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Comedy / Horror

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IMDb Rating
5.9 / 10


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Jul 05, 2020 at 10:33 pm



Nikki Galrani as Nisha
Srushti Dange as Swetha
Karunas as Athisaya Raj
Bala Saravanan as James Kumaran

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Movie Reviews

fun ride

CAST and CREW: awesome performance from bala saravanan, karunas and nikki galrani. although the acting performance of G.V.Prakash is average, his direction in music got applause.

PLOT: This is not the movie for logic freaks, you would enjoy the movie if all you want is just smile in your face.(this is not thriller or any kinda mystery movie, so you cant expect any strong and interesting plot). and yea there are some cute romantic moments, so GO-GO for lovers! ;-) ..

CINEMATOGRAPHY,SCREENPLAY: both of them remains as pros to movie. Although there aren't any horrifying moments, cinematographer gave their best to make the movie little horrifying. Actually the motive of director is just to give funny moments, so it's not a negative to the movie.

VERDICT: 2015 starts with LOL moments!! worth watching!! HAV FUN!! :-)

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Given the genre, Worth a watch

A group of like-minded-suiciders go to a beach house to full stop their life. When intervened by supernatural, things take a turn for worse and the rest is.....

Darling, the first film in the recent Tamil History to come with an English title, falls in the comedy-horror genre, a genre that attained popularity with Yamirukka Bayamey, Aranmanai. Surely this is not the last of this genre and some more can expected from Tamil Cinema.

The movie succeeds on many steps: The humour has been used to such effect that any outside listener would find it hard to believe that a horror movie is being screened inside.. (given the laughs and claps.) But the traditional Horror stereotypes could have been avoided say the 12'O clock sharp-supernatural-appointment , the excessive kajal around the eyes of the supernatural, the cracked plaster make up, closing of doors.

It is pleasing to see Karunas back after a brief hibernation as an avid suicide enthusiast. Noteworthy of his scenes is when he pranks a religious custom (still worried how it will be received). GV Prakash's (yes, the now familiar musician) debut has very little scope for acting given the only expression that he throws at us (while being thrown across the room several times) is "shock". Not shocking at all.

Nikki Gilrani's debut would have been more acting friendly, if we could somehow peer through the plaster make up (which does a good job of hiding her expressions well).

Several movies have been referenced (I, Puthiya paravai, Thuppaki, even a spoof TV show).Most surprising is when a movie referenced (I) runs in the next screen.

The single most whistles in the movie goes to the cameo appearance of "Naan kadavul" Rajendran as Ghost Gopal Verma with an entry , credits to the graphic designers of Ghost Rider (yes, that Nic-Cage movie).With just two scenes he leaves the audiences in splits alongside a strong impression (his "I am waiting" was the first eye- turner for this low profile movie).

On the whole the movie has overwhelmingly satisfied the viewers and is definitely worth a watch. A fair warning though, the comedy- horror genre slowly develops into comedy-horror-romantic genre towards the end. The only flaw (which comes only in the post-movie- post-mortem) is that excess humour can dissatisfy few (not sure of how much) who go in expecting a full- blown horror movie.

Darling: Dear Devil.

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Perfect Entertainer in this Pongal race !

Darling - The Movie is an another laughter riot that entertains from start to the end with the perfect blend of horror ,humour and love . The director #SAM_ANTON has decently delivered the extract of original " Prema Katha Chitram" in style to suit the tamil fanatics abtly.The character selections and their performances prove as an added credit to the crew.

It's a wise move by the Music Director G.V.Prakash Kumar making his debut as hero to exhibhit his skill in acting.The female lead Nikki Galrani looks so good both in appearance and performances and have positive signs to make it big in the future on choosing the scripts wisely.

Supporting characters #BalaSaravanan & Karunaas have equally justified their roles guaranteeing non stop laughter,it's a strong come back for #Karunas and definitely a noticeable one for Bala Saravanan.

Naan Kadavul Rajendran as Ghost Gopal Varma joins the party for the non-stop laughter.The show stealer appears for few minutes but the place he holds in the people's heart should be infinity, his intro scene had the huge applause from the audiences that almost shattered the roofs for about 30 seconds continuously.Its another perfect example that proves and believes on attracting the crowd trusting the script and crew.

The remake contents too take a skill for its proper execution to succeed in that way the debudant Sam Anton has proved himself through this flick.There are clear signs for the screen numbers to increase in upcoming days

Well balanced by the #KrishnanVasant's cinematography & G.v.prakash kumar's score along with the laudable efforts of entire casts it emerges as a perfect youthful entertainer to be enjoyed in theatres.

Verdict : Darling is a Lovable,Hilarious Horror flick not to be missed this season ! (3.25/5)

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Darling (2015)

The movie is good. Comedy was good. And it is thrilling. The highlight of the movie was comedy scenes. Songs and BGM were also excellent in the movie. Mainly Ghost Gopal Varma comedy was amazing.

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