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Anbe Sivam


Adventure / Comedy / Drama

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IMDb Rating
8.7 / 10


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Aug 14, 2020 at 11:05 am



Kamal Haasan as Nallasivam
Madhavan as Anbarasu (A Aras)
Kiran Rathod as Balasaraswathi
Nassar as Kandasamy Padayachi
Santhana Bharathi as Kandasamy assistant

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Movie Reviews

highly under rated

this is one grossly under rated movie. it is really touching, funny and one off the best all time title songs. kamal is at his best and madhavan manages to prevent being over shadowed with some cheeky timing sense. only' black dot in the film is kiran who can neither look good nor act or even wear some nice dresses. we would have loved to see simran or abirami do the role(she was awesome in "virumandi"). no one can come out of the theater without a heavy heart after seeing the climax. dialogs by madan is too good and small roles like "Poun Kunju" and that of villain Nasser uttering praising lord siva and the co incidence of saying it in the end is brilliant.if don see this movie u r missing some thing

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Pebbles in the Rain

Forget 'TRAINS,PLANES AND AUTOMOBILES'.I have not seen it, nor do I have any wish to see it. Forget that it wont ever make the 'IMDB 250 Greatest Of All Time'. But as far as movies go THIS IS IT.

If Movies are about Moving you ,this is it.

Moves you. Its got it all.

God,Dog,Man. Aeroplane,Train,Taxi,Bus,Ambulance.

Karl Marx amidst ball bearing corporate office.


Photography amidst Tsunami.

Sharing Bhang on Bus roof top on Coromandel Coast. Starcrossed doomed love.

A Bus full of people crushed to nothing down a cliff.

A train journey in the Monsoon.

A hundred candles lit in a church and the divinity of Lord Shiva.

Sister Vanessa and Mister Utthaman.

The Rains. Pebbles thrown into a tiny puddle on a rain drenched, desolate, rutted railway station platform where one behind the other ancient banyan trees stood watch.

A title theme that bottled in its brief moments what the entire universe that a melody can hold.

You were told a story, you met people, you went places, you saw things, you felt those tiny fingers encircling your heart and give their tiny squeezes. And when Mr Shivam walked away into the Madras monsoon in the end you felt you had lived a full life and the Spirit of man.

It movies enrich our lives then this one does.

A non Tamil following ,single time viewer possibly cant understand what all the fuss is about.

Probably they don't make ones like this anymore.

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A must see!!!

What a movie this is!?!!

Can Tamil movie industry produce such a master-piece?

I had this doubt for a long time..Not now!! This movie is above all. Among the usual formula films, this is a rare Gem! The story is not so new, but the screenplay and acting surpasses everything.

Anbarasu(Madhavan) is a posh guy who like to be called A.Ars. While looking for a shooting location just 4 days before the marriage in Orissa, he is left stranded there because of the rains and floods. Sivam(Kamalhassan) is a handicap with bruises all over his face and he walks with a limp. He is on his way to Chennai after getting the check for the flood affected people back in Chennai. Circumstances make them both travel together. Anbarasu is extremely irritated with Sivam and he constantly scolds him for advising him far too much. Amidst that, Sivam's flashback unfolds. It is a usual story of Hero-loves-rich-girl-father-doesn't-accept-so-they-run-off.While they do that, Sivam is involved in an accident and thats the reason he has got all the bruises. When he returns back to see Bala(Kiran -his lover), his father Nasser tells him that she is married and settled in America. So Sivam comes off telling that he wont disturb her anymore.

Anbarasu slowly begins to like Sivam who helped him come to Chennai safe and sound before the marriage. When he comes to know of his family, Anbarasu is touched. He asks Sivam to be his brother and to stay with him forever. The story goes as though it is going to have a happy ending, but there is a twist. The girl whom Anbarasu is going to marry is none other than Bala. When Sivam sees that, he is shocked. Nasser calls Sivam and talks with him. Sivam promises that he wont tell Bala about what happened only if Nasser signs the papers to increase the monthly wages of the workers in his factory from 910. He does that and the story does not end there. Nasser asks his right hand (Santhana Barathi) to kill Sivam who does not do that because of humanitarian reasons.The story ends there.

The theme "Love is God" is perfectly brought out through this movie. Kamals acting as the handicap Nallasivam makes us cry at many places. Particularly when he sees his face in the mirror after the accident, tears welling up in his eyes, it makes everyone cry! What an actor he is?

Madhavan is a surprise package! He has acted really well in this movie. His angry remarks to Sivam and the way he gets irritated by Sivam's stupid comments make it all the more enjoyable. A special mention about the dialog's penned by cartoonist Madhan (who eventually makes a guest appearance in the movie). The dialog's are both imaginative and powerful, which makes us laugh and at the same time think! Sundar.C, a man known for his comedy movies has made an impression here with his Awesome screenplay! Music rendered by Vidhyasagar is worth a mention, particularly the title song "Anbe Sivam" and the duet "Poo Vaasam".

For the People who love Good cinema, this is a MUST SEE!!:)

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An experience of a lifetime

Why is Anbe Sivam regarded as the best movie in the history of Tamil cinema by many? Did this movie have any story at all? First of all is it a movie? No. Anbe Sivam is an experience, not only for one Madhavan but for another few thousands, who care to learn quite a lot of things and feel conceited about themselves, but fail miserably to confront the vagaries of life. What was the movie all about? An experienced matured man and a squeamish, egotist but tender hearted youth (a typical modern day youth) travelling together from Bhubaneshwar to Chennai(East coast of India).Fate hinders their journey in all possible ways which Madhavan initially considers exasperating but later reveres as an experience of a lifetime. The story is as simple as that but the associated scenes,dialogues and the lessons learnt reverberate through your mind for a long time.

Be it the floods,train accident or the little boy's death it is Madhavan who breaks down and get shattered. But Kamalhassan adapts himself and reconciles himself to reality and helps in the best possible way he can. While it takes a lot of effort for Madhavan to tell Kamalhaasan about his fraternal love towards him, Kamalhaasan finds it easy to tell 'A.Ars, you are a go(o)d man' (it's not that easy to tell it to someone earnestly). From where did Kamal get this maturity? The story moves into the flashback of Kamal,a communist, who loves the daughter of a capitalist, Nasser, whom he opposes as a worker regarding wages. When the duo decide to elope to Kerala for marriage, their bus meets with a gory accident. Kamal is badly bruised losing a limb and is totally disfigured. While struggling in bed for life, Nasser speaks extremely rude and blatant to Kamal. On conjuring up the scenes after the accident, he evaluates stark contrast of Nasser and the sister. Kamal sees god through the sister and sees it subsequently in quite a lot of people who propagate love.His outlook changes completely.

The first half with some lighter moments, the middle with some interesting dialogues and the last with some really shaking scenes Anbe Sivam stands tall amidst other usual Tamil movies. Madhavan is extraordinary communicating the emotions powerfully(especially in the climax dialogue with Kamalhaasan). The one fight scene in the middle could have been avoided. Rather than going abroad for shooting songs, this movie has brought out some really excellent locations in India( not only in machi machi song). The choice of season to shoot this movie has been brilliant with the monsoon accentuating the kind of feelings to be conveyed. Does the name 'Anbe Sivam' mean 'Anbarase Nallasivam' trying to say 'All are one soul'? Kamal only knows. Finally, I'm sure it would not take any effort for anyone who has seen this movie to say 'I love you Dr.Kamalhaasan' for such an excellent story and screenplay.

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