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Naan Sigappu Manithan


Action / Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.5 / 10


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Jul 25, 2020 at 10:16 pm



Vishal as Indran
Lakshmi Menon as Meera
Iniya as Kavitha
Saranya Ponvannan as Indran's Mother
V. Jayaprakash as Meera's Father

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Movie Reviews

His Sleep keeps us wide awake...

In the footprints of Ghajini, Chandramukhi, Anniyan we have in our hands another well made disorder-based-thriller. Though the grandiose, as in the case of the former movies, is missing the plot has been kept simple and to the point and hence strikes a chord among the viewers.

Vishal's "Nan Sigappu Manithan" is the third venture from Vishal Film Factory and also the third film in Vishal-Thiru combination. Indiran (Vishal) suffers from Narcolepsy, a disorder that puts people to sleep at the slightest excitement of emotions. When his love life with Meera (Lakshmi Menon) is affected by this disorder he finds a temporary solution after which a tragedy strikes which forever alters his life.

Vishal with the tinted, and often cracked, glass is well suited for the role of a narcoleptic patient. Be it his innocence during the job-hunt or the shyness during his love-life or the anger during the revenge episode, he has very well distinguished his expressions and has lit up the screen. Though his disorder initially tickles the viewers, "the scene" totally shakes everyone to the core.

Lakshmi Menon as Vishal's Juliet has done her part with no blemishes. If Vishal sleeps in the first half, she takes over the job during the second.

Besides the lead, the art director deserves appreciation for his well made backdrops during the desert number and also for looking into the tiniest details (the mirror in the Vishal's home with a lot of stains is an example).

Nevertheless, Thiru's script is the first and foremost hero for spinning a web around a disorder and making it into a full length entertainer.

The only flaw that I found out: Indiran's mother initially thinks that her son falls unconscious. Later Indiran uses water as a recovery strategy. In any normal situations the first thing we do is to use water to wake up an unconscious person. But it took Indiran over two decades to discover that water-idea. Does it add up??

Still, "Naan Sigappu Manithan": Green Flag.

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Red is for anger!!

I watched this movie with the least expectations and frankly speaking I was quiet intrigued by this rare disorder which Indran had, narcolepsy. Indran played by Vishal convinces us and he keeps us engaged by creating funny moments and at the same time he makes us understand his pain. As the plot unfolds I thought that the movie was only about narcolepsy and how Indran with the help of his mother, friends and love overcomes his troubles. But no that is not the complete plot as I was shocked near the interval segment after all I did not expect the plot would take such a shocking and brutal turn.

This movie aptly named "Naan Sigappu Manithan" brings out his anger and his guilt and how he confronts the people responsible for it, and the sub plot which was shocking to the core as unexpected things pile up in front of you which eventually leads to the finale. This movie is a must watch by everyone for both narcolepsy and the movie's take on violence against women.

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A Revenge thriller that will keep you engaged

Vishal's Naan Sigapu Manithan is a Revenge thriller film with a medical disorder tale in the plot. It can be compared to Gajini though this will not make a huge impact like Gajini because of some commercial elements here and there in the plot. Vishal has justified the role of a Narcolepsy patient and portrays the problem they face with the social world. Saranya Ponvannan as usual plays the caring mother character yet it's not boring what she does, make us laugh. Lakshmi Menon for a change as the modern rich man's city girl impresses us with her new looks and acting (credits to the makeup man for using enough touch up coats and colour contacts). She had a good scope in the first half of the movie and in the second half she goes as the sleeping beauty. Iniya the vaagai soodava girl has played the similar role of Thirutu payale Malavika which perfectly fits with her new transformed stunning looks. Her role is short but important and impressive. Supporting roles by Jagan and Mayakam Enna fame Sudar Ramu gives a good hand to the plot. Jayaprakash comes in a short role. The screenplay was good and quite engaging except for the fact of misplacement of songs. Story is also fresh keeping in mind that without digging much into the real medical syndrome if see this as something newly presented it feels fresh. BGM so much was mostly stolen from myakam enna and Gajini. Music was average not impressive by GV. The controversial lip-lock was not so laudable but of course the plot had adultery in so many sections justifying U/A certification. Second half twist might offend so many people particularly female viewers. Overall 3/5. -Reviewed by Sivakumar Balachandran

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Watch it for Narcolepsy!

Story - A man suffering from Narcolepsy disorder, have to strike back for his love.

Positives: New term Narcolepsy in the story, Vishal & Lakshmi Menon, extraordinary first half, Good cinematography, Excellent BGM by GV.Prakash.

Negatives: Last 30mins.

Vishal-Director Thiru combination for 3rd time. Most of us now only came to know what is Narcolepsy. The way director explained about a guy suffering from Narcolepsy from childhood is brilliant. Vishal shared a romantic screen with Lakshmi Menon for the second time. Naan Sigappu Manithan is completely good until the story unlocks something in the screen. Iniya appearance is not fair. Some flashback for revenge is not so strong. Remember still NSM have more +ve than -ve.

Bottom-line - Average commercial with some new dose.

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