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Indru Poyi Naalai Vaa



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IMDb Rating
7.3 / 10


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Jul 30, 2020 at 08:56 pm



Bhagyaraj as n/A
Kallapatti Singaram as Grandfather

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Movie Reviews

Comedy at its best

This movie is the very best of Bhagyaraj's comedies. The movie has clean humour, and a few decent romance and sentiment scenes which thankfully are underplayed so that they don't hamper the fun.

Every South Indian who has tried to learn Hindi will relish the "Ek gaon mein...." scene.

This movie is a shining example of Bhagyaraj's originality and imagination. For originality in mainstream movies, Bhagyaraj is numero uno not just in Tamil but all of Indian cinemas.

Even though the movie is based in Coimbatore, nothing in the whole movie shows the distinguishing aspects of Coimbatore.

Acting wise nothing great about the actors, but all do their job adequately. In spite of these, such is the beauty of the screenplay that you hardly notice any of these let downs.

Easily the best comedy of the 1980's. Popular opinion is that this movie ranks along with "Michael Madana Kamarajan" as the best comedy capers in Tamil. I think this movie is better than the latter in originality.

If you can understand Tamil, a MUST watch.

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I have lost count of the number of times I have seen this classic comedy directed by K. Bhagyaraj, one of his earliest films in which he stars with a couple of his real-life buddies. Fabulously funny and original, the film is another testimony to Bhagyaraj's screenplay-writing abilities. Just thinking about the attempts the three guys make to catch Radhika's fancy has me rolling on the floor, laughing. Maybe these guys really did try all these stunts to impress some girl. Radhika does a fine job (I always thought she was good at comedy), as does everyone else. Ilayaraja's BGM heightens the comedy in every frame. Essential viewing for Bhagyaraj fans. I wonder why this film has not yet been remade in other languages!

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Extremely Original Cult Comedy!!

One of the best original Tamil Comedy movie. I have lost count the number of times I would have watched this movie, still every time I watch it still looks fresh and evokes the same amount of laughter. All Bhagyaraj movies in the 80's and 90's are known for the screenplay and this one follows the same trend. The Characterization is another thing that needs to be applauded, right from the inimitable "Kallapetti" Singaram, John Amirtaraj to the Lady who plays Ramli's Grandmom, each and everyone has a character that has transcended time. When you try to remake a cult movie, it is very hard to replicate it, Kanna Laddu thinga aasaya, suffered because of this. Even though it was good in its own right, it can never reach the heights of the original.

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