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Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.1 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 11, 2020 at 04:28 pm



Vijay Antony as Prabhakaran
Shyam Gopal as psychiatrist
Ashima Narwal as Dharani
Nassar as Retired Police Officer
Arjun Sarja as Karthikeyan

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Movie Reviews

A Thrilling Ride!

Kolaigaran is no ordinary thriller! It is filled with twists, and to a certain extent, suspense. With an intriguing plot, strong cinematography and an electrifying background score, the movie, as a whole, is a treat to watch not only for the fans but also for the lovers of the thriller genre! Vijay Antony and Arjun Sarja have brilliantly portrayed their respective roles and impress the audience in each and every sequence!

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Good Remake But not good as orginal

Japanese movie Suspect X was the original version and that was released on 2008. After that the movie is remaked in Korean named as The perfect Number released on 2012 .Inspired from these movies drishyam was made in malayalam.if u did'nt watch these original version go for it .Vijay acting could be better and unwanted scenes and songs are spoiled the movie Otherwise it's a good movie go and watch

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Another remake of a korean movie

Arjun Sarja has come a long way from his earlier Sandalwood debut and then finding fame and fan following in Kollywood, having clocked 150 movies to date from his entry to filmdom. Arjun Sarja was also in news pretty recently for the wrong reason, having been named in Me Too allegation by Shruthi Hariharan and had filed a 5 Cr. Defamation suit on her. His films with Shankar (particularly GENTLEMAN and MUDHALAVAN) firmly established him as a action hero to reckon with in Kollywood. He proved his acting skills too pretty well, emoting his sensitive side in Rhythm with Meena as his heroine and also in the Kannada movie Prasad, in 2012 where he has enacted the role of a middle class father of a deaf son whom he helps to overcome his disability to become a swimming champion. He won best actor award for that role. Arjun also has excelled in villainish, schemey roles in Maniratnams KAADAL to establish himself as a truly versatile actor. But his fan following is mostly for his Action/tough cop roles.

This being the background, it was exciting for me to look forward to him as a Cop again in this movie after seeing his cavalier execution of tough cop role pretty effectively that too with Kamal Hasan as his boss in KURUDHI PUNAL which was a remake of Govind Nihalani's DROHKAAL.

In this movie, KOLAIGARAN, Arjun plays the role of upright and tough DCP Kartikeyan with dedication. And he is not the Hero of the movie but he makes sure the attention turns to him from first frame onwards. The movie opens like a typical South Indian movie showing a woman getting murdered and with only the boot strapped legs of the murderer shown along with ominous music and also tunes of title song running in the background obviously. In the next frame you can see Vijay Anthony the protagonist in the movie walking in to the police station saying he has come to surrender since he has committed a murder! Incomes Arjun who doesn't arrest him but takes his statement and when Vijay starts narrating his side, the movie goes to flashback and starts unfolding the plot, subplot, twists, turns and climax. The movie then explains us who is the killer and how the entire equation is unmasked thread bear by Arjun.

This movie is the second adoption (differently) of the Japanese novel - The devotion of suspect X after Drishyam! Like Drishyam this also has some classic twists but the execution falls short of the finesse when compared to Drishyam which was way above in class. May be because the composer turned actor Vijay Anthony is a major reason for that despite finest effort put in by Arjun Sarja. Vijay cant emote and has same expression for all feelings. Be it surprise, romance, despair or grief. But the movie has its fine moments no doubt when the motto behind action, imagination of cops which turn into reality etc are concerned. Nasser plays a very effective & Meaty supporting role as a retired detective, mentoring Arjun Sarja at tricky situations. The heroine Ashima Narwal is ok but she needs to learn few more finer nuances of acting. She definitely has to hone her skills more like Vijay Anthony who has to improvise more than her if he has to remain in acting. Songs are pushed in unnecessarily and the movie would have done better without any songs. But a Tamil movie without songs in unheard of so you have to bear them :-/ The camerawork is nice and editing is also good like many other Tamil capers.

Over all it is an above average movie. Could have definitely been better without any doubt if it was some one else in the place of Vijay Anthony. Kudos to Arjun without a doubt !!

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Vijay antony & Arjun played well . screenplay and direction perfect .

Arjun as usual Well played cop.

Thriller :)

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