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Short / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.7 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Feb 14, 2021 at 09:03 am



Sergey A. as Man / Demon
Olga Kabo as Woman
Anton Pampushnyy as Phantom

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Movie Reviews

Breath-taking visuals but with a weak ...

The movie was a visual treat for all the sci fi lovers who do care about visuals more than anything. There are 2 alternate story lines that merge at one point in the movie. The movie came out as extremely new, refreshing and with breath taking details of what an alternate world could look like. The level of detail in CGI and the mix of reality with the concept of sci fi has been brilliant presented. Having said that ...

Clearly, the movie falls shy of good acting. The movie feels slow and bland to an otherwise thrilling concept mainly because the script! It does not seem to be written keeping actors in mind, rather it feels like someone imagined such a world without actors and had to force actors into the story line to build the world itself. Hence the dialogues don't feel that intense, the scenes with monsters seem rather shallow and don't turn you to the edge of the seat, there is not much of an emotional connection between the actors. Deaths of side actors don't really seem to matter and not really heart breaking. The 2 protagonists are rather poorly defined / their background could have been explored further.

However I clearly see a lot of potential here. The movie explores a lot of dimensions and the concept behind COMA's environment seems rather deep. I would suggest everyone to go watch it. I would say 5 for acting, 9.5 for Visuals and 9.5 for Concept, 7 for execution. I highly recommend this movie since what it looses to weak characters, gains for the execution of story lines, visuals and innovative direction Coma took.

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Amazing CGI But...

A truly groundbreaking visual extravaganza but the character development was pretty poor and you don't really get to know or care about any of them which is a shame.

The storyline is well put together but lacks the human element and feels much like the CGI; artificial but still it is a film for every Sci-Fi fan who will not fail to be awestruck by the visuals and for once the CGI does make the film and overcomes a lot of the poorer elements of the film.

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A Russian response to Industrial Light and Magic, etc.

A must for Sci Fi fans, it blends The Matrix, Inception, various Phillip K Dick themes and to me, even had elements of Tarkovsky's (awful) Stalker.

The visual exuberance was just fabulous, the airliner hanging in the sky was reminiscent to me of the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the beach in Planet of the Apes, and Big Ben upside down (nice comment on the mess that Great Britain is currently in). It wasn't just CGI either, the storyline shifted gear satisfyingly, from one environment to the next and the ending, whilst there were twists, was clear and well done, you weren't left wondering what happened.

The acting was OK to wooden, our copy was dubbed into English which didn't do justice to the native speakers but was better than subs, as I wanted to watch the screen not read.

If this is what the Russian movie industry is capable of, I want to see more.

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Not only CGI

Not only CGI as other write. Story has plot twists. Some things are different than they seems from the begging. Of course film worse than inception but summary better than other current scifi. For me the best scifi film during time from anihilation and freaks.

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