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Crime / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
7.1 / 10


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Jul 24, 2020 at 09:29 pm


T.R. Silambarasan as Mathan Raj / Mathan Kumar
Jyotika as Mythili
Sindhu Tolani as Vaishnavi
Atul Kulkarni as Police Officer
Goundamani as Puncture Pandi

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Movie Reviews

a wow movie

one of the best movies i seen. a different angle of love and and the effects of lack of trust and not being honest are portrayed very well. Simbhu is at his best in this movie.

Wonderful music, all melodies, modern and folk are really good.

i read few comments above which sounded like written by Simbhu haters. but i believe this movie is definitely watchable and worth spending money or time on it. after all, it is a Hit and most of the Tamil people like it.

this movie made Simbhu really famous. He proved that he got skills. very nice direction. proper utilization of characters. no extras like unnecessary fights or unnecessary songs.

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Absolutely Awful

It's the worst movie I've ever seen!!! What a stupid and sexist story! I mean, men can xxx with whom and whenever they like, and women doing the same have to be killed??? Oh please...grow up!!!!!!!!! What about the male in that story, who's in bed with the girl who betrays the twin-brother: he excuses him with the words: "well, you're a man, it's not you're fault! She offered herself to you!" WELL SIMBHU, IT'S NOT YOU'RE FAULT! YOU SURE HAD A STUPID EDUCATION!!!!!!!!! Next time, just keep the crazy thoughts in you're brain, don't let it come out in form of such awful movies!!! Or just open your eyes and see the world as it is: men are xxx as well.

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this is the first Simbhu movie i've seen and wow!i just keep watching this movie over and over it because of Simbhu himself?is it the songs?is it cuz Simbhu wrote it?or is it because of the twist? i must say the twist at the end had me shocked.i didn't expect it.i believed the whole thing to the twist.amazing.i loved Simbhu in both characters.more so Manmadhan than the twin.i loved Simbhu as a psycho.can't wait for Vallavan (the sequel).this movie is highly recommended.Simbhu is too good in this one.Jyothika is awesome.everyone else is perfectly casted.songs are amazing.i love En Asai Mythiliye and Thathai Thathai the most.the most amazing movie i've seen in a while.

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A remarkable one-man show!

This is Simbu's take after newly emerging heroes donning psychotic roles. However, Simbu is the first to have penned the story on himself! A very disturbing show that you cannot stop thinking about for at least weeks after watching it! This is because of the storyline of a serial killing casanova with a haunting past that makes him go pychotic till he falls for the lead heroine. CD is also worth every cent of your money with great songs, few sung by Simbu himself. Despite the fact that heroine jyothika is older than Simbu, they make a lovable pair. A great show worth your money and the CD is guaranteed to blow your mind. There might be a sequel to this show too, titled "Vallavan" that is coming out in theatres this year.

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