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8 / 10


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Jul 06, 2020 at 11:24 am


S.J. Suryah as Arul
Vijay Sethupathi as Michael
Bobby Simha as Jagan
Anjali as Ponni

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Movie Reviews

Karthik subburaj's MASTERPIECE

Seriously no words can describe the spectacularity of this movie.Simply amazing movie with an in-depth Character study.I never thought Sj Surya would do a role this well.He has proved that he's not only a great director but also an excellent actor .Would be surprised if he doesn't get any award for this movie.Bobby simha was decent though he didn't have the scope to repeat his success of JIGARTHANDA movie and Vijay sethupathi was awesome as usual.The ladies in the movie have taken the movie to another level portraying the sad reality of most of the woman in this country. I don't want to spoil their effort by talking about their performances here because it need to be watched in the theatre and felt by ourselves.The Climax was the icing on the cake for drama movie lovers,It was mind boggling.And not to forget the music and the bgm was top notch. The director Karthik subburaj has already become a legend in the making with this movie . 10/10 wouldn't be good enough .I would give 20/10

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Iraivi - Tribute to Womenhood

Iraivan - Iraivi, The two extremities in gods, among humans are well portrayed with the characterizations etched by Kartik Subburaj. From the outset it hits the bulls's eye through its caption, 'A story about few woMENs'. Dealing about the dominance or the events revolving around women is always due to actions of their men. Kind of realistic feel to the society we live in.

S.J,Suryah - He deserves a special place in it. Though the theme revolves about the lives of women, Suryah was the best out of all. His screen presence and expressions went all the way through the audience claps & whistles. Surely the best he has done in terms of acting. Climax portions acclaims special mention.

Others - Vijay Sethupathy not in his regular eye-catchy role has done justice so as Bobby who completed his character with fit performance. Coming to the WOmen - Anjali, Kamalini, Pooja have all been given equal presence & scenes with enuf emotions to convey.

Verdict - Overall. This journey will never bore you out and everyone has something to take out of it. woMEN's may relate well to this work. Once again KARTIK SUBBURAJ!! Keep it Up.

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Worth a watch movie not a commercial entertainement. Watch this a.s a parallel movie fan

Iraivi (Goddess)-Yes as the Title says, it is about how women are stuck up among men who take hasty decisions without a second thought or a discussion. The movie starts off well on a promising note, you wont be able to predict where it is going to lead you. It shows about different women and their different ambitions, but will their destiny lead them to their desire? Watch to know. Arul (SJ Surya) a director who is trapped by a sadistic producer is not able to release his most desired and awaited movie. The plot revolves around His mother(Vadivukkarasi) who is in coma after living a life full of harshness due to her husband's(Radha Ravi) attitude,his repenting dad who was a sculptor and a worrying young brother(Bobby Simha). How the plot takes turns and where it all ends up is the story. Do we get to see a happy ending? Sad? Disastrous? I was mesmerized by the story telling and the screenplay. There are various sub plots in the movies to fill the gap but well connected with the main plot *Claps*. The movie gets you engaged and keep you waiting for the next scene. Among the sub plots the best of it was when Arul's Brother Jagan(Bobby) who is studying sculpting gives an idea of stealing temple goddess's statue and sell them to help them out of the trouble. Things go wrong when Michael commits a crime out of anger for the two brothers and goes to serve. He comes out to start a better life and make a living for his wife and daughter. Fate has it that he is called by the bros again for help when he is stuck in chaos again. This time it is revealed as to who is the reason for the chaos. Though at this point the movie becomes quite predictable, Director Karthik gives few twists and messages along. While the movie doesn't generalize the male gender, it does throw light on women freedom and makes us think about the problems faced by women in this society. On the whole, the movie gives many subtle messages especially about anger. Then again the movie is not for the general commercial movie loving fans. Surely Karthik Subbaraj has done a very good job in this film.

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Iraivi: a story about beautiful mess

After the horror-thriller Pizza (2012) and the gangster comedy- thriller Jigarthanda (2014), Karthik Subbaraj has become one of the most creative and talented directors in the Tamil film industry. This year, Subbaraj is back with his third venture titled Iraivi, which picks up the feminist concept. It stars S.J. Surya, Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha, Anjali, Kamalinee Mukherjee and Pooja Devariya in the lead roles. Actors Radharavi, Vadivukarasi and Karunakaran play other pivotal roles.

Simply said this is a story for men about women. Subbaraj has focused on women's needs and men's priorities. Towards the end there's a powerful message about love, lust, betrayal, family life, brotherhood and the difference between men and women's behavior, needs and lifestyles.

S.J. Surya plays Arul, an alcoholic who once was a successful film director. Due to some issues with his producer his latest film has trouble to get released. Bobby Simha plays Jagan, Arul's troubled younger brother, and Vijay Sethupathi plays Michael; Arul and Jagan's friend who got married against his own wish.

The actors, especially S.J. Surya and Vijay Sethupathi has given life to their characters and have done their parts really well. We all know that S.J. Surya is a successful film director who has directed films such as Vaali (1999), Kushi (2000) and New (2004), but his acting career didn't go so well. This film in the other hand is definitely a turning point in his acting career. Vijay Sethupathi, an actor who has a household name in the industry is brilliant as always, but in this movie we will feel pity for him for all the things he goes through. Kamalinee Mukherjee and Anjali who play Arul and Michael's wives did a phenomenal job with their roles. Pooja Devariya who has the least screen time in the film does her part well too.

The film was beautifully shot by newcomer Sivakumar Vijayan and Vivek Harshan's editing is neat as always. This is the third time Santhosh Narayanan has scored music for a Karthik Subbaraj film. We all have enjoyed collaborations such as K. Balachandar-Ilayaraja and Mani Ratnam-A.R. Rahman, and these guys have proved that they are the next duo in this legendary list. The tracks ''Kadhal Kappal'' and ''Manidhi'' deserve to be mentioned. ''Kadhal Kappal'' is another funfilled Tamil folk song by Santhosh Narayanan which is mixed with old school jazz that has a catchy melody supported by guitar, strings and earthly rhythm section. ''Manidhi'' is an admirable feel-good song about hope and humanity which is played in the background in the climax scene. If you can easily get emotional, this scene will make you walk out of the theater with tears.

The only thing that I find negative about this film is its length. If they had cut out 10-15 minutes of the film, it could have kept the audience more engaging.

If you are looking forward to see another cult classic thriller film by Karthik Subbaraj, then this is definitely not a movie for you. This one is a family oriented drama, but a bold film which has a topic we rarely see in Tamil cinema.

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