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Guns Akimbo


Action / Comedy / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Feb 08, 2021 at 12:00 am

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Movie Reviews

When the s**t goes down, you better be ready.

People complaining about plot and and style clearly don't understand that there are different genres of movies. Obviously this isn't an Oscar contender but it's a great ride. Daniel Radcliffe continues to show his range as an actor by taking on roles that most A-listers wouldn't go near. His success as the boy who lived has given him the freedom to chose the roles he wants and to actually have fun making movies. Something that is very refreshing to see. Samara Weaving is brilliant and it's a joy to see her as the character Nix. She's gonna be huge in the next few years.

If you enjoy action movies, with outrageous violence, well choreographed fight scenes and over the top characters then you'll enjoy this film. It moves fast and doesn't take itself too serious. It's an easy watch, and slightly predictable. Although that's what you sign up for, and the movie makes you well aware of that.

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Over the top, ridiculous, and entertaining

This is the kind of film you have to just put your mind on autopilot for and enjoy. The action and shootout scenes are very well done, with some sharp direction and editing. The story is a little too absurd and not based in reality whatsoever, but that's the point. It reminds me a bit of the movie Shoot 'Em Up, which was another tongue-in-cheek gun extravaganza, but fortunately Guns Akimbo is a lot funnier and more stylish, making it a pretty cool watch if you're not looking for anything mind-expanding.

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Switch off your brain and enjoy some mindless fun

The negative reviews for this movie are hilarious. Are you expecting Shakespearean grade storytelling from a movie whose main character has guns bolted to his hands? This is meant to be pure entertainment and it delivers balls to the wall action mixed with over the top humour. I was genuinely entertained while watching this and I'm glad I decided to ignore the negativity surrounding it. It's best to just suspend belief and enjoy this film for what it is.

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Good fun, for those with appetite for this sort of things

If I had not seen Daniel Radcliffe recently as a corpse, one, mind you, that refuses to shut up ("Swiss Army Man"), I would have thought his character, Miles, in "Guns Akimbo" weird. Miles has the hall mark of an ordinary nobody until something strange happens to him. At work, he is a galley slave in a software development outfit, wasting away at mundane coding. At home, his only friend is the Internet. Oh, he has an ex-girlfriend Nova (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) and they are still on friendly terms.

In his Internet world, there is universe called Skizm, which involves the real world. What Skizm does, under the mastermind of a villain called Riktor (Ned Dennehy), is to arrange one-on-one, end-in-death face offs between shady characters. The deadly activities are monitored by drones and streamed live online, with viewership in the millions. The ranking champion is Nix (Samara Weaving), a totally badass young women with unmatched talents for slaughter.

Somehow, Riktor's gang breaks into Miles's humble abode and knocks him out. When he wakes up, he finds that each of his hands has been fastened to a handgun. While becoming a deadly weapon himself, Miles now is in the predicament of needing help in simple things such as dressing himself. The only way to get out of this is to track down and kill Nix before she kills him. When he tries to hid, Riktor has Nova kidnapped to force his hand, eh, his gun, I mean. So much for the plot.

The moviemakers and actors have done a decent job in getting silly, gory, outrageous fun out of the material, for people with appetite for that sort of thing. As well, there is more story to the plot than what I described.

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