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Action / Drama / Romance

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IMDb Rating
6.3 / 10


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Jul 20, 2020 at 01:06 pm



Karthi as Shiva
Tamannaah Bhatia as Charulatha
Milind Soman as Baali
Jagan as Poochi
Omar Lateef as Shiva's friend

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Movie Reviews

Paiyaa - Starts with a refreshment, wades in the middle slowly and ends with a sigh.

I never considered Lingusami as a good director in coming up with a good story line or something fresh. Its just screenplay does the trick for him. Here its a yes and no. Initially seems fresh, though wades towards the end.

Story: Without any interest in anything Karthick leads a life where his friends try to fit him into a job. On the day of interview, he sees Tamanna and fall in love with her. (Love at first sight season, I believe). Needless to say, he misses the interview and his friends start scolding him. One fine morning he goes to railway station to pick one of his friend in the car. He sees Tamanna and a person asking him to drop them on Chennai. And the story begins. He goes ahead and Lingusaami looses the knot one by one which makes interesting. A group to get Tamanna follows them and another group to finish Karthi follows them at the same time. At one point of the movie, both the group joins together and why they follow, watch it in the screen if you really want to see the flick after reading the next few passages.

Karthi and Tamanna gives a youthful feel to the movie and alas it didn't continue for a long. Karthi impresses with his performance while Tamanna is still in her kinder garden when it comes to acting! Karthi, has to grow up a lot in dance, though he tried a lot, his brawny looks make it sound awkward at times. Miland Soman though looks stylish has nothing to offer as an actor. Wasted completely.

Songs are very well penned and soothing to here. When you need a peppy number the movie offers it. However not with some intelligence, but for offering sake you are provided with a song. All the songs stand out of place with the movie. And it feels childish, whenever Karthi starts singing with lot of expressions. I don't know how long this saga of singing songs will continue. Yuvan's BGM sounds good when there is a love sequence but damages your ears when somebody is fighting.

Mathi's cinematography feels good and gels with the movie. But too many closeup shots of almost everyone is painful to see at times except Tamanna's! Even am a guy :)Anthony fits the bill in editing.Action- Kannal Kannan sir, If you think if someone is hit with a metal rod for umpteen times and still he can fight, teach me that magic ! I wanna really beat some baddies..

Lingusami as usual tries to portray almost the same story he told in Run, Sandaokozhi with a car and a different cast. But he fails big time, in fitting a story into it, though the screenplay is somewhat paced. Paiyaa has its moments and that's it. Many times, you cant stop getting stumbled upon many of his own movies in the way it told starting from costume, name, art and what else story. That makes Paiyaa the same run of the mill. Lingusami thinks he can give a movie with a decent cinematography, good songs and few intense scenes and that's what people need, sorry sir its is not. What it basically lacks is a script and a strong screenplay to back it up. Paiyaa fails in both the cases.

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Another horrible Tamil film

The Hero plays the role of a cheap wannabe road thug with a smirk attitude. He then spots the heroine and is infatuated by her looks. He is so desperate to get to her that he leaves his interview and follows her. And just like every other Tamil movie the heroine needs his help all of a sudden. She asks him to drive to numerous places and the guy obeys her every command like a dog.

The movie is full of plot holes. One example. Some baddies are in the railway station so she orders her dog (the hero) to drive to another place and the baddies automatically take the road route. She could have easily slipped into the huge train without noticing or even taken the next train but somehow the baddies know that she has taken the road.The movie, like most Tamil films portrays men as desperate,thirsty dogs who will do anything for a beautiful girl.

Boring,generic,cheap and mind numbing.My message to Tamil movie makers is - Please stop insulting our intellect by making such films. 1/10

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Songs 10/10

The story is below average. But the the songs are too good

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A Wonderful Journey

Paiyya...again a superb entertainer after Director Lingusamy's RUN.... This is Karthi's first commercial film. Karthi (Shiva) is a stylish guy having a gud friends circle and looking for a job which he is not much interested of. He loves to be casual and cool.The movie starts in Bangalore - The Garden City where he meets the gorgeous girl Tamannaah(Charu)and falls in love with her as usual like every hero.

The journey from Bangalore to Mumbai is entertaining and very romantic. His car driving and stunts are great and awesome. A very good background music and effects is an additional quality to the film. Racing maniac and car maniac will jus lov it!! The selection of car (Mitsubishi Lancer) by the director is good. The drive at night is also nice.

The songs are all awesome both melodious as well as fast track. Poongaatre poongaatre song rocks. Very good work by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Totally even if there is not much story involved, because of the thrill, suspense, action, journey and not to forget Karthi's dialogues and expressions, the movie is simply superb.


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