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Mayakkam Enna


Drama / Romance

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IMDb Rating
7.6 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Aug 17, 2020 at 09:06 pm


Dhanush as Karthik
Richa Langella as Yamini
Sunder Ramu as Sunder
Pooja Balu as Padmini

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Movie Reviews

Mayakkam Enna - Amazing !!!!!!

Depicting the multi-layers of human relationships and its ramifications comes very naturally to Selvaraghavan and when he has a National Award Winner for histrionics as brother to translate his vision onto the big canvas, what more can one ask for? The combo has proved themselves in the past and reiterates the theory in Mayakkam Enna too.

Mayakkam Enna is about a man who rediscovers himself in the journey of life and the crucial role of a woman in it. The premise remains Selva's comfort zone and the director has played it with aplomb.

Dhanush's biggest advantage is, the moment he appears on screen, you immediately invest your emotions with him and start caring for him (character) unmindful of its color. And in Selva's films, it definitely goes a few notches high. Richa Gangopadhyay- Is she a d├ębutante? Hard to believe! She is the perfect foil for Dhanush.

It is not an exaggerated statement to say that G V Prakash's RR is exceedingly brilliant bringing out the finer feelings so beautifully and Selva has utilized GV's music alone to convey his thoughts instead of dialogues in many sequences. After Ilayaraja's RR, it is GV's RR that is going to be well spoken for a long time. And of course, Oda Oda and Adida Avlai are situational and hence enjoyable.

To sum it all, Mayakkam Enna is emotionally rich and is an inebriating experience by itself.Just Amazing Film making,it connects to you Emotionally and also takes you to a whole new level !!!!

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Follow your heart and believe

Follow your Heart. I got to know about the tagline after watching the movie. When you have the director doing what the tagline refers to then there is nothing that can go wrong! The story revolves around Karthik (Dhanush) whose passion is photography. He is blatant, weird, and jobless. He has a group of friends. In comes Yamini (Richa) who is dating one of his friends. Things get complicated when she connects with Karthik. Their tumultuous journey forms the rest of the movie. The movie moves at its own pace. It touches on many basic aspects of life in a subtle manner. Dhanush has done an exceptional job. Richa outshines Dhanush by miles. She is a revelation. The only thing that was a downer was the BGM which was so out of place in many of the sequences. Selvaraghavan never makes an attempt to connect with the audience. He has made a movie which will please him at the end of the day. And those are the products which will have the best quality. This movie is not a crowd-pleaser. Watch it alone or when the cinemas are empty. Else you will have a lot of boos and whistles distracting you.

I can say proudly that there is a tamil version of Lynch or Kubrik now. Just follow your heart and believe.

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A typical Selvaragavan Movie

This movie is all about passion and love. Karthik Subramanium (Dhanush) is an aspiring photographer who wants to make it big in wildlife photography. He wants to join the famous photographer Madhan Krishnasamy (Ravi Prasad) who he thinks is his idol. Dhanush has a group of friends with whom he hangs out with. Sundar (Sundar) plays a vital role in this film as a friend of Karthik. Sundar introduces Yaamini (Richa Gangopadhyay) to his friends as his girlfriend. Yaamini later falls in love with Karthik. What happens to their love and friendship should be watched in theatre. This movie is not above the story, it's all about the way it has been told and the performance of the actors.

I don't want to provide any spoiler in this review. This is a typical Selvaragavan movie that shows the deep emotions of the characters. Love and passion has been portrayed very well in this movie. The best part of the movie is the dialogues. Each and every dialogue receives amazing response from the audience. The humour has been maintained through out the 1st half.

Ramji's cinematography stands out, i believe this is the best movie that shows his full capabilities. G.V. Prakash did well, the audio was already a hit. BGM doesn't have any soul. What Yuvan gave for 7/G Rainbow Colony is missing. Voda Voda and Naan sonadhu mazhai vandhucha has been shot well. While the expectation for Kadhal en Kadhal was really high, i was disappointed with the video. The casting made this movie look much better. Richa, Dhanush and Sundar have lived their characters. The dubbing for Richa which was given by Deepa Venkat gave life to Yaamini's character. Dhanush can express anything, he is the perfect director's actor.The portrayal of intense feelings of Love, Passion, Friendship, Alcoholism makes this movie stand out from the crowd.

Don't miss this movie. Please watch it in theatre. Youngsters are going to love this movie. The screenplay is crafted so well by Selvaragavan. Hats off to the Team! They have given their best.

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Must what film

Mayakkam Enna as got a rating of 8.5/10 in IMDb till date... This movie was quite romantic as off it was shown in trailer but core story of this movie reveals the power of a women behind every single men out their... This movie doesn't contain any masala like normal commercial films of Tamil film industry, buy as some humor behind the life of each characters of this movie.

Mayakkam Enna shows the influence of friends and lovable wife for an normal human to achieve what we are desired to do so...

To summarize this movie: Director Selvaragavan has always given us quality movies, in basis of story and acting, all parts of the industry, in that cost this movie will stand like a star for the Hero, Heroin and for the Director.

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