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Fast & Furious 8


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.7 / 10


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Sep 20, 2020 at 11:41 am



Vin Diesel as Dom
Jason Statham as Deckard
Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs
Tyrese Gibson as Roman

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Movie Reviews


There are some amazing scenes, and the talented cast has fantastic chemistry, and as always the action is loud enough, but the story, character development and plot are somewhat lacking.

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Cringefest - Stupidity level 11

This was painful. Action? Yes, but we're talking Physics that Sharknado would be ashamed of. Failure to understand or accept how reality works, even at a basic level. If you know the basics of cars, computers or physics, this will inflict pain to your brain.

No part of this movie made sense, it makes all 7 prequels seem like a real life documentary about cars. By far - Worst of the series. By going so far off the deep end, it made it too improbable for me to enjoy.

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The worst movie of the series

This is my first review on IMDb and I'm only writing this because so many reviews are praising this movie! I knew it would be average but within the first 10 minutes I realised how horrible this movie was. From winning a race in reverse gear of a wrecked car to driving ahead of an army without a single bullet hitting them. I know this series has always had over the top action but this plain nonsense. As somebody else said in their review the heists didn't need cars in the first place. I only liked the action sequences between Dwayne and Jason, rest were unwatchable! I feel bad for the people praising this movie.

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A problematic re-introduction to the franchise

The issues in this re-entry into the Walker-less franchise are too many to count. So I'll point out the problems in hopes that the next installment correct these gaping plot problems:

1. Deckard Shaw killed Han so now Dom forgives him for that? Hard to shallow.

2. The NYC sequence was horrible. First of all NYC traffic is absolutely horrible from sun up to sun down. Those birds eye views of semi empty streets is pure fantasy. The draw of shooting in NYC is what imaginary way will the director/writer/crew choreograph chase sequences in a metropolis where it's bumper to bumper car and foot traffic all the time. The production saying that they are filming in NYC proved that they really didn't need to film here at all because the sequence was unimaginative.

3. Following up the NYC sequence is the absolute absurdity that a hacker can remotely control hundreds of cars simultaneously. There are just not that many cars that are hack-able on the road. That sequence is at least 50 years off.

4. Dom naming his son Brian? Would have been better fitting to name him Paul. Brain is still alive in this universe. The characters even mention contacting Brian and Mia in the beginning of the film. It's understandable that the franchise would want to honor Paul Walker and his character but to name your kid after your "STILL- ALIVE" brother-in-law is forced. Had the character been killed off in the previous film then naming him so would be fine. Here it's reaching, and in the most imaginative way. Naming the son Paul, however, accomplishes EXACTLY what the franchise wants. Plus the audience is smart enough to get it.

5. Figure out how to reintroduce Lucas Black/Tokyo Drift cast back into the franchise.

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