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IMDb Rating
1.7 / 10


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Jan 30, 2021 at 08:29 pm



Saif Ali Khan as Ashok
Ram Kapoor as Mamaji
Bipasha Basu as Nikita
Tamannaah Bhatia as Shanaya

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Movie Reviews

You Need to be a "Himmatwala" to sit through "Humshakals"

Sajid Khan! Why? Just Why? Why do you need to make films? OK, The story is just the confusion created by 3 doppelgangers (Humshakals) Based on just the above sentence, would you make a 160 minute long film? Only Sajid Khan would.. Saif, Ritesh and Ram will be seen in lead roles, whereas Bipasha, Tamanaah and Esha would be seen in Cameos (I would say) 3 Humshakals, one trio- Normal, second trio- Abnormal and the third one - Gays. This film is shameless- Jokes on people in coma, Gay Jokes, Racist Jokes, Sexist Jokes, and irritating Aakhri Pasta (Yes, Once Again!!!) Five silly songs just to increase the length of the film, a drug which can turn you into dogs, vodka and cocaine parathas and what not. Not to forget- Prince Charles speaking Marathi and Hindi.. It doesn't have a story- The film goes on with double meaning, offensive jokes for 150 long minutes. Please skip it, I would rather recommend you to watch Himmatwala, yes you read it right, on TV. Don't go for it.

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Officially Declared Sajid Khan the "King Of Trash"

Sajid Khan strikes back with his slap stick comedy genre with "Humshakals" but the problem is that there is not enough laughs to sustain 159 mins… So Sajid goes back to his "Housefull " mould of European mansions, swanky cars, heroines wearing skimpiest costumes and too many characters who are a caricature. Sadly for "Humshakals" it falls flat and what we get is a trash in the name of comedy.

The Story written by Sajid Khan of three sets of Humshakals of Ashok (Saif), Kumar (Riteish) and Mamaji alias KANS (Ram Kapoor), one set of Ashok who is heir to the multimillion empire of Sighanias, Kumar who is Ashok's best friend and Mamaji who is scheming to confiscate the empire from Ashok, another set wherein all three are mental patients Ashok, Kumar & Jhonny, and third set consists of Ashok and Kumar who are feminine by nature and Mamaji who is bar dance owner. CONFUSED well this just the beginning, Sajid thought that he could actually better Shakespeare's Comedy of Error but alas there is no story.

Screenplay should I say the lack of it credited to Robin Bhatt, Akash Khurana and Sajid Khan is just a shocker and imagination just goes wild. A sequence has a doctor giving a medicine potion which makes human beings act like DOGS and you see both Reteish & Saif acting like dogs well this is utterly insane in the name of comedy. The Dialogues by Sajid Khan and Adhir Bhatt is equally bad what with "Aap Meri Zindagi mein Aaye to Mere Bacche Ka Baap Ban Jaye"….

The performances by the ensemble cast is just too childish to laugh, for Saif I think this is his worst performance till date. Making faces does not suffice for acting and Saif is so bad when he is imitating actors. Reteish still gives you a few laughs but he could not salvage the mayhem around. Ram Kapoor looks completely lost all throughout the movie. Satish Shah as the warden hams all throughout. The actresses have no scope to act, they are there as eye candy wearing skimpiest clothes. I can still understand for Tamanah Bhatia and Esha Gupta who are relatively new and hence they did this film but why the hell did Bipasha Basu do this film she looks like a glorified extra in the movie.

The only good thing about the movie is the cinematography by Ravi Yadav which is good and catchy to the eye. Music by Himesh Reshamiya is extremely average, excluding "Caller Tune" none of the other songs are worth mentioning.

Sajid Khan's "Humshakals" has outdone Ram Gopal Varma's "Aag" in making Trash, and RGV's "Aag " looks like a classic in front of SK's "Humshakals". Sajid Khan has to relearn what is entertainment before venturing to his next project.

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Don't Waste Your Money & Time In This Clueless & Useless Movie

I watched this movie on Friday, first day first show and have lot of expectation from it, but after watching this movie i had a headache and there was nothing to laugh in the film, there was clueless comedy which doesn't make you laugh and that's why lot of people from cinema ran out from the middle of the film, I also thought to do the same, but hoping that may be this film will have something in the middle or end, but i am extremely disappointed that why i have not left the film and saved my time. This film shows that Sajid Khan didn't learn any lesson from the failure of HimmatWala and yet another Flop film is given by him. If you watch this movie you will waste your time, energy and as well as money. At some of the scenes you will laugh on Saif Ali Khan and Ritesh Dekhmukh comedy, but there are lot of repetition of one comic scene that lay down the movie.

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Worst acting. Worst direction. Worst story line. Nothing is good about the movie except music. Thanks to Himesh for adding a plus point. Its not 9 time entertainer, it will give 9 time headache. Saif is the worst of all — he is unconvincing as the man behaving as a dog, as the waitress. Just about everything he does in the movie is like he's just sleep-walking. With no story or comedy on offer, even Riteish and Ram are unable to save the day for Sajid Khan. Skip this movie if you do not want a bad headache and other after-effects of being tortured.No start we can afford for this crap. There is no option to give 0 or -ve rating, it deserves this only. Among all the actors Saif is at worst. Even a Himmatwala cannot watch this.

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