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7.4 / 10


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Jul 03, 2020 at 10:07 pm



Joseph Vijay as Panchavan Parivendhan / Kosaksi Pasapugazh
Jiiva as Sevalkodi Senthil
Srikanth as Venkat Ramakrishnan
Sathyaraj as Virumandi Santhanam

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Movie Reviews

Vijay returns with good performance ...this pongal all is well

Nanban:great movie:) :) after a long time impressed with vijay's performance and the credit should go to shankar for adopting a remake film to such a extent.Though i have seen 3 idiots over 100 times i don't wish to underrate nanban as it really lived up to the original...everyone did their roles neatly .thanks to shankar for reproducing the magic of 3 idiots for Tamil audiences.this film will be treat for those who have not seen 3 idiots.this is specially for Tamil audiences.i have rated this movie 9 stars for shankar's direction,vijay's much better performance,especially srikanth and for bringing the 3 idiots magic to a negligible level.vijay,sathyaraj and sathyan performance can never be equalled with original actors they were natural and at their best so i have not given the whole 10 stars FOR VIJAY HATERS(including me): Aamir khan and boman irani's performance can never be recreated.but vijay done a good job and i felt he has done his best in this time we don't have any chances to disrespect him. All Izz Well...

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A Poignant Movie by Vijay after a long time

There were many apprehensions when everyone heard vijay will be doing the role made famous by Amir Khan. At the end, everyone who watched the movie realized that shankar was spot on with his castings. The same goes for Jiva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj and the rest of the cast. The story basically revolves around Pari(vijay) and how he transforms the lives of his friends senthil(jiva) and venkat(srikanth) and disappears after their college graduation. The two friends along with one of their old college mate, who has his own set of intentions, set on a journey to find Pari. Ileana, sathyaraj and sathyan all have done a neat job. The dialogues by Madhan Karky really standout and is almost flawless. Harris Jeyraj music may not be liked by all, but he has done a commendable job in satisfying a majority of the audience.

The bottom line is Shankar-Vijay combo has come out with this year's first blockbuster and make sure you watch it in Theaters.

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Gr8 masterpiece for tamil audience!!

First thing, I am not a vijay fan!!!Please stop comparing the Hindi version with Tamil version! If u are there to compare then it is your mistake in going to the movie.Hats off to the entire team for bringing out a great, colorful movie for Tamil audience. And regarding the performances,it is easy to comment from here. But to say the truth really an excellent job from all the actors.I feel only a director like shankar cud have done this remake so colorfully ,bringing out the best from everyone..Though it is a frame by frame remake,there isn't a single scene which makes you bore.vijay, you are great!!!! If he has copied the style of aamir khan,people would have said easily that vijay has imitated aamir.But he has tried the role in his own style suiting the Tamil audience. For those who have watched it already, you ll be eager to relate scenes and you ll find it interesting.And for freshers, this is a real treat for you. Finally to conclude, this nanban is a masterpiece and will surely remain in the hearts of everyone!!! All is well!!

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Nanban is not only a treat for vijay fans this time, But it rocks for all good cinema fans !!!

I would say that Nanban is one of the few remake movies which is emerging as a huge response from all sides it has been released.Shankar has done a great job of giving justice to the original version 3 idiots as he has transformed the movie adapting to Tamil fans without any of the plus points of the block buster Hindi movie.The message about education conveyed through this movie is really good and It is seriously an eye opener to many of the educational institutions and family !!!

Moving on to the performance of various characters. Vijay has given his best ever performance till date. He has given a massive come back after some critics against him and also his acting in this kind of movies rocks more than his mass commercial movies.And as Shankar said "After watching this film, even an antivijay fan would become his fan" has come true as i saw in most of my friends.

Jeeva too taking up the role of Sarman joshi, has acted nice in all parts especially in that humour sequences encountered with Sathya raj. Shrikanth has done justice to his character fitting into the shoes of Madhavan.

Ileana's performance looks a bit less compared to Kareena kapoor but has done good in some scenes.Sathyan as Silencer has completely satisfied his role compared to the Hindi version. Sathya Raj though in certain suitations imitates the Hindi version character but has really done a superb job in this movie as he is the best option to take up this role.

Of all the songs in the movie,"Askku laska" and "En frienda pola yaaru machan" seems to be the winners.Locations and camera works in the movie gives us a fresh look to the movie.This movie is the Best Option for celebrating Pongal With a Message.

Finally This will be Super HIT Block Buster movie for sure!!!

And a Hattrick For VIJAY !! PongALL IZZ WELL !!

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