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IMDb Rating
6.3 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Aug 12, 2020 at 09:16 pm


Rajinikanth as Kochadaiiyaan / Rana / Sena
Deepika Padukone as Princess Vadhana
Sarath Kumar as Sengodagan
Jackie Shroff as Raja Mahendra
Nassar as Rishikodagan

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Movie Reviews

A True Epic!

Me having at least minimum knowledge about how tough & challenging it is to make a film like this one, I can surely call it an 'EPIC', proudly! As I borrow the words of Amitabh Bachchan´╗┐ , "100 years of Indain cinema will now be called as 'After Kochadaiyaan' and 'Before Kochadaiyaan'" are so really true. Yes, this movie really deserves a great applause, ignore about how or what the story is but the attempt and hard work that went into the making of this film deserves an applause. People who do not have any knowledge about 'Motion Capture' should watch this film in the way it is shown and shouldn't call it a cartoon or something. The only flaw about the film is that there are some disconnected scenes in both the halves and maybe that is due to editing errors. Apart form that, the Cinematography , Sound , VFX and the other tech departments did their best.Super Star Rajnikanth was at his best and his hard core fans will enjoy the 'Shiva Thandav' part. The other actors did justice to their characters. The biggest asset is the Music and BGM by A.R. Rahman´╗┐ which doesn't bore you at any point in the film. The narrative was at good pace.There weren't many 3D shots, just few here and there in action sequences. Go and watch the film with your family, you'll surely enjoy it.

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Rajnikanth deserved better!

Rajnikanth is touted to be able to do it all- count to infinity, can find corners in circles, made the dinosaurs extinct, has played Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun and won etc. But one thing he clearly cannot do is to ensure that every film of his entertains. Kochadaiiyaan may boast of all that motion capture technology, but put side by side Hollywood exploits such as Tin Tin, it comes off as an amateurish, cartoonish effort.

The story is a standard revenge drama- in the vein of Dharam Veer, and a million Chinese martial art epics. Kochadaiiyaan is a legendary warrior in the kingdom of Kottaipatinam. He is a man of ethics, but his enemies are not. His military prowess and burgeoning popularity attracts the jealousy of the king, Rishikogadan (Nasser). In a skirmish with the rival kingdom of Kalingpuri, Kochadaiiyaan loses his army as he chooses to ensure they live rather than be massacred. The king of Kottaipatinam uses this as a reason to eradicate someone from who he feels threatened.

Kochadaiiyaan's son, Rana takes up his father's unfinished mission. He goes to Kalingpuri, trains there and becomes the army general. He then tricks the king of Kalingpuri- Mahendra Raj (Jackie Shroff), to let him make an army out of the people of Kottaipatnam who he had earlier enslaved, and then gets them home on the pretex of war. There is a double love story lined up post this featuring an "enhanced" Deepika, while Rishikogadan and Mahendra Raj must meet their bloody end.

Rajnikanth is virtually in every frame of the film, and as usual he oozes style and confidence. While the movie is decently paced, every scene is either a song or a fight sequence. The result of the motion capture technology is abysmal. The reason for doing motion capture is to impart real feel to animated characters. In Kochadaiiyaan, the effect is opposite- there is no real emotion in the facial shots of the characters. Had it been a live action film, it might have looked good. But today's audience used to Avatar and its ilk, this mediocre effort simply does not cut the cake. Even Pogo features better animation!

This expensive experiment to immortalize Rajnikanth might be good enough for die hard fans, but still cannot make up for its complete lack of connect, and its technical shortcomings. The last scene indicated a sequel- hope that is done better. 5/10

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Wonderful Film from Rajini Sir

This film release got delayed for long time and even came after long time the film got good response and feedback from all over the world. I would like to thank Rajini sir and her daughter for making this film. It would be a starter film in India. Henceforth people like to watch these movies in theater's like Hollywood films. After four years of gap, Rajini sir fans and people in India An opportunity to see this fantastic movie that made in Tamil, Hindi and many more languages. All the film actors,producers and technicians must watch this movie and it attracts children and young and all the people I pray for Rajini sir be in good health and continue to do good for people of India Thank you

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I am sorry to disappoint all the Rajini fanatics who for some strange reason seem to be blindly supporting what their Thalaivar has done. As I write this review, there are already many Video reviews being posted on Youtube, however these are by people who are related to the film industry and due to professionalism cannot criticize a bad movie especially some one as politically well connected as Rajini. Hence it seems to be getting good reviews on the net at the moment. The true value (if any) of the movie will be known in a few weeks. I would state that the review given for the movie on Firstpost is a very accurate review of the movie. I am giving the movie 2 stars because I love animation and I would like to encourage someone taking some initiative to show something new. What very much disappointed me was the following 1) It is not clear why is a Performance Capture technology being used anyway. I don't see much difference between the animation shown in the Animated Mahabharat (which also had actors as characters) and what was shown in Kochadaiiyan. Not much value added in terms of capturing facial expressions. 2)Rajinikanth certainly has not acted in the movie and he is some one who cannot dance at this age. Performing Rudra Tandavam (which is choreographed really well BTW) is certainly not possible. 3) Recreating comedy legend Nagesh was a good attempt but how does one re-create the magic touch and spontaneity which he is famous for. Nagesh jokes was more like a C version of Vadivelu. Hence I would say that he has been insulted. Hindi audience will dislike this even more as they cant connect with Nagesh. 4) Songs are a let down. A 2 hour movie and 10+ songs sounded stupid to me before release and is worse when watching the movie. 5) The graphics are not upto the mark and simply showing Ariel shots for every scene looks like naive direction. Further the Ariel shot of the horses and rajini in the opening is clearly inspired from Avatar when the horses enter Home Tree after capturing Jake Sully.

Defending a bad movie stating lack of budget etc seems to be a lame excuse. As I stated previously, Mahabharat Animated prepared in India was also of the same quality without using motion picture. BTW Mahabharat too had disappointing graphics.

In short only blind supporters of Rajini will like it. Skyfall had excellent reviews upon release on IMDb and else where as well, however the intrinsic value was known only after time passed by I expect the same for this movie. Initially paid reviews and fanatics ratings will take the ratings high and then it shall fall low down to 5 (after averaging) as time goes by. I feel unbiased people will feel cheated after watching this movie.

Good effort to try something different but DISAPPOINTING.

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