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Alai Payuthey


Drama / Musical / Romance

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IMDb Rating
8.3 / 10


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Aug 14, 2020 at 10:58 am



Madhavan as Karthik
Shalini as Shakti
Swarnamalya as Poorni
V. Natarajan as Karthik's father
K.P.A.C. Lalitha as Karthik's mother

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Movie Reviews

Mani Ratnam Attempts An Urban Love Story

With 'Alai Payuthey', Mani Ratnam comes back with an urban love story set in contemporary India. While he has used similar themes in his previous films such as 'Bombay', it was usually against the backdrop of another theme such as the case of political Hindu-Muslim dilemma in 'Bombay'. 'Alai Payuthey' solely focuses on Karthik and Shakti's love story and how it develops from before till after marriage. Ratnam's storytelling is sincere and even though one has witnessed such story numerous times in Indian cinema, 'Alai Payuthey' feels fresh. The chemistry between Madhavan and Shalini, the romantic moments, Karthik and Shakti's struggle post marriage, the guilt etc..all of it is well demonstrated. There are a few glitches here and there, like some of the petty fights between the newly weds seems a little too petty to be believable. A.R. Rehman's melodious soundtrack is mesmerizing but a few of the songs, especially the item number, could have better been left out. The two leads are outstanding but the 'Alai Payuthey' belongs to Madhavan. The actor really gets under the skin of the character. Shalini too is brilliant though at times she's a little over the top. The supporting cast is adequate. Overall, this is another winner for Mani Ratnam and I hope he comes back to making good films like he did before 'Yuva'.

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a poignant work

At first sight this may seem like just another feel good film about love.But the core theme of this film is the complexities that lovers-turned-couples face.

The chemistry between the film's lead pair is good.the hero steals your heart with his expressions right from his introductory song. the score is exceptional in the original version.But in the Hindi version the lyrics suffer proving that the music is complex.

The lyrics deserve a special mention. especially when the lyricist tries to visualise the colour red through the legs of a new born baby and brings out the difference between marriage and love.

Cinematography is the hallmark of this film. various parts of India such as Kashmir,kerala,chennai and goa are picturised beautifully in the song sequences.

The maker has been successful in bringing the muted emotions to the fore.The film sends a subtle message that love before marriage is shortlived and more of illusion while the affection that blossoms after marriage is permanent and real.

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A great movie on human relations

The story of Alaipayuthey may be simple(like any other love story)but the way it is shown,i think all the credit goes to the brilliant Mani Ratnam,A.R.Rahman and cinematographer P.C.Sreeram.Every frame has some meaning in this movie.This movie is not only technically good,but also has moral sense.The lead roles played by madhavan and shalini are very impressive.Every single person who acted in this movie have given their full skills.I personally liked every single scene in this movie.Songs given by A.R.Rahman is one of his best.I think this movie is one of the best in tamil cinema's history.

A must see movie for all movie lovers.I'd recommend the DVD if you don't know the language.

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Simply superb!! Heart warming love story!

I have NO words to describe HOW WELL this movie has been made. This movie rediscovers the beauty of LOVE, long after the success of DDLJ, when creativity started dwindling with more and more movies trying to replicate it rather than coming up with something altogether different or FRESH. We thought to ourselves, WILL WE EVER GET TO SEE A DECENT AND TOUCHING LOVE STORY??!!!! Mani Rathnam heard us and gave us `Alai Payudhe'.

As we all know, Mani is the JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES and MASTER of none, but after watching this movie, we feel that is an UNDERSTATEMENT to praise such a talented Filmmaker who's always filled with new ideas. Hats off to him and his GREY CELLS, which come in use ever so often.

It is the way in which he goes about telling the story which GLUES us to our seat and makes us LAUGH till we CRY. The treatment is what is important in a LOVE STORY and NOT the Cast or the Locales, which has been given MOST importance in Bollywood and nowadays, even Madrasi filmmakers are going the same way. Mani tries to prove all of them WRONG.

Truly different, this movie has the Best of Mani's creativity, Rahman's music, P.C.Sreeram's cinematography (though it's a bit shaky in the climax), and SUPERB performances by the WHOLE cast. Well worth the money I spent on the VCD!!!

Pros Award winning Direction, Music, Cinematography, Dialogues, First rate performances by the whole cast, simple storyline and Superb screenplay.

Cons Few clich├ęs, minor glitches in photography, tear jerking climax and the scantily clad Sophiya Haque song.

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