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IMDb Rating
3.9 / 10


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Jul 04, 2020 at 11:15 pm



Ajith Kumar as Shiva / Jeevanantham
Bhavana as Sulaba Pillai
Prabhu as Mirasi
Sampath Raj as Sam

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Movie Reviews

Asal is just Ajithkumar

The movie is nothing but an extract of Rajinikanth's "Dharmadurai".This movie is strictly dedicated to Ajith fans and Ajith fans alone.So asal has not come up to the mark as all expected.The ultimate star is simply superb and marvellous in this movie.The style,diction and body language what he delivers is awesome in this movie.The heroines have just left their shades and Bhavana has shared a lot of screen space with Ajith and slowly she irritates.The most important and remarkable minus of the movie is the word "Thala" which is mentioned nearly twenty times.Ajith who as donned the greasepaint as a father in this movie is not upto the mark.The Baddie who was very dominant and terrible was knocked at once in the rescue session of Ajith's brother. So the songs were not as good as expected in the visuals.People who expect a different Ajith makes themselves disappointed.The most unwanted characters of the movie include Yugi sethu and prabhu. Especially Yugi is worse to the core.I just wanted to denote the dialogues which he utters,denoting them as fun elements.

Now regarding the positives of this movie which are considerably very few. The awesome ajith kumar and the suspicious sampath who have donned their role very well.It is worth to mention that saran has once again handled a good script with poor screenplay. Lets hope for the best that everybody should handle their upcoming ventures with care as Asal is a missed out.

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A terrible way to sped time and money!

Oh god! IS this a movie? Damn boring with no apparent story! Awful acting by most of the cast. Comedy turns out to be irritating. Music is passable.

Hero starts with a kidnap situation in France. Thala single handedly solves it. Dad thala is an arms company owner. Has three sons and predictably son ajith is the apple of his eye. Son ajith is so clever that he can foresee any danger thats approaching because of his brothers mistakes. Then at a crucial moment in the story old ajith dies. Then under mysterious circumstances the younger brother of Ajith is kidnaps. Ajith woes to rescues him and eventually he does it. but the brothers plan to kill Thala. Movie then revolves around Ajith, how he takes his revenge and comes to know some shattering truth behind his dad's death.

The movie is not completely unwatchable. Sameera is good. Prabhu has done a decent role. Ajith's style statement in this movie rocks. Speak less formula of Thala works out superbly.

Vijay VS Ajith! I usually used to wonder why the fans are so maniac minded to fight for heroes. But these two guys give enough reason for the fans to fight. They are neck to neck in giving huge disappointments. vijay gives classics (sarcastically) like kuruvi, villu, sura etc. Thala is not far behind giving greats (again sarcastically) like asal, aegan.

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Asal impresses a lot but fails to re create the magic of billa

The much awaited asal finally hits the screen and with that expectation i went for that movie. First of all, hats off to saran and his team for their brilliant effort to create one of the most stylish film ever made in India. But, may be in the process, they have failed to concentrate much on story as well as music and these factors put asal on the back foot..

Ajith aka "THALA" is the major plus , may be the only plus in the movie and he lives up to the expectation... It has been evident that here after only he alone , apart from Superstar, can be considered for these kind of stylish movies to be made in Tamil.. The "Thala" factor takes the movie to another level... The same movie would have been a total crap, if it had been acted by anyone else other than Ajith... That tells you how much the movie needs him...

Asal basically lacks good story and better music which are basic parameters for any south Indian movies.. I have no idea why there are three people (saran, yugi sethu, ajith ) for story and screenplay, since i have to search for the story anywhere in the movie.. And music is horrible.. It seems saran has urged bharadwaj to compose the music while he was on his way to restroom.. Bharadwaj's asal(real) magic was missing and the worst part was stealing Bond movies theme for background score...

Sameera and bhavana are best fit for their roles but bhavana looks much younger than Ajith, which makes their on screen chemistry miserable. Sameera was also wasted in the movie...Yugi sethu tried some comedy and succeeded but the real comedian was prabhu...As usual there are some 1980's villain, except Kelly Dorji (shetty), who stands out among other baddies...

The movie would have been lot better, if saran skipped all the songs... Among technicians, Prashanth D. Misale rocks as a cinematographer.. Especially the opening scene, where the aerial beauty of Paris mesmerizes all the viewers... Through out the movie, cinematography has taken another dimension and adds style content of the movie... Stunts are short and smart not like other Tamil movies with blood shed... But they should have avoided one particular scene which they copied from a Korean movie "a bittersweet life"...

It is not a rule that stylish movies must not have a story in it.... Saran must understand this... Asal certainly impresses movie goers around the city... But it will no way create any impact on you... Only Ajith can save the movie from now on....

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Asal--->Thala the power of silence

After Long Gap..... AjithKumar name in the title slides misses the title of "Ultimate Star" This film has very Stylish customes similar to James Bond 007 series. I think Ajith tried to retain his multiple roles starring which were all turned into Blockbusters. This film is similar and added to that list. First half is amazing.... Second half is OK.. Ajith fans are enjoying this films because it has real entertainment what they expected from AjithKumar... Ajith both as son and father are amazing... Saran has missed to find some flaws in the films.. Thala fans joint hands to see real Thala in this film.At last the clear review about the movie "Old Story but Looks of Ajith and Camer make this film a treat to Tamil Cinema"

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