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7.7 / 10


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Mithun Chakraborty as Manikdas Gupta
Abhishek Bachchan as Gurukant Desai
Madhavan as Shyam Saxena
Vidya Balan as Meenakshi Gupta

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Movie Reviews

The story of anomalies in the pre-liberalization Indian business situation.... through the story of Guru Kant Desai, an ordinary entrepreneur.

Mani Ratnam does it again ... outstanding!! With his vivid dramatization of the Indian business situation of the 1950s-1980s (pre-liberalization period), through the story of an ordinary entrepreneur, he surely aims at igniting the educated Indian minds towards entrepreneurship. Yes! The movie is not for everyone, but a focused audience !! The movie is not one of the eye-candy commercial movies .... but a typical Mani Ratnam product.

But, more than anyone else, the one who turns the heat on is.... Abhishek Bachchan. "Role-of-a-lifetime", as they call it, could not have been better portrayed. And Abhishek Bachchan fits the role, body and soul. The conviction is evident in his dialog delivery at each and every stage of the story.

Aishwarya Rai plays the role of the strong wife who would stand with her husband in all times. This is one of the times when she has proved more than her body. A strong role played with equal strength.

The movie compactly binds the story of a successful entrepreneur and his simple love life. The soul of the movie lies in the final minutes, in a court hearing scene ... the 4 min 30 sec speech by Guru (Abhishek Bachchan). In his speech, Guru summarizes the anomalies of the pre-liberalization Indian business "Licence Raj", Market Imperfections, Corruption, Excise duties, Import-Export regulations troubled the businessmen and hindered the growth of the economy and nation as a whole.

A feast for Indian intellectuals !!! Salutes to Mani Ratnam, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai !!

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A perfect example of gripping storytelling and impeccable characterisation

Just returned from the theatres, now that I am home I feel genuinely very happy that Guru Kanth Desai is still going strong. I am also completely confident he will make Shakthi Corporation the biggest company in the now you must be wondering what I am talking about, this is how many viewers would feel after coming out of watching Maniratnam's Guru.

First of all let me start by mentioning Abhishek Bachan's role, as this is the role that Guru is built upon. If there ever was a movie where one actor dominated so completely I would only compare Kamal Hassan in Nayakudu/Nayakan. Abhishek should be very proud of what he has accomplished in Guru, it is something that some actors haven't or will not achieve in a life time. He is impeccable for the hardest of critic to comment. His histrionics are brilliant and the way he lost and gained weight during different parts of the movie demonstrate how serious Maniratnam and Abhishek were in making this movie. Keep the awards ready please...Abhishek Bachan has his name stamped on them.

The story is quite simple; it is the narration and the characterisation that makes this movie so unique and interesting. it's about a common mans journey to build India's largest company with the help of its share holders by whatever means possible. In Guru, Guru Kanth Desai is not portrayed as an invincible man rather he is played as a very good business man who can talk and do right things at the right time. The narration of the story is so tight you never flinch. (This applies only to serious movie watchers, not the ones who cannot do without masala and comedy in a film) Maniratnam is one the best story tellers in our country if not the best, and he does that perfectly again. This will rate as one of the best works of Maniratnam; I would take the liberty of putting this Under Nayakudu/Nayakan which rates first on my list of Maniratnam movies.

The music is by A R Rahman, we all know what happens when Maniratnam and A R Rahman team up. Pure magic is created. More than the songs of Guru, the background score impressed me. It is the music in every important scene that brings the scene to life. Rahman is amazing and like Rang De Basanti the songs just blend into the movie. Not to mention Mayya Mayya and Barso re Megha in the first 20 minutes of the movie brighten up the whole theatre.

A word of mention...

Aishwarya Rai has a very strong role in Guru; strong roles are very scarce in Bollywood these days...especially for female artists. Aishwarya stays with Guru throughout the movie and stays on the top of Bollywood by doing that brilliantly.

Mithun & Madhavan are the adamant characters that fight for the right, when I say adamant they really are in the movie and you feel their willingness to stay on the right side of things all through the movie. All the other supporting roles including Vidhya Balan are brilliantly enacted. There is no character that was underplayed or wasn't justified.

Where does this leave us...? Maniratnam has made a wonderful movie full of strong characters, great screen play, brilliant music and marvellous photography by Rajiv Menon. He needs to be commended for this effort. It is no wonder he takes two years to make out one movie, Guru was worth waiting here I am already waiting for his next

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Want is overwhelmingly energetic!!!!!

We went to watch the late night show of Guru on Sunday evening and I must admit, in recent times, it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. There was not one moment which i regretted while watching this wonderful movie with the best in all departments. Full marks to Mani Ratnam and the whole cast. It is difficult to come out of a movie happy, yet charmed and to feel so proud of astute vision (also,to be an Indian if you are overseas!) Before I start raving about Abhishek and Aishwarya..have a couple of important things to do. Even the smallest roles (Abhishek's father, his mother,Aishwarya's father, her mother,the committee head and so many others) were done sincerely by actors who are very good at what they do but are unsung heroes in Indian Cinema..I mean i do see them in good, intense roles but because there is no glamor attached, I cannot recall their names.

A friend of mine suggested that I should give a balanced review by adding some bads of the movie too....huh!!was initially tough for me, since I was so overwhelmed;On serious thoughts, I thought let me do the worst job and then start the raves and praises!!!!!but come to think of are some of my objections....there were too many songs;initially back-to-back (with my husband groaning.."oh no, not another song!!!!");I kept asking what happened to Jhignis (Aishwarya's brother) because he just disappeared;when Aishwarya and Abhishek broke up, the scene shook me, but I did not understand why it broke into my most favourite song..."Aye Hairathe"!!!; And last but not the least, Mithun da deserved more screen time, given his powerful performance!!

