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IMDb Rating
3.4 / 10


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Jul 24, 2020 at 09:32 pm



T.R. Silambarasan as Osthi Velan
Richa Langella as Neduvaali
Santhanam as Velan's Friend
Jithan Ramesh as Balan
Sonu Sood as Daniel

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Movie Reviews

Osthi.....those who watched the film nasty!

The movie was not up to the mark. The promo they gave and they output the movie gave was totally irrelevant! Though it was a remake of the Hindi film Dabangg. STR did not perform to his best. Except for Santhanam's comedy and songs....the movie is not worth to be watched. After seeing so many awesome roles of surya vikram kamal ajith etc in police stories, simbhu's police role didn't give the exact feel of a typical police. Most scenes were expressionless. And also the movie was too long...after consistent hits like dhill dhool and gilli we expected more from Dharani. To say in short "Without Santhanam the film is nothing!".

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"Osthi" is nothing the name suggests

While watching "Osthi" I was reminded my younger years when after watching good action movies especially movies with cop stories me & my friends used to imitate the hero & the action scenes during our play times. Just imagine if kids like we were provided with money & all the properties that they have used in those movies and asked to do our level best in re-enacting those movies. That is the exact feeling I got about how STR aka Simbu might have felt seeing him do a "Dabaang " Salman Khan.

Seeing STR playing the hero in "Osthi" is like fulfilling one's own childhood fantasies. He is like a kid trying to emulate men on screen. Trying to do a cop , mouthing innumerable punch dialogs (which even the seniors in the industry are trying to get away from) , doing over the top super-heroic action sequences & mixing needless gymnastics in the name of dance (though he dances wonderfully well otherwise ) STR has gone two steps back from all the gains of "VTV" & "Vanam".

Filmmakers should realize that not all movies which are successful in one language necessarily mean it will be a hit if remade in other languages too. There are numerable examples for the same. And if you try to remake a movie which is in itself made by mixing & matching countless redundant aspects from your native language & became hit only because it was fresh & new to that language audience your are digging your own grave. No aspect of this movie is novel or unseen before except may be a "kid" playing cop for the first time in Tamil cinema..!

These are the days were even if your are Rajnikanth , you have to have the backing of solid story , interesting screenplay , novel ideas , extra bit of variation in acting from the routine , change of get-ups etc to give a successful movie. Hence it is sad to see young & upcoming actors like STR resorting to the convenient simple route which is certainly not enough to make the audience take notice.

It is understood one should not look into logic & reasons while watching a movie which is made only with entertainment as its objective . But there are loopholes in the basic premises itself & many are laughable ones at that. The protagonist not an ingenuous person himself why he specifically chooses Daniel , the Villain of the movie to lock horns with is not clear. It is understandable that an young child having aversion towards his step father but why would a mature man hate his young step son without any justifiable reason. And the most comical & ridiculous sequences are the ones where heroine giving reasons for not willing to marry the hero , heroine's father response to it (come on..! it is a case of plain concrete thinking on the part of the writer . Daughter saying i can't marry leaving my old alcoholic father alone doesn't mean he should die , only then she can get married....sigh!) & the manner in which heroine agrees to marry the hero readily as soon as her father dies. These are only few absurdities of many which readily come to one's mind.

STR has tried his best to look convincing as a cop but to no avail. Except mouthing punch dialogs & trying to flex his muscles both in action as well as dance sequences nothing much can be expected from him in a movie of this kind. Richa sleeps walks through her brief role . Ramesh tries to discover his acting talents one more time but success eludes him as usual. Sonu Sood looks disinterested. Loads of veterans line Nasser, Revathi , VijayKumar , "Nizhalgal" Ravi , "Thambi" Ramaiah are wasted in routine caricatures. Shanthanam do evoke few laughs here & there with his impeccable timing but he is getting too predictable.

Thaman's songs are already huge hits. All songs are foot tapping numbers especially "Neduvallli" & "Vaadi Vaadi cute pondatti" . "Unnale unnale" is a delectable melody. Background score however is loud & noisy.

Barathan's dialogs are tailor made for movie like these with everyone extolling the noble virtues , courage & intelligence of the hero. Almost everyone , even the heroine has a chance to mouth a punch dialog.

Gopinath's cinematography is good & glossy . CG works are done subtly.

Dharani has missed his shot at redemption after his previous failures like "Bangaram" & "Kuruvi" where his successful career hit a speed brake. It is time to introspect not only for Dharani but also for STR.

On the whole , "Osthi" is nothing the name suggests.

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High on entertainment, but low on logic

For anyone who loves Indian action movies, this is a must watch. The movie doesn't make a lot of sense. That's because the director wants you to enjoy the over-the-topness of the film on screen. It's a popcorn movie. So don't expect a very thrilling cop drama.

Story Osthi Velan (STR) is an irrespectful cop who only respects his mother. He takes revenge on his half brother and step father for treating him like crap as a kid. One day, he takes away the money from a heist which is being brought to a rowdy/gangster(Sonu Sood) for giving the people who voted for him in the prime minister election. After he takes away the money, he keeps it by himself. The gangsters come looking for him for getting the money back. From here I don't want to spoil anything.

Positive: Great songs and music, Cool action scenes, Simbu's first time police avatar, Great editing, Cinematography, Fast paced screenplay

Negative: Some really silly scenes, Old fashioned script

Final score: (8/10)

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