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Kattradhu Thamizh


Drama / Mystery

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IMDb Rating
8.4 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 23, 2020 at 08:21 pm



Jiiva as Prabhakar
Anjali as Anandhi
Karunas as Yuvaan-Suang
Azhagam Perumal as Poobaal Raavar

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Movie Reviews

Best tamil movie of all times.

Any user who regularly follows IMDb and watches tamil movies and are impressed by some quality works in tamil and had watched katradhu tamizh would give it a 10/10 with eyes shut. You got to see the movie to believe it is such a movie. A movie might have a great story but might lack screenplay, music or acting and in other ways also. But can you imagine a movie where everything was 100 % perfect ? Watch katradhu tamizh. Story and Screenplay is pure magic. Acting ... Hmmm There are only few in tamil cinema who gets compared to Kamal haasan. And probably, Jeeva walked with that crown quite easily... He has defined acting in the movie. Music... C'mon... This is the best music you could have ever heard. Yuvan had given some really soul stirring numbers that make you go into a trance. Editing by sreekar prasad makes you feel not watching a movie but something real and cinematography is another feather in the cap. To cap it all, the director is a debutant. Unbelievable. Isn't it ? Watch Katradhu tamizh.

The movie is a great take on the current Indian scenario where rich people are getting richer and poor people suffer due to that and also the frustration and anger that is building on the less privileged people.

This is one of the best movie one could ever see... Just don't miss it.

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The Best , yes i mean it

When everyone going GA GA about Bolly wood, as usual a simple Tamil movie wins hands down. This is perfection. Right from the direction, followed by cinematography, acting, music everything blends so well to make it a master piece. Its pity that this flick didn't do well commercially. However who cares? its a must watch for any movie buff. Jeeva with a meaty role and the heroine is a revelation to Tamil cinema. Prabahar, the director has joined the league of Bala and Ameer easily.

Some say Nayagan is the best movie made in contemporary Tamil cinema.Here comes the winner to surpass it with its simple beauty with lots of elegance, satire, the feel and everything.

It will hit you hard. Period.

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A maelstorm of intrapersonal communication

Probably one of the greatest films ever made in Tamil and definitely the best directorial debut in Tamil, Kattradhu Tamizh is about a Tamil teacher earning hardly 2000 INR a month, finding difficult to cope with loneliness living in a city like Chennai, trying to get back in touch with his long lost childhood love, unable to withstand the societal imbalance created largely by IT industry and therefore becoming a psychopath.

The screenplay's narrative structure takes you back and forth in time and changes from the protagonist talking to the audience then to himself and them to a camera yet doesn't create an ounce of confusion.

The cast is perfect. Jiiva excels in a role and a performance of a life time. He excels in every scene and manages to pull it off whether he is going over the top (like the scene where he confronts an IT guy on the street in the middle of the night) and while he expresses his emotions subtly (like his reactions in the Paravaiye Engu Irukiraai number), newcomer Anjali emotes exceptionally and is probably the only lady who can actually 'act' in Tamil Cinema for the time being, Karunas is better off playing such roles that are more memorable than his other silly characters, Azhagamperumal is another revelation and even the other small roles such as the heroine's uncle, the hero's friend, his lodge mates etc etc are so perfectly cast.

Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs are too good, the get right to the point literally, all the songs have the lyrics starting off immediately without a long beginning music and his background score enhances the mood of the film well.

Cinematographer Kathir's frames are a work of art. The shots of the little hero & heroine sitting on the top of a mountain with all the greenery around and then a very similar shot of the hero & heroine sitting on top of a mountain years later with all the dried up land around is example enough of his visual extravagance. Editor Sreekar Prasad's work is slick and enhances the narration perfectly.

Director Ram with his debut has already made an inedible mark on Tamil Cinema. Though most in the audience do not agree to his views on society a few like me willingly support them. Well accept his views or not you just cannot dismiss his efforts in creating a screenplay that puts 99% of all other Tamil films to shame, breathtaking visuals, a kaleidoscope of emotions and a realistic storyline and biting dialogues. You can't ask for more from a film.

An artistic triumph for everyone involved(including the audience who appreciate such work).

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It's the best movie ever made on earth

This movie means a lot to me. Not just by its quality but also by what it conveys and by how I come to relate to it.

This movie is more about love than anything else. For all those guys and girls who love one person a week and have a break-up in every weekend and to those who think that love is all bout taking your girl on a bike ride and spending a day off at the seashore, this movie shows you what love is.

This movie is a slap at the whole society's face. It shows what worthy people have been denied of. It shows how unfair the system is. This is about a man, a hero.... who fights life with everything he has and yet loses... This is about a man who loves a girl with all the passion and truthfulness in this world...This is about a man who didn't get anything he deserved of. This is about the man whose life shows what the society is turning into.

It's about aananthi who loved a man truly and was truthful to him no matter what happened in her life.

It's about a girl who expected nothing other than the love of the man whom she loved in her life... This is about a girl who was able to bear every horror in her life and was still able to smile in the short moments she got to be with prabha.

This is about aananthi, who never gave up her love for cheap pleasures not even for a single moment in her life. This is about aananthi, a girl who lived and died for that single man she loved on earth.

This is about prabha and aananthi.This is about two people who had their soul full of love for each other but only privileged enough to show it to each other only at those rare moments they got to be together but learned to live a life with that love existing in every moment.

This movie is the best movie on earth and this is about the story of a man who loved the only girl he admired since childhood.I admire them so much.

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