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Ninaithale Inikkum


Musical / Romance

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IMDb Rating
6.9 / 10


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Aug 13, 2020 at 08:12 pm



Kamal Haasan as Chandru
Jaya Prada as Sona
Rajinikanth as Deepak
Sarath Babu as Guest

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One of good films made by K Balachander, he is awesome as a director , knows how to make actors do their part right. This movie revolves around a musical troupe. Kamal as lead singer and Rajnikanth as guitarist. With association of Singapore Tamil sangam they make a trip to Singapore, where Kamal runs into manipulative, captivating girl and is crazy about her. One thing you cant get out of her is straight answer even if the question would have a yes or no. Having fallen for her. Music is awesome, you will particularly enjoy high energy song "Sivasamboo" filmed on Rajnikanth taking guitar and dancing his hearts out. One of better films of Kamal-Rajni duo, the pillars of Tamil cinema(80s, 90s era). Jayapradha is captivating. What happens is for you folks to watch and find out.

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Main plot: (Spoiler alert) The story revolves around Chandru (kamal hassan), lead singer of a music band. The other members of the band are Deepak (Rajinikanth), Vichu and 'Mama'. The story begins with Chandru's mother asking him to say goodbye to his bachelor life and get married upon which he replies that he is not a bachelor but a widower. The rest of the story follows as a flashback which begins with a concert given by the band in hotel Chola in Chennai. After the concert, Chandru comes back to his room and is surprised to find a girl Sona there. Sona starts flirting with Chandru much to Chandru's liking. After Sona leaves, Chandru finds the words "I love you" written on the door. Shortly after, the band leaves for a tour of Singapore. Chandru runs into Sona in the airport but she does not seem to recognize him, or is interested in him in anyway. Puzzled, Chandru manages to switch seats next to hers. During the flight, he flirts with her and finally manages to win her affections. He asks for her address which she initially refuses to give but finally she does. Chandru goes to see her at the address but finds out that it is a fake address. Chandru then spots her at a mall. Here too Sona pretends not to know Chandru but at the latter's insistence promises to meet him at a park the next day. Chandru goes to the park but Sona does not show up. Then another day Chandru spots Sona in a cable car and manages to confront her and ask her why she keeps avoiding him and misleading him, and whether she is really interested in him or not. She admits her interest in him but requests Chandru to be patient, promising to reveal everything at the appropriate time. The mystery about Sona's past deepens when she, after seeing someone, hurriedly departs the place.

Things come to a head when Chandru spots Sona performing at a night club. Sona reveals that she had been on a visit to India when she had lost all her belongings and money. Someone did help her but in return had requested to take a small packet to Singapore. Sona had planned to hide it in Chandru's guitar which is why she had visited his room due had flirted with him. However Chandru did not take that guitar with him to Singapore due to which she was under pressure to return the favor to the person who helped him. Not wanting to tell anyone, she was working at a night club for the money. On another day Chandru finds Sona in a drunken like condition on the road and admonishes her for her wasteful life and threatens to leave her upon which she reveals that she is being blackmailed by the person who had helped her in Chennai and that he is a drug dealer and smuggler and that he keeps her drugged and under her control in order to recover the money that is due to him.

Chandru continues to pressure Sona into revealing her past. After much dilly-dallying she finally reveals, the day before he is scheduled to leave, that she is in the final stages of leukemia and she has just a couple more weeks to live. Chandru extends his stay by a week just so he can be with her and find a way to help her but he returns to India heart-broken and dejected. He gets the surprise of his life when he finds Sona at his house. Both confess their love for each other and get married very shortly. Sona tells Chandru that she wants to sing happily on stage along with Chandru till her end, which finally does come.

This is the mail plot line. There are some side plots that provide comic relief, involving Deepak's attempts to find a girl, his kleptomaniacal habits. wage her makes with Sona's dad that he would flip a cigarette into his mouth ten times consecutively, and Mama's newfound drinking habits which land him in trouble with his wife.

Comments: All in all the movie is disappointing. It lacks the signature and the genius of KB Sir's movies which we are all accustomed to - situations and dialogues which gives people the goose pimples, the amazing camera angles, tight close ups, non-verbal communincations, centrality of women, of music, of questioning conventional wisdom, and more. There is none of that here. All we get to see is an average, run of the mill story - boy-meets-girl, boy-goes-after-girl, boy-and-girl go around singing songs, girl reveals in the end that she has leukemia, boy and girl get married, girl dies. Dialogues, acting, camera work - all average. So many loose ends in the story. So many songs randomly inserted. This would be OK for any other director but not for KB Sir. Considering the stellar cast and crew in this movie, one fails to understand how such an ordinary movie was produced.

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