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Action / Comedy / Drama

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IMDb Rating
3.7 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 27, 2020 at 09:51 am



Joseph Vijay as Vetrivel
Suman as Kocha
Vivek as Vetrivel's sidekick
Manivannan as Vetrivel's father

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Movie Reviews

probably the worst movie of 2008

initially i went in with a lot of expectations cause these are the people who gave us Gilli but this movie gave me a headache which lasted for 3 hours.I don't know why they made this movie? no story seriously guys just borrowing scenes from old movies and stitching them together doesn't make a new movie. i m really sad that they think the Tamil audience are fools and will buy anything just because a superstar is in it.And of course the plus points :some of the songs were OK and Vj's dance was good as usual apart from that nothing else....well i hope he changes the heroine next time because he is basically playing the same character again and again and his movies have nothing else to offer.

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All Vijay movies have same story with different titles

hello guys,Vijay movies are fully commercial such that the stories are same in his all films.Songs are good to watch in this movie and usual Vijay dance and vivek comedy is there.So the movie kuruvi is not that much worth to watch.The title of the movie does not suit the story and there is no logic in this movie.I had good sleep at the theater.All his movies,Vijay used same tactics and style and not so different.You can watch the movie hardly once in theater.The movie lacks logic in all sense.So you can watch kuruvi only for songs and his dance.The important thing to notice is that Vijay used same dance steps in all songs.He is also not at his best in acting sentiment roles.He do comedy,action very well but lacks in doing sentiment scenes in this movie kuruvi

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Height of non-sense

I couldn't imagine a movie which is worse than kuruvi. The acting, direction, dialogues(was closing my ears in the theater), songs..etc., everything was pathetic..the same old tamil cinema formula.. 4 0r 5 annoying songs, some irritating punch dialogues, stunt scenes, few romance scenes, unbearable comedy scenes,and finally our hero defeats villain..cant anyone save the audiences who are watching this pile of rubbish. seriously vijay has to look in to his stories at least once before he acts.. the movie is utter garbage for his image..pleases don't waste your time watching this..

my rating is 2 on 10...

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A repeated Vijay movie

well,i cannot say much about this movie.its another Vijay movie. Vijay is playing as Kuruvi,little did he know whats the exact meaning of Kuruvi,he chases after Trisha for a diamond.and like every movie there's a head villain and followed by other small villains. Trisha is coming as a Malaysian girl,there isn't anything for her to act in this movie!!The hero tries to save the poor kids and people from the big villain whom tries to slave the people.(i wonder whether such places with slaves exists in 2008!) Another thing which made me watch the movie is Vivek's comedy. if not for that , i would have slept. Kuruvi ?what is the meaning of that in this movie?!!

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