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IMDb Rating
7.2 / 10


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Jun 15, 2021 at 07:51 am


Sandeep Madhav as George Reddy
Pawan Ramesh as Dastagiri
Manoj Nandam as Arjun
Devaki Aacharya as Hero Elder Sister 1

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Movie Reviews

The Indian Che Guevara Deserves A Better Tribute

Firstly the genre - a biopic ! George Reddy in reality had this blood boiling, rebel attitude. A truly unsung hero, he was. Watch some real videos on YouTube and compare it with Sandeep Madhav's performance, you will be truly amazed by the acting skills, for an actor with such a small journey in the Telugu industry.

The Hero - Sandeep Madhav's performance was simply breathtaking. Here is the nonsense part, he was very cool, composed and delivered what he had to. There are at least 3 scenes, where you get Baahubali, kind of goosebumps (keep cast's experience in mind). The climax scene was purely acting driven scene, close shots and expressions etc. He is a gem of an actor and I am sure he will rise in the Telugu industry.

BGM - huge huge game changing music and absolutely adds to the cinematic feel. Kudos to the musicians of this film.

The Director - Jeevan Reddy has direction skill, PERIOD !!! Dalam was a good film as well, but sadly, couldn't play the numbers game. But this time again, amazing screenplay, no nonsense and perfect narrative to reality. Subject selection was itself amazing, most people did not know much about George Reddy. Kudos Jeevan Garu, we need more films from you.

Overall, considering cast's experience, it's a mind boggling movie !!! Watch in theatres if possible, but for some reason if you couldn't watch on a big TV with full volume on headphones !

Good luck Team GEORGE REDDY, SANDEEP MADHAV AND JEEVAN REDDY for future movies. Keep making more for us.

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An Inspirational Story let down by Shoddy Writing

I was really looking forward to this movie and had big expectations after checking out the trailers. But it has disappointed by not sticking close to the reality of the subject and also being narratively weak. The heroine double act was totally unnecessary as it killed the pace of the film. Instead of being a character-centric film, it tries to be an epic like Mahabharata which is not suitable for a small budget film. At least I could give credit to this movie for arousing my interest in George, who I knew very little about before. That's also why I'll say that George was a much more interesting and deeper person than what was shown in the film.

From an Osmania student.

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No nonsense film !!! Must watch in theatre !!! Goosebumps for sure ...

I read about George Reddy in Wikipedia after watching movie, I see lot of things missed in the movie. Not made single scene that'll make you connect and whole script written poorly. Subject was powerful but making was worst.

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George Reddy - A man who deserves better.

Mindblowing camera work,awesome BGM , each and every artist did fantastic job

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