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IMDb Rating
5 / 10


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Jul 29, 2020 at 04:43 pm


Vikram as Kanthaswamy / Krishna
Shriya Saran as Subbakashmi P. Ponnusamy
Prabhu as Parandhaman / Paramdham
Ashish Vidyarthi as Pallur Paramajyothi Ponnusamy / Padamsingh Pannasingh Padmanath
Vadivelu as Thengakadai Thennapan

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Movie Reviews

An epileptic suizure waiting to happen!

There is no doubt that this is a bad movie, so why bother writing any more about it? well for on thing, the editing is the worst kind possible, the screen is flickering and flashing ALL the time, not just for special action scenes, but for every scene, the brightness is out of control and the flicker is introduced to make the movie seem interesting and fast...

the editing is also choppy, the cuts are in milli seconds throughout and the comedy track just shoved in forcefully....

vikram has a good look in this movie, but for decent movies in the same genre see, aparichit (vikram), nayak (anil kapoor), hindusthani (kamal hassan) (all the above are by shankar)

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More quantity than quality!

Nice exotic locations for songs. Songs lyrics were silly especially meow meow song. The best thing about this movie is vikram's coolness from start to finish and he never has looked more handsome,fresh and fit than this. The heroine is similar to the padayappa(rajni film) character except this time they both end up liking each other.

There was one scene where the men in suits(with guns) were hit by a car and escapes but then they choose to fight the hero with their fists when they could av easily used guns to finish him off. They took such a long time pointing their guns to the hero(who was blindfolded)and refused to shoot him straight or take his left arm as ordered.Instead they wanted to play with him. The action and plot has many loopholes.

Does prabhu always like be a cop in every movie?

About songs, they were so boring....and no wonder the movie did not do well. A tamil movie has chance of doing OK or superhit if it either has a decent plot or nice appealing songs for Tamil as seen in vijay movies.

An actor like Vikram should not be misused like this. They have good chemistry but the plot is a let down for his fans. We expect superb performances or dialogues in vikram's movies.The director should keep that in mind.

Is this tamil cinema's answer to bollywood krissh? If so it failed.

This movie has more style than substance.

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Very different tamil movie

Awesome finishing, original plot line and stellar acting makes this a treat to watch. A longish movie, 3hrs plus in length but you never leave your seat to miss out on any sequence.

The plot is not very original, Robin Hood, man robs from rich and give it to the poor kind of a story line, but the take is very different. The lead role by Vikram is played out well though his literal take on Kandasami in a rooster avatar is a bit over the top. Shreya Saran finally has a role more meatier than just being eye candy. Other actors like Tiwari also have supported well.

The virgin locales were a breath of fresh air (Mexico) and the action sequences were quite different. All in all, a entertaining movie!

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Mindless stupid movie

Stupidity at its best ....

Complete injustice had been done to vikram in this movie.... This is not what you expect put of Vikrams movie..Forget Vikram this does not deserve to be called at least a decent action movie.

Movie had nothing but loopholes. Why did not the Mexicans shoot him right when they got him? Were they waiting for him to kick their ass later ..After the Jeep hits them ...they have plenty of chance and time to shoot him..instead they start fighting fists with him...NOw thats exactly what I called DUMB....

A Millionaire AP Business Magnet , spending all his time in his stupid bus,with chicks around all the time and his money comes out of no where ...oh yeah ..that makes sense ..

In the climax , the hero walks into his BUS ..smashes everything and then .....Wallaah...he finds all his documents, black money in the BUS...Thats Brilliant..... What a Wonder place to hide money ..I never thought millionaires were so stupid ...

Shreya was useless as usual in the movie ...but she did looked pretty..she did her part..

And why the hell is the screen play so fast...I mean calm down a bit , let the people know whats going on .. I felt like whole movie was fast forwarded ...why SO Hurry ...

Horrible Songs .. AWFUL... I am not supposed to speak bad words here...but let me tell you ..they S***********************K

I wish I could give this movie (-10) rating ...I am sorry I cant..

Even action sequences were pretty bad. They tried to make them look real by showing all the wires and stuff, good effort but not enough. They looked very very unnatural. I never saw vikram throwing one proper kick.All I see is that when he faces the bad guys , they suddenly speed everything up and later you see the bad guy dead...I am supposed to assume that in the mean time vikram would have kicked them bad....Oh yeah thats true action sequence ..thank you very much

All in all.. an AWFUL movie

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