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Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6 / 10


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Jul 23, 2020 at 09:21 pm



Suriya as Vimalan / Akhilan
Kajal Aggarwal as Anjali
Sachin Khedekar as Ramachandran
Thara as Sudha
Ravi Prakash as Dinesh

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Movie Reviews

Another bonanza for Surya !!!!!!!

k.v Anandh has improved in his part than his previous work! About 1st half: Surya was so cool to see in conjoined twins character.Surya carries his role with ease..His hard work was visible in every frame..the way how they lead day-to-day life even how they get dressed was so detailed..Kajal was so gorgeous ..that Russian spy role was not predictable at-all..Three songs-"Rettai Kathiray","Theeye Theeye","Nani Koni" all are nice..upon my rating : 4.5/5 About 2nd half: after the death of Vimal,the heart transplantation was so realistic..And Akil longing for his brother's death brings out tears..Even though it was crystal clear that their father is the villain,the screenplay was so thrilling and it will tempt us what will happen next..That athletic phenomenon was so shocking.. k.v Anandh has done a lot of research..Handsoff to him..climax is bit lengthy could have been trimmed..Two songs-"Yaro Yaro","Kaal Mulaitha Poovey" both are nice..

upon my rating :3.5/5 totally :4.5+3.5= 8 + 1(for Surya's performance) = 9/10.......

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worth your money! watch it more than once for Suriya

Maattrraan ( Brothers ) - I do not know where to start and when to end Because that is the kind of impact it left in me .. The emotions, the contrast characters of the conjoined . their life , their movements and every single thing involving them could not be shown any better by the director KV Anand sir , the director imprints himself in everyone's heart

the action sequences- There is an action sequence involving both the Surya(s) that u can never forget , I would all the action sequences on the whole but this should definitely be mentioned ..

the performance capture - It is somewhat obvious at " some places " only if you look very closely , its the first to be used in India , though it is not a full fledged mo cap film..

The songs - all the songs are " unique " and the songs are so stuck to the screenplay and the content of the movie , you will never get the " off track " feel , should mention rettai kadirae ( growth of the brothers ) , theeyae theeyae and naani koni amazingly taken ..

performance- every single role is given importance , even those doing very small roles in the film that don't even last for 10 Min's on the whole .. the parents of Surya ( dad - Sachin Khedhekar , MOM - TARA ) have got amazing acting skills , should mention Mrs . Tara no one could've carried out that role that well I feel .. Kajal is so gorgeous, you wouldn't stop gazing at her :D though out the film :) angelic ) as Anjali did complete justice to the role given to her , perfect expressions , very very talented girl :) ...

Suriya :D :) - man , this guy's definitely gonna be legendary very soon :) such is the kind of skills he has got , If there is one that can perform two different characters with so much ease it would be SURYA AND Only Surya :)

The story - twists and turns begin right from the first half and continues till the very end . i must say, 1st half of the film goes so fast that you will forget to even blink, second half is crisp , pace and thrilling and the new version is receiving lots of positives, only brainy people will love the 2nd half I loved it obviously , a message is directly untold and indirectly told is hidden in the end ..

on the whole , according to me , maattrraan is one of Suriya's best film hats off to the hard work, Suriya has taken,Surya touches the heart, he is worth the money he earns , only an immature person would hate the film ..

RATING - 3.75 / 5 ..

Verdict----> classic movie, climax cud have been better! can watch more than once for Suriya!

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Expectation were very high for this film. Did they meet the expectation? I would say No. They exceeded it!!!


Firstly let us see what is the story about. 2 Suriyas were conjoins born to Sachin Khedekar and his wife. Sachin is a founder and the owner of a company which sells kids energy drink which is the best in the market. To know the secret formula of the drink, a competitor sends a Russian spy to the company and with the help of Kajal and Surya, managed to get some info but was killed. Soon after that, due to an accident one of the Surya is killed and thus both were separated. Then Surya comes to know that the Russian lady was not a spy and the energy drink which was selling in the market actually contains dangerous substances. To find out why his father sells the drink, and who are behind this drink, Surya along with Kajal Agarwal flies to Russia and the films tells the rest.

Surya does his role with ease as usual and the comedies between himself as conjoined twins is the highlight of the First half of the film. Kajal Agarwal looks beautiful and helps the film as a Russian translator. Sachin Khedekar as villain scores too.

1.The first half of the film moves slowly but is overshadowed by the 2 Suriya.

2.The second half is where the film gets extremely interesting and moves in jet speed.

The major strength and the backbone of the film is the story and screenplay. KV Anand and Subha had done a great job. Just like his previous film Ko, KV Anand placed huge importance on the story and it pays off handsomely.

This is the first Indian film which had used performance capture technology and it has worked well showing the 2 Suryas together. Songs were average from Harris but the picturization was good especially Nani Koni Song.

Overall the film entertains highly especially in the 2nd half and KV Anand stamps his name as a director delivering quantity commerical entertainer.

Final Verdict: KV Anand and Subha strikes Gold!!!

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Thumbs Up

First Half will take your breath away ... second half, though not lengthy still it feels as stretched

This is one of those rarest movie that people would come across.

The Role is Such difficult to play , Hats off to surya for taking all the shots twice(5000 shots) i.e. equal to almost 4 movies,

Hard work always pays off, and this one surely did

The concept is a great one, that is the life and main forte of this movie

However , We can easily blame director for not keeping the twins till last, but just imagine how many more shots surya would have to take, the movie would have took much more time to complete.

Director has tried to put too much of twists. the one thing i didn't like, it consumed time.

Surya is on the road to become one of the most finest actor in tamil film industry, for sure as he is giving one after the other hits , that include the role which he hasn't played earlier, that makes him most versatile actor.

We will have to Salute K.V Anand for choosing such wonderful locations for songs

Fights and Actions spot on with Extravagant Graphics , with the help of Performance capture technology

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