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Action / Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 27, 2020 at 09:06 pm



Vikram as Lingesan
Amy Jackson as Diya
Suresh Gopi as Doctor Vasudev
Upen Patel as John
Santhanam as Gym Babu

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Movie Reviews

A mind blowing masterpiece from Shankar

I usually do not write reviews on IMDb. But i have to make an exception to this movie. This is the one hell of a epic movie i have watched till date. Starting from the beginning to the end, the movie takes you on a roller-coaster ride.

I do not have words to explain Vikram. He proved once again that he is not just a great actor, but also a hard worker too.

AR Rehman music is a real treat. Trust me, you will loose yourself listening to music.

Apart from vikram, every other co actors did their job well.

Overall this movie is best one to watch this weekend. If you got time to spend and willing to watch a movie, then go on and book your seats before someone steels yours.

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Brilliant movie , unbelievable acting

The film is worth the 3 years wait. If this movie can be compared to a painting, Vikram is the paper, paint and brush with which Shankar has drawn this picture.

P.C.Sreeram and A.R.R have done a great job but it is one and only Vikram who stands as the man of the movie, he has given all his to give life to Shankar's storyline.

The story does seem predictable at times but still makes the audience thrilled with its grandeur and extravagant visuals. Picture perfect movie with a perfect acting by Vikram

Amy Jackson has done a pretty fair job compared against the young bunch of leading ladies in Tamil film industry.

Santhanam's one liners makes the audience burst into laughs every time he appears on screen.

9/10 for movie but 10/10 for Vikram's acting

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Can be called as Vikram's I rather than Shanker's I.

"I" : How I felt Shanker's magnum opus I starring Vikram is huge, but doesn't reach the expected levels of hype.

I was obviously the most-awaited movie of the year, I was damn waiting for this flick since the teaser release months ago. The main elements of expectations were Shanker and Vikram, for the former's history of great flicks and the latter's talent and dedication. Rahman's music, P.C.Sreeram's frames everything was a matter of hype.... when I heard about Suresh Gopi's presence my level of expectations increased. Being a great movie lover, I was unable to resist myself from watching the movie the first day itself.

Now,coming to the experience of the magnum opus,

the story of the movie is told in two time lines, one is that of a hunchback man who kidnaps a supermodel from her wedding and the other, is his past with her. All together, the movie draws a sketch over the life of a gym master-turned- model, Ligeshwar aka Lee.

Initially, Director Shankar pushes the viewer into a forest of thrill called "I". As the viewer proceeds, he finds it interesting and wonderful, the visuals and colors mesmerizes the viewer, but, as the viewer reaches a stage of Shanker's magnum opus forest, the roads become clearer, it becomes no more a forest, the viewer one who is able to recollect one dialoge of the first stages, find the forest nothing but a projection of huge trees and a single beast called Vikram. Finally, when the movie ends, the viewer realizes that, the 'so called' troubling paths of forest were just usual roads and the forest is usual except for some visually appealing elements, action sequences and that heavy beast called Vikram.

Yes, what you have read is correct. Shanker fails to meet expectations. I do accept that "I" is a visual wonder and treat for eyes, one can easily go crazy for those action sequences and compelling background score. Shanker really requires applause for the heights of technical brilliance he has achieved, but only visuals can't appeal the viewer, there should be a solid script which makes the viewer engaging. Yes, he keeps us engaged, takes to some level of expectation and what he delivered in pen-ultimate sequences is inside the circle of imagination, anyone could easily predict the movie as it precedes further. Had there was something which is out of the box, "I" would have been a mile-stone. It may satisfy a viewer who has normal expectations, but I am not satisfied to the core. But certain elements made "I" enterprising. The supreme of them is the jaw-dropping performance of Vikram. What an actor man...!!! How can a person expose so much dedication and hard work...! Had he committed a slight mistake, I would have been an epic failure, but he makes it stand. His transformation of characters require special applause, from start to end, it is Vikram show. 'Lee' was so effective only due to his versatility in acting and perfection in body language. The next factor is Shanker's making. Even though the scripting failed, his making was awesome. Each frame had novelty. Presented the average script in an engaging manner. Took the visuals to another level of experience. Next is undoubtedly, the maestro's music, AR Rahman's music was of top class, offered life to the movie. That BGM of main villain was terrific PC Sreeram's frames offered treat to eyes. Colouring effects were wonderful. Certain shots had an international outlook. ANL Arasu's action sequences were of great excellence, had a world class touch in it. Weta-Workshop made the make up works look damn realistic. Kudos to their work. A mixture of all these fore told elements offered a visual wonder but script still remained average.

Coming to the performances of others, Amy Jackson had a role of good importance unlike the hero-oriented flicks of these days. She was beautiful and sexy...filled the space of beauty quotient. Did her part well. Remarkable performance was from Suresh Gopi, did his job with utmost perfection. Upen Patel's negative role was impressive, where, Santhanam took charge over the comedy track. The other characters too did their part well.

Art direction too requires applause, that advertisement song (Aila Aila) was creativity brilliant and Beast song (Ennod Nee Irunthaal) had great visual excellence.

The movie had a brilliant technical crew, which require special applause for the visual experience.

Mind blowing Vikram, Stylish Making, Top Class Action sequences and wonderful visuals, altogether makes "I" huge,which makes the viewer engaging but lags behind only due to not-that- compelling script.

Kudos to Vikram are a great actor....really great :)

My Rating: 7/10 Go for it, Vikram's performance is enough to make your money worth.

_Sooraj Pattazy

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I movie comes with Romantic Thriller action movie

I movie comes with Romantic Thriller action movie

Director Shankar comes love story with revenge based one. Colorful picturization & cinematography graphics.

Screenplay comes with Vikram bodybuilder whose only goal in life is become Mr. India and how his life change path to model / love with Amy/ hunchback character.

Chiyaan Vikram proved nobody can match him when comes to performance. Redefines acting and dedication for role. Hats off to his acting . Hunchback role was really touching

Amy is at her hottest best. Perfect choice for the role.. Really did well performance.. Superb.. Movie moves around her only.

Santhanam Comedy rocks simply first half and last part of movie

Suresh Gopi did simply good with positive / negative character.

Ramkumar Ganesan (Actor Prabhu bro), debut in this movie.. Comes as a business man, nice attempt.

Upen Patel also did well.

Ojas M. Rajani role was nice..

Power star just a guest role - Just value add

Cinematography P. C. Sreeram was really visual treat.. Sema... (shots in China was Good)

Edited by Llewellyn Anthony Gonsalves was good..

Brilliant fights too..

Music by A.R was simply superb....("Mersalaayitten" - Awesome one and "Ennodu Nee Irundhaal" ).. BGM was Good..


Vikram Acting (Hunchback role - Awesome)

Shankar Screen play

AR Music

Amy performance

Santhanam Comedy



In between First half will feel slow / bore ( for 15 min)

Shall be Value added in story.

Some may feel Movie lengthy.

Verdict : Don't Miss the movie. Should see for Hunchback role.

'I' saw the movie U don't miss the 'I'.

Score : 4.25 /5

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