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Chennai Express


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Romance

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IMDb Rating
6 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 06, 2021 at 05:10 pm



Deepika Padukone as Meenamma Lochini Azhagusundaram
Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul
Sathyaraj as Durgeshwara Azhagusundaram
Nikitin Dheer as Tangaballi
Mukesh Tiwari as Inspector Shamsher Singh

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Movie Reviews


This Movie is really Boring.. Even though first Half is better and entertaining, movie eventually becomes so irritating after interval. My rating is 1 out of 10. Deepika's acting is good, but so many unwanted drama scenes are inserted in the movie.. which makes it a headache. Story is not that much interesting, and could be completed within 1 Hour and 50 Minutes. But No...!! Rohit Shetty pulled it with boring dialogs and drama scenes. Songs starts when they are undoubtedly NOT REQUIRED. there is a part in movie when there are 2 songs in 15 minutes of interval. Ending fight is too long to tolerate. and finally, movie ends in a DDLJ style, which is the most predictable from the maker of the movie..

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IMDb , please add 0 * option for the movies like this

First of all , Overacting , Overacting and again Overacting by srk .

Previously , my thoughts were only salman khan do mindless flicks but now srk is also added to that list along with akshay kumar (For joker to Ouatimd) The PLOT was absolutely nothing and half of the dialogues were in tamil , aahhhh I don't know when rohit shetty will return of making good movies , the last time it was golmaal (2006) My suggestion , if you have watched Joker , Bodyguard etc and you hated it , don't watch this and if you've loved it , then also don't watch it Both OUATIMD and chennai disappointed us , lets wait and cross our fingers for Satyagrah Rating :- 01/10

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Stupid mindless movie, giving a 1 star would be overrating

I don't know how this movie managed to get the rating it has currently, but I can describe this movie easily in just one word - 'Disastrous'

But what is really wrong with the movie? Simple answer-'Everything'. Right from the beginning, the movie strives to appeal to the audience through its ridiculous and irrational humor. The movie has tried an approach of comedy through modification of old hit songs to use it as communication and fails miserably at achieving its target (assuming its target was to amuse the audience and not to be vexatious). Leaving out Deepika Padukone, the other characters start with a complete Tamil comprehension and gradually we find everyone can speak Hindi or English whenever they feel like. If the aspect of acting was to be examined, it was not difficult to conclude that both the stars were overacting and if anyone was doing his job well it was Mukesh Tiwari (which too was not very engaging). On another note, it would not be wrong to categorize Chennai Express as a Tamil movie taking into consideration that more than half the movie is Tamil and for the rest someone is acting as an interpreter. The language issue does not end here; the songs are mix of Hindi and Tamil which are hard to comprehend. Other songs which are recognizable felt drab and lack any meaningful lyrics with one or two exceptions which hardly compensate the negative subjects of the movie.

Unfortunately, I had to give a rating of 1 star to this movie because it isn't possible to give a zero. Rather in my opinion, this movie deserves a negative and could without a hitch serve as a benchmark for the worst movies made in Bollywood.

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A complete entertainer

A complete entertainer..!!!! Although it doesn't contain some good script but it is full of entertainment .. plus it's rohit shetty shtyle......Well rohit knows the pulse of Indian audience....and our audience needs Entertainment..Entertainment..and Entertainment.......The beautiful places and the flawless acting of Deepika padukone makes it more watchable.......SRK uses his old movies dialouges and is successful in entertaining us ..... He makes fun of his own songs like Chammak Challo,Dard-E-Disco and Haule-Haule that makes us laugh.......Don't Underestimate the power of a common man...... If you don't believe me just check it's box office collection(227 cr in indian....$19 million in overseas...over Rs.420 cr worldwide...!!!).... Just one word .... All Time Block Buster........ P.S I am not a SRK or DP fan .... I am just an entertainment lover like others.....

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