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Kaaviyath Thalaivan


Action / Drama

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IMDb Rating
6.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jun 12, 2021 at 03:04 pm



Nandamuri Balakrishna as Jaidev / Krishna
Jagapathi Babu as Jitendra
Radhika Apte as Jaidev's cousin
Sonal Chauhan as Sneha
Brahmanandam as Thrills manikyam

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Movie Reviews

Balayya and Boyapati strike back !

As is certified with 'A' certificate because of the dose of Violence and Political dialogues.

Produced by : Achanta Gopinath , Achanta Ramu, Anil Sunkara

Presented by EEGA fame Sai Korrapati.

14 Reels is making interesting moves. For 1Nenokkadine – It paired with EROS. Now, with Varahi.

Let us "enter the LEGEND"

Opening Shot : Introduction of the Villain JAGAPATHI BABU. Jagapathi Babu as a villain is a revelation ... Impressive screen presence and a big asset. It co'd be a BIG PLUS to Jagapathi Babu's Career. Might be the Replacement of SRIHARI.

Till now – we are habituated to see JB as a Family Hero through most of S.V.KrishnaReddy's movies. Now – we will see an entirely different JB.

This movie is a very important movie to JB than Balayya. JB is debuting as a Villain.

Suman, Suhasini enter the screen.. Suman plays role of village head. The Dialogue in the scene is good. First Fight. Begins... Between Jagapati and Suman

What's happening...One sentiment Scene is done followed by a fight - but where is Balayya.

Next Shot in DUBAI.

There He is..........

Rocking introduction for Balayya in the Legendary Totoya FJ40 in the deserts of Dubai. After fight – as usual Song follows.

Balayya rocking dance moves in 'time bomb' song...

Story shifts to Vizag.. Brahmanandam's entry.

Pattu Cheera Bagundhe ....Song

Another Comerdy Scene between Balayya and Brahmanandam.

Lasku Tapa Song with HamsaNandini. Hats Off to Hamsanandini for dancing in sync with Balayya.

1st half = Sentiment Scenes + Comedy Scenes + Fights + Songs

Interval Point is highlight of the 1st Half.

Dialogue after the other –

Extreme Violence Shown in a Magnifying Glass

It is DSP's first time with Balayya. Boyapati and DSP's previous combos – Bhadra and Thulasi are good HITs.

D S P did not do any experiments ... he very carefully researched the past movies of Balayya and rendered music accordingly.

Time Bomb is for Fans,

Lasku Tapa song is for Masses,

Legend gives you goosebumps with superb heroism,

TANJAVURU is a visual feast with good traditional dance.

His BGM in action scenes is good.

Legend is a romantic action entertainer with all commercial ingredients. Nandamuri Balakrishna's electrifying performance is the main highlight in the movie.

Boyapati Srinu's gripping narration and punch dialogues, Devi Sri Prasad's melodious music and amazing background score,

Ram Prasad's beautiful cinematography, Brahmanandam's comedy timing, Hamsa Nandini's item dance,

Ram Laxman's action choreography, Radhika Apte and Sonal Chauhan's dance sequences and beautiful locales are its other attractions.

Boyapati Srinu has chosen a tried and tested story, but he has made it interesting with some surprising twists and turns.

He has included all spicy elements like action, romance, comedy, family drama, music and a few other stuffs.

His engrossing narration coupled with wonderful performances and rich production values makes the movie a good entertainer for the Nandamuri fans.

Legend is made with a never before budget of 40 Crores (1st time for Balayya).

It was successful before release itself with a table profit. A movie earning a table profit is in fact a magic these days. All the Best to Balayya and Boyapati.

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Do not even dream of watching

Hero is nowhere near looking good. His voice sounds funny. Worst acting. And how come you guys show a kid with violence. Worst imagination from director in portraying a kid killing people. Don't you watch your own movie? If yes, how come you released this crap in theatres. Story is worst, and how come people come to watch these violent movies with family Most of the parents are stupid to bring their kids to watch these violent movies. Directors nowadays make these violent movies, they are the one should be blamed. The most blame should go to big heroes, who take these frequent violent movies, just for money. Idiots. Crappiest movie, I have ever watched

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Romantic action entertainer with all commercial ingredients

Krishna (Balakrishna) lives in Dubai, while his family is in India. His grandmother is against him settling in India. Krishna falls for Sneha (Sonal Chauhan) and comes to India to seek the blessings of his grandmother. Jitender (Jagapati Babu) is a man with pride and haughtiness. He cannot tolerate anyone who comes across his way. Once, he goes to a nearby village(Balayya's) for a marriage proposal to him. There he gets involved in a quarrel with the village headman (Suman) due to some unfortunate events and gets jailed. From then onwards, he tries to take revenge on that family. He kills the family members of the village headman one-by-one. when krishna and Sneha (Sonal Chauhan)they both come to India. As soon as he arrives in India, he gets involved in quarreling with the gang of Jitendra. In the consequence that continues later, Jitendra loses his son. In that rage, he attacks Krishna's family. to saves there family second character Balakrishna comes to picture and does his best and it is thanks to him that the viewer will remain in their seats to watch the whole film. The incredibly talented actor has done his part with total dedication. Radhika Apte did well her bit of histrionics. The footage given to her in this film is very small. But she enthralls the viewers with his limited role.

Positives : * Legend is a romantic action entertainer with all commercial ingredients. Balakrishna's electrifying performance is the main highlight in the movie. He impresses the viewers with his unique dialog's diction, action and dance moves. * Radhika Apte has also done her best and her chemistry with Balayya which is good to watch on screen. * Jagapathi babu is another big asset of the film. This is really a turning point to him. * Boyapati Srinu's gripping narration with punch dialogs, chosen an interesting story which seems to have been written exclusively for Balayya. He has made it interesting with some surprising twists and turns. He has included all the required elements like action, comedy, family drama and romance. His engrossing narration coupled with wonderful performance and rich production values makes the movie a good entertainer for the Nandamuri fans.

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High Voltage Action Flick

Have you ever heard about one man Army ,here it happens this time. BalaKrishna(Blayya by die hard fans) always proves his stamina when a director come out with a Action script has some tingling Dialogues. After a huge success with Boyapati Srinu ,Balakrishna Again teamed up with Srinu and they are indeed successful again at the Box office. Blayya played three different get ups and they are crucial to the film,and he gave his royalty to the two characters which are comes in the second half to make the movie Live and Excite. So here there is no matter to make a discussion of the story what it is ?,How it is ? , Is there any mistakes in the story? . Why because Balayya Babu looks like roaring lion who is looking for a desperate win put his all Emotion and all variations leads to a Biggest block buster in Telugu Cine Industry

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