without any relatability for their actions.

The background score by Sam C.S. wasn't bad, but very repetitive. But I enjoyed the decent cinematography. When it comes to technological aspects, writers should take a little bit more effort to understand simple basics, instead of presenting false facts - especially in a country like India where many people are working on the current and future tech.

From mid-point on there were many interesting aspects how Subash handled his own strategies. As I said not everything shown made sense, but in cinematic aspects they did a great job in creating and balancing the suspense.

In the end excactly the best aspects about Thani Oruvan were very weak in Adanga Maru. Weak antagonists, less depth and simple-minded. But on top of that this simple-minded idea of "justice" just by trying to kill "evil" people is holding the Tamil cinema back. But still entertaining on it's own way and recommended for family audiences.

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