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Against The Wild 2 The Survive Serengeti



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IMDb Rating
4.6 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Dec 29, 2020 at 11:11 pm


Jeri Ryan as Jennifer Croft
John Paul Ruttan as Ryan Croft
Ella Ballentine as Emma Croft
Ashley Dowds as Peter Croft
Hlomla Dandala as Colonel Ibori

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Movie Reviews

Good for young kids

Many scenes using computer animation allowed this movie to display many animals of Africa and this was a big plus. I have younger kids and this kept them entertained despite not being a fully animated motion picture. While my kids enjoyed it, it was tough for me as an adult to sit through the entire story line even though my wife and I watched the whole thing by ourselves. There are some twists and turns that simply aren't realistic but neither is the plot. If you're looking for a feel good kids movie without needing every scene to be completely realistic then you'll be happy with this. I was glad I got the movie but I think there could have been a stronger attempt to make it stay closer to reality.

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Decent Little Family Adventure

Having had been a Cub Scout leader for four and a half years, I was "introduced" to the world of kids/family films, which for chilling out purposes at the end of stressful days can be a Godsend. Something to watch that I can follow fairly easily over my evening meal. On occasion films in this genre will do the head in of anybody over the age of 12, but Wild 2 isn't one of them.

I will admit I've only seen the trailer for the first Against the Wild film, but looking at that this second film appears to be broadly similar except set in Africa. I'm not sure really if it can be classed as a sequel because the first film's trailer gives me the impression that Against the Wild 2 appears to be a remake of the first film.

Anyway, Wild 2 is the story of two kids (John Paul Ruttan and Ella Ballentine) who have gone out and crash-landed in a plane somewhere in Africa and end up having to survive, as the title says, Against the Wild.

It may not be an original idea but the film is fairly likable, has lots of lovely scenic shots of South Africa and some natural looking scenes of the kids with the elephants. A quick Google will tell you whether the animals are real or not. The ending is pretty much as you'd expect really - the kids either get trampled by an elephant, starve to death or get found by their parents. I made two of these outcomes up. :)

While the two children are likable, the dog (which I understand is the same dog/character from the first film) seems pointless as he/she runs off, leaving the kids to fend for themselves for a large chunk of the movie. Also I suspect the kids (as their characters) are more clued up than they let on with regards to surviving in the wild - but all too often in real life a lot of kids are more knowledgeable about stuff than they let on - certainly the case with the Cubs I worked with a year or two ago, and I'm sure they'd have loved this.

A recommended film. I liked it. Not the greatest film in the world but a great example of a smaller independent film made on a limited budget.

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An Africian Adventure

When I was a kid Saturday and Sunday afternoons were filled with old movies about adventures in Africa or other exotic locations. Tarzan, Jungle Jim, Bomba the Jungle Boy, even the 'Road' films with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. AGAINST THE WILD 2: SURVIVE THE SERENGETI is reminiscent of these movies.

Emma and Ryan Croft board a small plane to visit their father at the mine where he works. The airplane is shot down by Rebel fire and crashes, severely injuring the pilot. The two children, along with the mine owner's dog, must make their way to civilization and safety by traveling through the dangerous African bush. Their journey is fraught with danger and wonder as they rely on their wits to survive.

AGAINST THE WILD 2: SURVIVE THE SERENGETI has some spectacular scenery, and up close interaction with wildlife. Although there are scenes of children in peril they are not so intense as to cause nightmares. In all this is a good family movie especially for the hard to find safe things to watch ages of 5 to 12.

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Fire the Makeup artists!!!

We watched this film with our 11 year old son and found it to be so unbelievable. Half way through the film things got to be more interesting when the wound on Emma's face hopped from her left cheek to her right, then hopped back and forth throughout the remainder of the film. It also changed size and location on the cheeks. So funny but dreadfully poor work on the entire production team. Just where was the dog going in between shots - I think he was trying to get out of being in such a crap film!! The whole story line was so poor - 15 planes and helicopters sent out to find them, but they couldn't manage to find a plane which had traveled only a short distance for several days. So many points I could make but really I've wasted enough time watching the film to start with. Lets hope they never make a third movie!

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