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Drama / History / Romance

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IMDb Rating
7.8 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jul 23, 2020 at 11:29 am


Arya as Parithi
Carole Trangmar-Palmer as Amy Wilkinson 'Duraiyamma'
Amy Jackson as Amy
Cochin Hanifa as Nambi
Alexx O'Nell as Robert Ellis

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Movie Reviews

Nice movie with a mix, yet not losing its originality

I went to this movie with absolutely no expectations, Arya isn't that big an actor,The director hasn't made any exceptional movies, and so on.

But the movie was really good.It showed a great deal of teamwork and effort, and more importantly it was all well used and portrayed.

Chennai portrayed to the best as in the year 1947. The heroine - Amy Jackson is beautiful and has done a really wonderful job.Her eyes show lots of experience, for a girl of her age.

The story line is similar to that of Lagaan, and many scenes remind you of both lagaan and Rang de basanti, yet the movie has its own originality and inspiration.

Arya isn't portrayed as a hero who fights for freedom,he is portrayed as one who fights for Love.

Editing was awesome, Direction was good. The only negative point of the movie is the songs and BGM. songs don't get in sync with the movie too well. BGM isn't much original and doesn't give the full effect at various scenes.

Still overall the movie is watchable. The reason i rated it 8 was because of the good acting, direction,screenplay,no unwanted comedy or action or songs, and mainly because there was some originality/reality in showing a historic adventure.( something that Ayirathil oruvan lacked ).

The movie may seem a bit lengthy, but don't worry cause it wont bore you out.

Overall - Good movie( don't miss it)

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Extraordinary performed movie

Very very expectant movie. enthusiastic. marvelous love story. songs are very superb & awesome. asking to hear more and more. lyrics also breaking point. after a long time good love story among mega superstars. stunning performance. i have refer nearly more than 50 persons to view the movie. even me too take it 10 times. also need more to taste.

Indian titanic especially south Indian. after "uyire" movie this film made sensation. don't miss .

i don't have any other words to say...

Madharasapattinam-True that the love and emotions we hold for someone when in the presence of him/her is an extra ordinary sense that GOD has created in us.But something which is more divine is the feeling which we have towards them in the same magnitude or even greater when our mind and heart knows the fact that they are away or even out of our lives.A Sweet romantic story well told and well captured in the backdrop of Indian independence.Amy Jackson is cute lovely and beautiful and has shown good acting talents.Einstein's theory proved yet again by by making you feel the otherwise lengthy first half not so lengthy at all (Let his soul rest in peace). has done a decent job.the movie is well supported by almost all the one in the acting crew.the end was great and emotional.the movie would have been awesome if director had taken bit more care on the graphical end and with the replacement of the horrible background score...and also the the portrayal of Chennai in 1940s was a disappointment....anyways Madharasapattinam is worth a watch

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Watch the movie with least expectations.. it will exceed yours :)

Madrasapattinam is the good product of director Vijay. The director along with the art director & CG ppl has done a great work on recreating old madras which does not feel odd in any scene in the movie..

period movies are very rare in Tamil movie industry. The director & the producer has got the guts to take up a period movie genre to show the love story. yes..though the movie is set in pre-independence era, this has got nothing to do with the independence & freedom fights..its a pure love story..

Arya is at his best..U can believe that he is a wrestler in this six-packs syndrome.. :) he is good at delivering subtle comedy also..Heroine Amy emotes well in the screen..she looks gorgeous and suits her role good..

the next best thing in the movie is casting..Nasser, bala singh, MS baskar, Jeeva, Balaji and last but best haneefa..everybody done their part well..

This movie is more of a musical flick than love..Composer GV has done a great job in songs and RR..One can feel that this movie lacks dialogue and RR fills it most of the time..

Its a great meal to Nirav shah, the cinematographer of this movie..he has already proved himself with his great work in the movies like Sarvam, Oram po etc..He has done a fantastic job throughout the movie..

The art direction plays a major role in the movie..Madrasapattinam is not a could not cheat the audience by showing some imaginary places...every old place in chennai has got proof..and the art dept did not cheat us.. :) This is the only movie in which the audience were still at theater for the end credits..thanks to the old-new madras fotos..

Verdict : Good , big & rich attempt by Vijay..and a must watch movie..

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Simply Fabulous

This movie has everything to be enjoyed, especially wen i saw the movie for first time i was surprised to see that even Tamil cinema has the talent to make movies like this. The background scenes of old madras and costumes designing and many more things are outstanding in this movie. Its a great family entertainment and a movie which has to be really appreciated. This movie is just a new milestone in Tamil cinema. Amy Jackson steals the show with great performance of Arya. The movie has everything, patriotism, Romance, Comedy and of course Action- the wrestling. It gives you an essence of old madras and present Chennai in a very beautiful way. Well, this movie is something which will always have its impact for the movie lovers in Tamil cinema. Watch this movie without missing a single scene and this will be the best movie of the season.

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