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IMDb Rating
7.8 / 10


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Jul 23, 2020 at 08:17 pm



Jiiva as Ashwin Jayaraman
Ajmal Ameer as Vasanthan Perumal
Karthika Nair as Renuka Narayanan
Piaa Bajpai as Saraswathi
Prakash Raj as Yogeswaran

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Movie Reviews

Ko - Impressive !!

Journalists are until known to be portrayed in a clichéd manner in Tamil cinema, wearing a pyjama kurtha, spotted with a beard carrying a long shoulder bag. Times have changed and so are the lives and struggles of journalists

Ko' speaks about power struggle and press freedom, laced with all commercial ingredients in an interesting manner. All credits should go to the script and screenplay. Tautly written, there are hardly any logical loopholes.

Jeeva is impressive and played his part exceedingly well. He looks a typical photojournalist. His body language and dialogue delivery are worth a watch. An intense performer, Jeeva pulls it off with ease.

Karthika as Renuka brings out the nuances needed for the role well. She has not exaggerated. She downplays her emotions to gel with the character. Ajmal is a revelation as an aspiring politico Vasanthan. His looks compliment the character.

Anand deserves all accolades for rendering a brisk entertainer that is devoid of clichés. Racy all through, it is a movie that is worth a watch .....Great Film !!!!

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KO- a right mix of commercial and intellectual cinema..

"Warning!!! Contains spoilers" 'KO' is the latest movie from ace cinematographer & director K.V.Anand. For all those who wanna know the meaning of the title 'Ko' represents government or a leader. In ancient Tamil literature the term 'Komagan' or 'Komaan' usually represents a King. Ever since his stupendous success with 'Ayan' (the director should be commended for making fun of this movie in a scene in 'Ko') there had been huge expectations for his next venture and the slick and stylish trailer of 'Ko' just increased those expectations. The director meets all those expectations and even exceeds them in a few places. In a movie industry where nowadays a dozen movies are made about Madurai and with all those movie have an incessant & unnecessary flow of blood and gore in them, it takes a brilliant director like K.V.Anand to brake those stereotypes. With the right mix of commercial & intelligent cinema (took this line from Behindwoods review) he delivers big time.

From the intelligent choice of title and really brilliant opening credit sequence the viewer is all set to be taken for a different ride & the director and his crew keep the tempo till the end. Jiiva as a photo- journalist is handsome, stylish and excels in his role and proves yet again why he's one of the rarest breed of perfectionists in Tamil film industry. Karthika emotes well and has a dream debut as a serious journalist. Move aside glam dolls. Here's an actress who can really act & it's no surprise as she's the daughter of one of the finest actresses from yesteryear, Radha. Piaa is sexy, bubbly and a treat to watch. Her sad demise before interval will leave a lump in your throat. But the most important & extraordinary role in the movie goes to Ajmal who has breathed life into his character, though I feel he could've emoted well in a few sequences. Prakash Raj & Kota Srinivasa rao, do justice to their small roles and Bose Venkat comes as a surprise in the end.

All that said about actors the technical crew have excelled in almost every frame. From the stylish yet realistic stunts to the excellent cinematography during the song sequences, you are in for a treat. Especially the locations and camera work in 'Yennamo Yedho', 'Amali Thumili' & 'Venpaniye' songs will make one craving for more. Story wise there are ample twists to keep the viewers engaged till the end and it is commendable that the director has touched a lot of contemporary issues like 'cash for vote', 'naxalism', 'journalist ethics' without being overtly preachy. They just go well with the flow.

When the movie opened with the 'bank heist' sequence (one of the best choreographed stunt sequences in recent times, kudos to Peter Hein) I felt that there is some inspiration from 'The dark Knight' and the climax and ending just confirmed it. One couldn't help but be awed by the director's brilliance in these 'inspired' sequences. They are so logical and really inevitable. Dialogue is another strong aspect of the movie which is witty and intelligent. Suba has done a great job. On the downside the opening song with cameos by many big actors fails to make an impact, the placement of 'Venpaniye' song is just wrong, there are a couple of loose ends and the climax was a tad too lengthy and might test your patience. Also the connection between Jiiva & Ajmal looks a bit half-baked with a botched up flashback. But all that said & done, this has all the commercial elements of a blockbuster and also can serve as an eye opener for the younger generation. Go for it. I'm planning to watch it once again.

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Action Thriller

The movie starts off with a bank robbery and Jeeva's breathtaking bike chase...This itself attracts everyone...Jeeva(Ashwin) is a sharp and smart photographer who stands against crimes and manages politicians whenever required and finally trap them on time by just a click!.Karthika(Renu) is an editor in the same press company (Dina Anjal).Piya(Saro) is a cute and bubbly girl who loves Ashwin and tries to propose him..but as usual u know, he loves the right person. Ajmal is a well wisher of people and tries to create a youth political party to serve people. Soon Jeeva(Ashwin) becomes a friend of him and helps him to come to politics. So Jeeva decides to take care of other bad politicians. Amidst all this, a love story and comedy scenes are incorporated.The climax is superb because of the unbelievable TWIST! The comedy scenes inside the press office are hilarious! The song "Ennamo Edho" ROCKS!.. Hats off to Harris Jayaraj again! The movie is a mixture of Love and Politics. A different and entertaining movie. Must Watch :)

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Ko- A Brilliant political thriller

The movie goes 'click' 'click' 'click' right from the word go. Like the rapid succession of photographs from Ashwin's(Jeeva) camera the movie too goes at breakneck speed. The editing is crisp and keeps up the pace of the movie only to be slightly vitiated by the song sequences which tend to make you yearn for the movie to continue. Jiva does a commendable job as a snappy photographer who works for a daily newspaper. Ko has 2 heroines, Piya and Karthika.

The movie marks the debut of yesteryear heroine Radha's daughter, Karthika. Be it the romantic scenes or the emotional ones, she excels with her expressions. Her lip sync too is good considering this is her first movie in Tamil. Heavyweights Prakash Raj and Kotta Srinivasa Rao have little to perform and have lesser screen time than even the heroines. Cinematography is flawless and so is the direction. Editor Anthony makes a surprise cameo as the editor of a private TV channel.

K.V.Anand proves his mettle once again while wielding the megaphone and the movie is far better than his previous outing Ayan. The bike stunts in the beginning of the movie deserves special acclaim, great work Peter Hein!

A brilliant movie released at the right time given its theme - Politics, Ko is sure to propel Jiva to the A list of heroes in Kollywood! His much needed break.

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