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IMDb Rating
3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 07, 2020 at 01:05 pm



Yogi Babu as n/A
Manobala as n/A

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Movie Reviews

No Comments Simply Waste

No Comments Simply Waste. Please don't waste your time or money.

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This is why a Zero rating is requied

One of the most horrible movies watched in the recent times. Not sure if the director has even watched any movie before making this film. No screenplay. A very amateurish story.

The basic story line is that the hero is a Kleptomaniac and he steals "only" money (ya the director specifies that). The "hero" steals from a running train (sorry dhoom 2), moving car, braking walls, etc. His cop friend is helping him with his deeds. Unfortunately the hero steals the money of a hawala dealer (a stereotype Muslim charter which is involved in illegal activities). So to investigate this a detective agency is being hired by the hawala guy and the heroine is the lead detective. Along with them he police also beings their search under the leadership of a cop who is requested outta retirement specially for this case. The heroine catches up with the hero and thinks he is an "interesting" character fall in love. Then the usual twist in the tale and THE END.

The characters have no depth. As usual a bad cop twist. A horrible justification for the motive. A stereotypical Muslim bad guy who is into hawala. Heroine who destroys the role of a detective successfully. Comedians retorting to body shaming and making fun about people more successful than them.

All the aspects of the movie falls flat. Just a mental illness isn't enough to make a movie but you need a good story. Just making fun of businessmen, politicians and cops through Yogi babu isn't enough for comedy, good lines are required. Just the intention to make a movie isn't enough, should know how to write a screenplay.

Couldn't sit through the movie even though watched it during the corona lock-down. In short the movie is so bad that it is an insult to tamilrockers for uploading the movie.

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Utter nonsense and worst movie of the year. Don't waste your time.

Safe your streaming DATA. This movie is a utter waste and nonsense. Director tried to fool everyone. Worst performance by all, specially the irritating lead actress character. For the name of comedy both Jegan and Yogi did something but couldn't bring humor. They try to fool us by showing Yogi and Jegan. Strongly not recommended watch.

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Dnt waste time.Dnt waste money...actress having worst performance.directer is stupid.unimaginable story.

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