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Action / Crime / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.6 / 10


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Jul 19, 2020 at 09:02 pm



Ajith Kumar as Vinayak Mahadevan
Arjun Sarja as Prithviraj
Trisha Krishnan as Sanjana Arumugam
Vaibhav Reddy as Sumanth

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Movie Reviews

Its a game that hero has played well..

To start with, the movie had very high expectations and certainly turned out to a massive treat for all( Thala )fans.I went to movie with a mindset of a neutral fan.I found the movie refreshing and certainly entertaining even though the game is not a convincing performance from the Director.he left some loopholes in the first half and some very logic less scenes ( money taken from the truck scene)that could have been done better.The screenplay should have been better with some of comedy scenes cut short and a handful number of heroines are wasted expect Lakshmi and few glimpses of Trisha.But yet you would come out of the film with all happiness and having watched a memorable performance and give it a rating of 9 or 10.The credits should go to Stylish,showstopper and Classy Ajith.He carried the film with his own hands as a baddie and great performance.he has proved why the fans call him Thala.Arjun also forms a major plus.he looks energetic,proves he is still the Action king.Jeyaprakash is at his best presence and had done a good job.Vaibhav had a good character in this multi Starr film and he has come out with flying colors.Mahat and ash win are new comers and they stay that way.There is not much to tell about them.Premji was disappointing expect the scene where he copied Enthiran dialog.

story cut short There is not much reason to writing a synopsis since the gist of it can be seen in the trailer but just to recap. Sumanth Vaibhav, Mahat Mahat Raghavendra, Prem Prem G Amaren and Ganesh Ashwin Kakumanu plan to heist cricket betting money worth 500 core in transit when Vinayak Mahadevan Ajith, a suspended police officer comes into the picture. Intelligent and with his own agenda, there is more to Vinayak than these boys know. However, where there is a crime to be committed, there has to be a hero to stop it. Enter Prithviraj Arjun, ACP assigned with a special task force to bring down not only the robbery but the whole illegal betting system. Game set and all is falling to plan yet no one will be prepared for the game thats about to begin as the rules have changed without them knowing. The double crosser is about to be double crossed. Who remains and who comes on top forms the crux.

Arjun also forms a major plus.he looks energetic,proves he is still the Action king and the scenes between the two of them are my favorites.

OK so stepping back to technicalities, we head to the music department first. Yet again, another round of banging music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the charts are there to prove it. At the same time, the songs that stand out are Vilaiyaadu Mankatha, Ithu Namma Ballelaka and Nee Naan. However, it cant be said that this is Yuvan's best work. But the re recording rocked and the music stays in your ears.Cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan is passable and editing by Praveen K. L. & N. B. Srikanth could have been a little crisper. But the writing is to blame for any lack of performance here and that is in the hands of director Venkat Prabhu. While this kind of robbery flick from a negative character's point of view hasn't been seen before in Tamil and Venkat should be applauded for his attempt, there is no denying it could have been better.

If the scenes dragged out to one point, the songs pitched in on the speed breakers too. Vaada Bin Laada could have had better placing, forgetting that the choreography was questionable. Yet it doesn't all head down hill in the second half. Whatever speed was held back through the songs, is picked up with the climax. By the time the film finishes, the out takes begin and you are left in stitches from laughter with the whole team and their fun

The final verdict is the movie is a treat for his fans as he has proved a thing or two to Tamil cinema goers with his awesome stylish performance and it is a commercial entertainer that everyone can enjoy and leave it at theaters.Though not the same league as Aranya Kaunda movie. Mangatha has tried a different evil against evil story line in Tamil cinema and it should be lauded.

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"A Brilliant Mankatha Game"

Ajith, the 'King of Box Office Openings' has once again proved that he is THALA. Mankatha is an Ajith movie all the way. Venkat Prabhu has been a worthy director to Ajith and given the actor a strong and interesting movie. It is sure to make Ajith fans very happy to see their star in a different role.

Arjun has excelled in his role and proves that he is truly the Action King. Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, especially the background score adds to the thrill of the movie.