Nonetheless, this media called cinema has matchless power to shape and influence minds. The analogy drawn with Dhirubhai Ambani was just too good! I mean I know about his milestone work in industry, trade and commerce, but never would have wanted to read a biography on him. Now I am really curious and am inclined to dig the net.Let me clarify, not to come out and mock on how he made it big by breaking/making/kicking/obeying rules. But to know more about VISIONARY and ENTREPRENEURIAL thinking!! One of the most touching statements to prove this point were made by Abhishek Bachan (Gurubhai)when he justified his stand. He said to the tune of "I saluted when asked to salute;I kicked when asked to kick, now why ask why did you kick so much and salute so much??") reflected how bureaucracy, heavy entry barriers and closed doors policy in India stiffled business growth in that era. A typical 'rags to riches' story (I am stealing my husband's expression:D) but done so well with 'into the character' acting by everybody. How Abhishek managed to get all the Gujju expression (just part of his character) to portray his larger than life vision in life speaks volumes about his homework for this film. Being born and brought up in that region myself(Western India), I am totally familiar with local talk-walk!! He looked so ordinary, yet he did such extra-ordinary things!! In fact, in this context, the actor-character line looked so bleak. I did not know whom to reckon with more, with Abhishek for being Abhishek Bachan the son of Amitabh Bachan or with the so obvious Dhirubhai reference!! Aiswarya Rai was so down-to-earth, identifiable in this movie. I really liked her work and also appreciated how she chose to dance a little awkwardly in 'Barso Re Megha Megha' (despite the fact that she is a perfect dancer) just to portray that rusty, village belly gal!! I love to listen and listen to some of the songs, especially 'Aye Hairathe' which is so soulful, so meaningful, so heart rending!! Mithun Chakravarty played Nanaji so effortlessly; Have to agree that everybody was so right in their own shoes in this movie whether it was to promote the virtue of honesty, simplicity, clear vision or simple regard and respect for spouses, elders etc; that it was difficult to point out who was right and who was wrong. Mithun did not come out as a villain neither did Madhavan. Even I knew that Guru had paved his path with dirt smeared here and there, he did not seem to wrong at all.

It was a true work which is really inspiring and totally keeps you thinking!! Wonder if Abhishek Bachan will get the National Award of not....hope he does...:) From my side, everybody on the crew deserves one!!

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Is Guru good or Bad

This is the question I left the theatre with. In many ways it applies to both the movie and its protagonist, Guru Himself.

Guru is being raved about by the public at large but he is not without his flaws. That's the case with the movie as well. If I could forget the name of the director and the other movies he made in the past, Guru would have been a good, maybe even a very good movie. But sadly, being a great fan of Mani's other movies especially the likes of Kannathil Muthamittal (which many found dramatic, unrealistic and others even boring!), I could not expect anything less from Mani, could I? And that was the problem I had with Guru.

I think (and it's my personal opinion), that Mani got a bit carried away and much like Gurukant Desai, was looking more for commercial Success! I don't mean to say that is wrong or maybe even true. But after watching all the publicity that Mani has been doing himself for the movie (which I haven't seen him do much in the past), apart from the media and public hysteria, Ash- Abhi engagement et al., the movie comes as a bit of disappointment to me.

If direction only means getting the best performances from the cast, then Mani is spot on! I mean, how many directors can make ASH act?? The answer is none, other than Mani. Of course, other actors have done a great job as well, but that does not surprise me. Its Ash that came as a big surprise and I can truly say this is the first time I can associate the word pleasant surprise. (Well, I can't tell you how disgusted I was with her in Dhoom 2).

But then, that's not the only thing I expect from Mani. I have always revelled at Mani's forte – his characterization. And that was the biggest let down for me in GURU. While he did justice to Gurukant Desai and Sujatha's character, he sadly lacked his original Midas touch. I have always believed that Mani could bring out the nuances of a character, major or minor is a scene or two. But in Guru, I thought he miserably failed to do so! Madhavan, Vidya Balan, Mithun and all the rest of the cast, seem to be floating in and out of the frame in a way very uncharacteristic of Mani! I can't help but wonder why Mani did that. I can still remember the scenes of his earlier movies, Nayagan and Bombay (well, guru is part the former and part the latter in many senses!) vividly, though I was very young when I saw former and fairly young during the latter. Yet, a single scene in those movies brought out every character beautifully. In guru, even after 4 or 5 scenes of Vidya Balan, Madhavan and you are left wondering about their presence. And that is something you just can't digest, only because it is a Mani's movie. These things wouldn't matter if some XYZ director had done the movie! The other biggest let down in the movie was the picturization of the songs. As beautiful and melodious the songs were, it is a big shock that, Mani with Menon failed to capitalize on them. Again probably because of the high standards the duo have set for themselves, it is difficult for me to expect something like this. Sadly, even 'Tere Bina' failed to have the effect that 'Snegidhane' had (on me!).

May be it is not right to compare, maybe I am over critical and getting carried away. But then the fault for that as well lies with Mani. It is he, who after all set such high standards that I expect out of him.

It would be unfair to take away the credit from the movie, especially to Abhishek who has evidently put in a lot of effort, to Aishwarya for finally acting in a movie and others (read Madhavan) who have agreed to do such half baked roles only for Mani! Well, then what I am saying, is the movie good or bad? Like you guys care! It is worth a watch, though, I'd say (especially if you don't have your expectations set as high as I had)!

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