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IMDb Rating
4.6 / 10


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Jul 15, 2020 at 10:57 pm



Ajith Kumar as Shiva
Nayanthara as Malika
Navdeep as Narian
Piaa Bajpai as Pooja
Suman as Chinappa

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Movie Reviews

Waste Of Time

Aegan is full of crap action and comedy.Ajith's previous film Billa was far better than this one.Songs are good,but as usual Ajith has tried to dance.The first 5 min Ajith with long beard was different,but it had to be said that it is waste for the character.

Jairam was wasted with some crap comedy and Nayanthara tries to show more and more of her body parts then her acting skills.the movie is actually a remake of Main Hoon Na,But they have changed the screenplay and the climax from the original.but this turned out to be the biggest minus of the film.the climax is so awful that we start thinking why we sat through this movie for 2 and a half hours

The youngster Piya and navdeep done their best.Ajith is so dull in the movie ,reminding of his character in Billa.I didn't expect Ajith to select a movie which lacks so many things.

There was so much talk about the movie before it released,but seeing the movie now everybody must forget that they saw a movie named " AEGAN"

Don't watch this crap,you could stay home and be happy with your family rather watching this movie.

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ajith fans deserves more

where is tamil cinema going if it makes movies like this? this movie is good example of plain mediocrity in acting, directing, dialogues..etc the first thing..why does ajith want to rope in a amateur director like raju sundaram.. frankly he doesn't have a clue of what he's doing..secondly..the story-line is utter idiocy..thirdly..though the movie had some good scenes, it was blemished by some careless acting..and finally..if you want to make a action movie please make it more lively by adding some interesting frames..why does tamil movie makers always stick to the same old masala formula? i think an actor like ajith deserves a better story, direction,etc., coming to the leading lady of this flick, nayanthara will not notch up a worse performance than this..her acting skills have deteriorated since she began to show interests on droping her clothes..coming to the important sequences of the movie, i have to give credit to the director, the whole bunch of actors looked like comedians though the story suggested to put it in one line the movie is a "action-comedy-thriller-romance-horror(for the viewers)-etc movie".. the credit goes to the story writers for bringing all type of genres in to single pile of rubbish...pls don't even watch this...

my rating is 2 on 10

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Goes from bad to worse

Tamil film "Aegan" is supposed to be a remake of the Hindi blockbuster "Main Hoon Naa". But, many changes have been made to suit Tamil tastes and the image of the matinée idol Ajith.

Ajith plays a cop who, disguised as a student, is sent to guard a superior officer's daughter from an underworld don. How he succeeds in his mission is the long and short of "Aegan" - translated into English by the star's fans as "one-man-army".

While Shah Rukh Khan played an army officer in the Hindi original, Ajith plays a police officer as it obviously suits the present trend in Tamil films. Shiva (Ajith) a CID (criminal investigation department of the police), is on a mission to safeguard a college student (Piyaa) whose father (portrayed by Devan) is a key link to a business tycoon with underworld links (Suman).

In the college, Shiva falls for a beautiful lecturer played by Nayanathara.The snide remarks by younger characters playing students making fun of an "elderly" Ajith as "uncle" is a bit offbeat because the movie star's fans are accustomed to seeing him in more youthful roles. Ajith pokes fun at himself as well, pointing to the slight bulge in his midriff. The family drama linking Piyaa with a guy of the same college (played by Navdeep) forms the emotional anchor to the story that follows the predictable climax in which the villain is finally laid low.

The India-Pakistan link, shown so successfully in the Hindi original, has been completely avoided in "Aegan". Ajith is agile but no patch on Shah Rukh Khan. Choreography by Raju Sundaram and sibling Prabhu Deva is excellent.

While Piyaa and Navdeep are passable, the show-stealers are Nayanathara (thanks to her curves) and Jayaram (playing the bumbling college principal provoking quite a few laughs).

Yuvan Shankar Raja strikes the right chords with his music. The cinematography (credits shared by quite a few) is breathtaking.

Overall "Aegan" is a very bad remake of a hit movie. I have no clue about how all the good comments for the movie came in here. Probably put here by people connected with the movie or hardcore Ajith fans who will let anything go however bad or unbearable it is!!!!

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Aegan Rockz Diwali

hello friends

Aegan is full of superb action and comedy.Ajith acted superbly in both action and comedy.Songs really mind catching especially (hey sala)dance was well performed by Ajith.The first 5 min Ajith with long beard was superb at its best.Me shocked to see him in beard thinking that is he really Ajith or not?.Jairam was excellent and Nayan thara done her character well.The youngster Piya and navdeep done their best.Aegan is good at the another box office hit for Ajith.I didn't expect Ajith to perform this much.He really done a great job in Aegan.Wish everybody Aegan as Diwali Hit.

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