Ajith's 50th film didn't happen at an ease for the actor took a very long time and scrutinizing efforts to choose the best one. Initially, he was supposed to work with Gautham Vasudev Menon and it failed due to some difference of opinions. The actor later had discussions with more filmmakers including directors Vijay, Vishnuvardhan and many more. In fact, 'Billa-2' was supposed to be his 50th film.

But finally, 'Mankatha' as the title suggests happened on the game of probability as Venkat Prabhu didn't have Ajith in mind while penning the script. Ajith had personally requested Venkat Prabhu to get ready with a script that features him in a negative role. Of course, everything was finalized during 11th hour.

'Mankatha' produced by Dayanidhi Azhagiri and Vivek Rathinavel under the banner name of Cloud Nine Movies had some problems pertaining to the release of this film. But then, Sun Pictures got into the picture uniting both Cloud Nine Movies and Sun Pictures together.

Today, the film opens bigger with more prints and screens across the globe. To mention about Venkat Prabhu's directorial style in this film, he has stepped far away from his previous movies. Unlike 'Chennai 600028', 'Saroja' and 'Goa', this film has a serious theme running in the backdrops laced with thriller and action.

The film is about 4 young criminals – Vaibhav Reddy, Ganesh, Mahat and Premji Amaran looking out to swindle the big sum of Rs.500Crores for IPL betting. These rookies are into a big plan of looting the currencies, but they become directionless with the entry of Vinayak (Ajith), a police officer suspended for 6 months in service. Four become Five and they all go ahead with new plans, but everything doesn't go as planned as the characters start playing 'Mankatha' among them. Meanwhile, there is a special CBI officer Prithviraj (Arjun) appointed for trapping the bookies and soon are on the hunt of these off the field players trying to loot the money.

Venkat Prabhu usually loves making multi-starrer movies, which is noticeable from his first film and even this one as we know earlier boasts of bigger star-casts. Ajith is outstanding with his performance and he makes sure of entertaining his fans to the core. He has shown keen interest over the dance, action, sense of humour, etc.

Trisha doesn't get more screen space to share with Ajith. But her portions with Ajith are good and her looks are enchanting. Lakshmi Rai appears for couple of songs and scenes. Action King Arjun is awesome as actor Vijay said he would have easily accepted this role, if Venkat Prabhu had approached him first. Vaibhav and Aravind Akash are good with their own style while Premji Amaran tries evoking laughter in his own style. Anjali looks beautiful and nothing else to say about her performance as her role is minimal.

Yuvan Shankar Raja scores well with songs and background score. The songs are pictured very well and the scenes are top-notching with Sakthi Saravanan's cinematography. Editing by Praveen is fantastic.

On the whole, 'Mankatha' has some slow moments during first half, but as the story proceeds during second half, it has gripping moments with an unexpected climax.

With Sun Pictures vigorously promoting the film and no big contenders ahead, the film will go successfully.

Verdict: A Brilliant Mankatha Game

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Mankatha - 500 Crore likes... Give me more...

Hi Guys, This is Ajith Kumar's 50th and released with high expectation.

First of this movie is a Mass and Class movie. So Don't Compare this movie with award winning movies.

First half is average & its not creating any impact to the audience but definitely its not the worst part. Lot of character introduction in First half. Bu some of the scenes in First half sparkles. After 10 minutes interval break, roller coaster ride will start. Jet speed. Ajth breaks the usual rule of tamil cinema heroes.

He is the real baddie in this movie. Ajith age in this film is 40. So don't expect fast movement dance, youth look. Second Half is racy and some twists. No hero will accept this kind of role. Some ajith dialogues are very crude.

Yuvan Sankar Raja BGM reminds some Hollywood movies in some part.. But its awesome.

Second half Screen play is awesome. thanks Venkat Prabhu(Director)

Overall, Watching this film is definitely worth 4 you money.

My final punch: Very big treat for ajith fans. Good time pass movie for others.

Note: Hey guys don't miss the making of mankatha after the end card.

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Springing surprises- Mankatha

The headline says it all. In 'Mankatha', Ajith pulls it off with his impeccable style and excellent performance, which is aptly supported by a racy script and brilliant execution by director Venkat Prabhu and his team.

If cricket was the USP of 'Chennai 28′, the director's first film, 'Mankatha' is also based on the sport but with a difference. It is all about betting, money and the men behind it.

