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Hate Story 3


Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
4.5 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jun 11, 2021 at 12:44 pm



Sharman Joshi as Aditya Diwan / Husband
Karan Singh Grover as Saurav Singhania
Zareen Khan as Siya Diwan / Wife
Daisy Shah as Kaaya / Aditya's employee
Priyanshu Chatterjee as Vikram / DiwanAditya's brother

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Movie Reviews

Indecent proposals

Erotic thrillers have been huge money-spinners worldwide, but it was not until Vishesh films took the first step and started making films like "Fareb" & "KASOOR" that bollywood jumped into the bandwagon.

The "Hate Story" series is one successful franchise and a new film coming from it would arouse among other things our curiosity and with a loads of help from the no holds barred teasers and trailers.

HATE STORY 3 comparatively is the best of the lot in the franchise, if you ignore the bad acting and the poker faces. The girls show lot of skin, but cannot act to save their lives ditto with the guys. But it is the screenplay with its twists and turns which holds your attention that you are willing to forgive everything else even the fizzled out climax.

Aditya Diwan (Sharman Joshi) a successful Industrialist happily married to his late brother Vikram Diwan (Priyanshu Chatterjee)'s ex Siya (Zarine Khan) is jolted out of his idyllic life when Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) a multi billionaire barges into his life offering his friendship to the couple. Things go well till Saurav asks Aditya to let him sleep with Siya for a huge financial benefit to the latter. Aditya walks out on Saurav.

Saurav meticulously plans Aditya's financial ruin, and extends the proposal to Siya. An enraged Aditya plants his secretary Kaya (Daisy Irani) in Saurav's domain. Saurav and Kaya get tangled physically and Kaya feeds information related to Saurav's business to Aditya and also a deadly secret related to Aditya's past connected to Saurav which could pretty well be the driving force of Saurav's vengeance.

Armed with such information, Aditya is all set to ruin Saurav when the latter turns the tables on him and Aditya ends up in prison. Saurav renews his indecent proposal to Siya who agrees to sleep with him in exchange for her husband's acquittal.

The task completed, Siya learns a deadly secret of Saurav and she realizes he is not what he claims to be and………

Alas, if only the film makers had chosen people who could actually act, the film would have been a masterpiece in the erotic thriller genre.

Sharman Joshi is OK when it comes to scenes where he is required to stand and do nothing, but when he is supposed to mouth his lines that when the hamming starts.

Zarine Khan is ready to strip at the drop of a hat, but struggles when it comes to emotions.

Daisy Shah is pathetic both in the erotic as well as the emoting department.

It is Karan Singh Grover who puts up a great act, there are moments when he gets so deep into the skin of the character he radiates an aura of danger in the scenes where his true character is revealed.

Screenplay by Vikram Bhatt is clever and holds our attention, even minus the erotica, the movie would still make a good thriller. The only sad part is they should have concentrated more on the ending, tying the loose ends is just not enough, when they are not done satisfactorily.

Music by Amaal malik is good, especially with songs like "Tumhe Apne banane ki" and "love to hate u".

The movie has high production values and the direction is decent, Vishal Pandya succeeds in making this the best entry in the series. Hope he concentrates a bit more in casting in the next installment.

I would recommend it to anyone who are fond of thrillers.

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The best hatestory franchise ever !!

All characters were played very well but karan singh grover ROCKED IT !! With saurav singhania ...OMG one can not actually ignore his to die for looks and marvellous acting !!!

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Twisted love story about human relationship and desire with revengeful drama

Out of 3 hate stories, this is the best one.

When you watch this story, somewhere your mind will calculate all possibilities and suspense. Surprisingly all perceptions will go wrong if you want to know reason or hidden truth of story.

Except Daisy Shah, all characters performed perfectly.

Some songs with vulgar scenes can only be drawback of this movie, though they are good to listen.

Costume design, music and locations is perfect as per story requirement. Acting skills from best to worst of main characters - Zarine Khan, Karan Grover, Sharman Joshi, Daisy Shah.

I call suspense thriller movie which definitely entertained with nice story line.

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Ridiculous Story 3. ♦ Grade F

Only open sensuality which surrenders to the male gaze can be the reason why the Hate Story series has been going on unhindered since it first started to annoy us in 2012. Hate Story 3 is as ridiculous as its predecessors with greater sleaze and a dumber storyline.

Industrialist Aditya Deewan (Joshi) has been successfully carrying out his multiple businesses mainly because he gets laid every night, all thanks to his well-endowed wife, Siya (Khan), who was formerly his sister-in-law before his brother died in an plane crash. Out of the blue, their matrimony as well as Aditya's businesses are targeted for sabotage by a mysterious man named Saurav (Grover) who wants to enjoy Siya for a night. (Man, she must be good.) As the husband-wife duo begin to find out about this guy, skeletons start to tumble out of the closet.

The story, at first, reminds us of Abbas-Mustan's hit film Race (2008), however, the lack of enthusiasm involved in the narration confirms that Mr. Pandya, an amateur, is the man at the helm. Basically, all the characters in the film are antagonists. Maybe because the makers wanted the audience to don the cap of protagonists and escape from the torture that follows after the outline is laid out.

Unnecessary songs slipped in at various nodes, unpleasant, badly directed, and horrendously enacted sequences of romance add to further annoyance. There is also this rocky background music that fades in and out of every scene that is supposedly major, forcing its audience to use cotton plugs.

The cast performance is nowhere near satisfactory. Joshi shouts and curses at his co-actors and looks hapless mostly because of the idea of bearing with the incompetent Ms. Shah and of making love to the enemy of acting, Ms. Khan. Grover, too, looks as if he is in a body- building tournament and is purely intimidated by his female co-actors who also seem be to flashing their bodies with great fervor.

In addition to the poor acting, direction, and dialogs, the climax is unbelievable and will force one to shout.

BOTTOM LINE: Hate Story 3 is a dark and unambitious story of people who want to share bodily fluids with each other, but want someone to shout "action" at them so that they can go about it. Easily avoidable.


Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Kissing/Vulgarity: Medium | Profanity: Medium | Alcohol/Violence: Medium | Gore: High

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