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Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.5 / 10


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Jul 08, 2020 at 08:27 pm


Suriya as Sanjay Ramasamy
Asin Thottumkal as Kalpana
Nayanthara as Chitra
Pradeep Singh Rawat as Ram / Lakshman
Riyaz Khan as Police Officer

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Movie Reviews

Disgrace to the original!

What a waste of talent! One of my favourite actors, Surya stars as Sanjay Ramasamy, the rich businessman who, after an incident, suffers from an incurable short-term memory loss. He has done an excellent job right from the beginning till the end, as handsome, romantic Sanjay and the guy suffering from memory loss (is his name Ghajini? it was nowhere mentioned!). He is the spinal cord of the movie. Asin is graceful as his lively love and cute when she narrates the Bombay airport story. She has also shown maturity in the scenes when the inevitable occurs. Nayanthara. Sorry. Wrong number. The villain, Pradeep Rawat (he is better with his turban-clad look as in Lagaan) looks repulsive as well as acts immaturely and forcefully tries to prove us that he is the villain and we should fear him. Grrrr! Total Misfit. The worst is when you have to see too much of him (I don't want to spoil that horrible suspense). "Oru Maalai Ilaveyyil Neram" is composed, sung, picturised and acted out beautifully. Nevertheless, I squirmed during Asin's introductory song. It was indigestibly disgusting. Background music was alright and repetitive. The stunts were only noisy, dull and with no innovation at all. But one must watch Surya in it. And his "run" while chasing the car! Wow! He as always is superb.

Now I come to the most important person involved in this movie. The director A. R. Murugadoss. Many of us well know that apart from the romantic scenes, the long boring water fight in the climax, new form of titles (have you seen Brad Pitt's "Fight Club" titles? ringing a bell somewhere?) and a few other scenes, the rest of the movie right from trailer till story is a blind confused copy of Memento (2000 - IMDb RANK - 22). I sincerely appreciate the director for wanting to remake it with some adaptations and let our people have a feel of it. Its a noble desire. Agreed. But I really don't understand why he had to mutilate it, in the process of doing so!!! If any of you have a chance to watch Memento, please don't miss it. When such a brilliant tale exists, why one has to make a movie by cutting bits and pieces of it and making another with some masala and action tailor-made for the Tamil screen? Memento portrays a handsome looking smart and brilliant guy (even during memory loss) who meticulously plans his everyday with pictures and tattoos on his body after having incorporated the illness. He remembers "everything" before the brutal incident but is only unable to remember the "new incidents" for a long time. In Ghajini, the hero is a psychologically affected person who lives in a shabby manner and even forgets people whom he met before the tragedy.

Short-term memory loss doesn't have time limit. It has to do with senses and situations. But here, in exactly 15 minutes he forgets. God! Please save the Tamil movie-watchers! How many brilliant scenes are there in Memento to exhibit the loop holes and subtleties of his illness! All were wasted in this. And the main plot of the movie... The truth about what really happened! Where did that go???? Lost cos it wont be accepted by Tamil audience? Com'on guys! Stop making movies for heroes and their images! We Tamils can watch a great movie told in a great way. Please don't make such silly adaptations and blame us always with "They only like to watch this" dialogues. We are an excellent audience. Mind it.

Except for the beautifully made romantic scenes and a dedicated performance by Surya and Asin, Ghajini is an attempt to completely disgrace one of the best movies of the world. Either the director has considered all of us incapable of understanding the story in Memento or he himself couldn't understand the movie. Therefore, I recommend him to exercise the use of English subtitles or better hire an English-Tamil translator before going on to adapt another Hollywood masterpiece.

Please don't take this comment as an ill-mannered one. As a genuine fan of good movies, I put forth it with utmost honesty. None can appreciate my words unless and until one has watched Memento. Imagine remaking "Titanic" with fight scenes on the ship deck, duet songs with many dancers and some mother-sister sentiment and a long dialogue by Jack before he drowns in the sea. Its disgrace to the original. You'll know what I mean, when you watch Memento. I sincerely request you to watch it, just once.


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Not the best!

It is not a crime to rip off movies into Tamil and Hindi.But what is loathsome is the inept "Indianization" of the movie.It is commendable that Director Murugadoss has even thought of bringing Memento to the Tamil audience but did it need such a loose script to hopelessly adapt it for the mainstream moviegoers of the state?

The movie starts off taut enough.Suriya,the lead actor,seems to be making the right moves in choosing the projects he associates himself with.But in spite of what he might want to hear,it is his billionaire character that easily outshines the truculent amnesiac in the movie. The second half of the movie fizzles out with the bollywood imported villain(the director really is childish with his double acting stunts)and Nayan Thara(in obscenely ill-fitting attires).

The music is surprisingly good.Harris Jeyaraj,unlike the Director Murugadoss has actually put in some effort to get his scores right.Watch the movie if you want to.I'd definitely not recommend it.

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Gajini - Wins in the First Attempt

Gajini, Directed by A.R.Murugadhas is a action movie, this time with a story. Murugadas, RD. Rajasekar, Antony above all Kanal Kanna are the real hero's of the film in Story, Camera, Editing and Stunts respectively.

The highlight of the movie is the climax stunt between Surya and the Villain – absolutely fabulous. When I saw alavandhan (movie) I thought what else can you do to beat this kind of stunt (remember kamal vs kamal) but the vision of the director, stuntman and the visual effects is really amazing and surprisingly perfect (It took 10 days to complete the climax).

Surya has performed beautifully in both the characters. Surya, Asin pair in the movie looks fresh and good. Nayanthara trying to be sexy looks ugly in her attempt but her character is the pivot in the movie. Harris Jayaraj is looking confused in many places in the background score, he gives you a feeling as if you are seeing his earlier movie (anniyan, thotti jaya) but he has made it equal with songs specially "Sutrum Villi Sudarae" is beautifully choreographed and filmed.

A.R.Murugadhas has done the story (The knot was taken from an English film Memento), screenplay and direction very well, but the two songs (Nayantharas and the climax song) are definitely the show stoppers as they bring down the phase and the impact of the story in a descending order, must have been avoided (remember Ramana where we has effectively only 2 songs) Gajini a movie worth watching.

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Nothing original !

I saw this movie and was impressed first only for one reason .The new concept of short term memory loss .But then later when I saw the original one Memento I was totally awestruck by how beautifully the screenplay was done ,you in fact live with the character ,which you can never feel for once in Ghajini .Well thats not the only flaw the whole brilliance and intelligence of Mememto is diminished in Ghajini . Its ultimately turns out to be a love story like the million others . Yes it has this concept of short term memory loss .But instead of developing on that , the story is killed half the way . Well I was impressed with Ghajini only because I was happy that directors have started thinking about new concepts ,but I was wrong .This one too turned out to be a copy ,nothing original .

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