Ajith has appropriately chosen to do 'Mankatha' as his 50th film. It is a movie that has everything his fans would want. He shakes his legs vigorously, evokes laughter, does pulsating stunt sequences and utters catchy one-liners (with some of them going mute).

The first-half belongs to Venkat Prabhu where he shows sparks of 'Saroja' and 'Goa', while the latter part is totally dominated by Ajith. As a merciless baddie behind money, Ajith oozes venom in his eyes. His body language and dialogue delivery compliments it very much. Though the movie has over a dozen characters, it's Ajith all the way. With his remarkable screen presence, he is at his coolest best.

Coming to the story, 'Mankatha' revolves around a suspended cop Vinayak Mahadevan (Ajith) in Maharashtra police. He leads a happy life with his lover Sanjana (Trisha), daughter of an influential local goon Arumuga Chettiyar (Jayaprakash).

Vinayak is a man who dares to do anything for money. But a fun-loving person, he lives his life in his own way.

A suicide by a police officer investigating the betting mafia involved in Indian Premier League (IPL) hogs headlines. Assistant Commissioner of Police Prithvi (Arjun) takes charge to end betting scandal in the sport.

Meanwhile, Arumuga Chettiyar comes to know that a sum of Rs 500 crore betting money for the finals of the IPL is coming to Mumbai. He uses his nexus with underworld in Mumbai and tries to route it through his recreation centre.

Sumanth (Vaibhav) is Arumuga Chettiyar's protégé. He hatches a conspiracy to take away the money in the company of a police officer Ganesh (Ashwin). They are joined by Mahanth (Mahanth), who runs a bar in Mumbai and Prem (Premgi Amaran), a fun-loving IIT pass out.

Coming to know of their plans, Vinayak steps in. He promises to help the team members and divide the booty between them. They even succeed in taking away the money and decide to wait for an appropriate time to share the fortune.

In the meantime, a shocked Arumuga Chettiyar begins his hunt for the treasure and every move of him is closely followed by Prithvi. All hell breaks loose when Mahanth and Prem escape with the cash and Vinayak suspects Sumanth.

Turn of events lead to Sumanth being captured by police and Prithvi forces him to turn an approver. Guns roar and losses occur on either side.

Now Vinayak takes the centre-stage and with his wicked plans goes hammer and tongs to take away the booty. A surprise awaits him in the form of Prem and Sona (Lakshmi Rai). When Vinayak locates the treasure, Prithvi breathes under his neck. It is now battle of fists between them. Who emerged the winner is narrated with an interesting twist in the climax.

All cheers to Ajith. The man after a long gap gets a role where he can perform with variety. He is at his best and his salt and pepper look is catchy and attractive.

As a suave cop, a dreaded don or a adorable lover, he leaves his charm on screen. His uttering of one-liners to Arjun evokes applause. His imitating Premgi in few scenes brings the roof down in laughter.

Arjun lives up to his Action King tag. He adds variety on screen and is cool and consummate as a police officer.

Trisha appears in a few scenes besides a song and disappears. Andrea as Arjun's wife, Lakahmi Rai as call girl and Anjali in the role of Vaibhav's wife play blink-and-miss roles. Jayaprakash gets to play a decent part in the film. At places he reminds one of Kamal Haasan's role in 'Nayakan'. Vaibhav gets a meaty character and he utilises the opportunity.

Both Ganesh and Mahanth are tailor-made for the roles, while Premgi is at his best in the film. He takes off from where he left in 'Goa'. At ease in coming out with comical one-liners, his admiration for Ajith is visible on screen.

Watch out for good cinematography in such an action-packed film. Sakthi Saravanan has given a fresh colour to it. It's Yuvan Shankar Raja's mass tunes that elevates the mood. And he has shown difference in background score too (especially in the godown-fight scene in the second half)..

Give due credit to Venkat Prabhu, the director who seems to have given a film that sits well on Ajith. He understood Ajith's strength and played it well. Who said he can only direct laughathons? With 'Mankatha', he has graduated to go higher places.

On the whole, it's job well done by Venkat Prabhu, producer Dhayanidhi Alagiri and other members of the team. If at all there is a minus, it is the lengthy first half.


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