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Hey Jude


Drama / Romance

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IMDb Rating
6.9 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 15, 2021 at 12:41 pm



Nivin Pauly as Jude
Trisha Krishnan as Crystal Ann Chakraparambu
Siddique as Dominique Aldo Rodriguez
Vijay Menon as Dr. Sebastian
Neena Kurup as Maria Dominic

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Movie Reviews

Jude is a real character.

Nivin and trisha are make this film superb. Nice one I like it.

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A feel good movie

Nice story and nice acting by both lead roles. The supporting roles are also nice. A nice message on it.

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Nice movie and nice love story.

"Hey Jude" is an above average movie which clearly deserves a one-time watch. Nivin paid complete justice to his character by portraying the role of a Asperger Syndrome patient with perfection. But what amazed me the most in this movie is the role played by Siddique as Nivin's father. I could definitely say, Siddique is the most underrated actor in the current Malayalam movie industry. If you have any doubt on this, just watch the movie and come back. Neena Kurup, Apporva Bose, Vijay Menon, all did their part extremely well. The only downside in the casting was Trisha as the female lead role. She looks clueless and was not apt for the role. The movie lags at many places and could have been made better. If you don't expect a "North 24 Kaatham" or "Taare Zameen Par" and could lower your expectations a little more, then this movie won't disappoint you for sure. Overall, "Hey Jude" is a decent watchable movie.

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Must watch

There is a constant lack of conviction in Shyamaprasad's Hey Jude, an unpleasant comedy drama that tries too hard to please. Whether it is in the amateur writing, lazy direction, or lethargic performances, the film starts and ends without a bang. Nivin Pauly plays Jude, a man with Asperger's Syndrome who lives with his ignorant parents. Unable to blend in with people, Jude keeps his own company to observe the world and understand what's right and wrong with it, until he meets Crystal, an outgoing lady with her own set of problems. For an average moviegoer, these characters look extremely pretentious, a quality that is further aggravated by the sloppy direction. Trisha's dubbing is horrendous, with a voice that does not suit her and does not complement her average acting. Pauly is calm and composed but Shyamaprasad does not utilize his acting prowess, which enable supporting actors to shine better. Vijay Menon and Siddique are the players who put up a tasty show; and when you adore these characters more than the film's protagonists, it becomes clear where the film is heading. With a story sampled from countless other pieces of art we have consumed elsewhere (Aamir Khan's Taare Zameen Par (2007), for instance), Hey Jude goes on a rambling streak about how the world is full of mad people and that there is no time to be normal. It has alarming gaps at every juncture in the plot-line owing to unimaginative writing, and despite the dry comedy, succeeds in boring the average viewer. There are more issues in the film than there are in the two characters combined, which is why Hey Jude is a long shot from being a feel-good film. At least that's what you get from 140 minutes of pretentious drama. A huge disappointment from Shyamaprasad. TN.

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