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Game Over


Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.1 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 11, 2020 at 04:07 pm


Taapsee Pannu as Sapna Desai
Maala Parvathi as Dr. Reena
Sanchana Natarajan as Amudha - Amritha

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Movie Reviews

You have two lives and the second one begins when you realize you only have one ~ Confucius

A bold move by Indian cinema to get into a unique psychological thriller but with a weak storyline. Anyone who is a huge fan of this genre like me and have watched several movies can easily predict the movie by then end of first 60-65 minutes.

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A seat gripping Thriller better than happy death day.

Plot : A woman must face her fears to survive<br/>It's a typical thriller plot deserving (3/5)

Execution : Impressive. With a neat screenplay, apt bgm, impact making dialogues and an excellent cast performance, this film is an outstanding thriller for sure. (4/5)

Characterisation : I'm going straight with a (5/5) for the characters of the film. The actors have delivered an excellent performance in this intriguing thriller. As audience, I sighed when they sighed. I hold my breath for them to not make sound. The connectivity factor was really a plus with a strong back story too.

Justification : The genre is thriller. Was it justified? Yes. The film has some scenes that may be considered as boring but that's actually a part of character development and that's what makes you feel for the character. It's (4/5).

Appreciation : I'd appreciate this film for it's amazing cast performance (+1) and I really loved the character establishment (+1)

Criticism : A feeling of repetition and unrealistic occurrences arises. (-1.5)

Overall : The film is worth watching, better than Happy Death Day and definitely a must - go for thrill seekers.


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What if life is just a video-game & déjà-vu are just checkpoints?

A successful film despite a laziness insolently claimed by the scriptwriters: remake of Happy death plus a cinematographic graft of the ultra-well-known concept of the 3-lives counter freely inspired from the video-game universe. Not to mention three masked psychopaths more mean-looking than friendly with whom we do not really want to hug.

As a synthesis: nice with low expectation. 5/6 of 10

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Engaging Movie

Game over is very Excellent . First half was nice and second half excellent. Worth to watch movie not for entertainment. Good movie.

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