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IMDb Rating
7.2 / 10


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Jul 25, 2020 at 10:10 pm



Vishal as Sivakumar
Bharathiraja as Kalyana Sundaram
Lakshmi Menon as Malar
Soori as Ganesan
Vikranth as Sethu

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Movie Reviews

A Rare Good Movie

The first thing running in my mind after coming out of Pandiyanadu "Tamil cinema gets an unique Producer" seriously its a wonder full way of development to cinema.secondly Bharthiraja every one knows he is a First- rate director after seeing This Movie I see him as a "WORLD CLASS ACTOR" I think he would be getting his award as an Actor too.I don't now why? Is he not willing to act more movies or no director except Manirathnam is dare to approach him to Act.

Suseenthiran Director yet to get an national award. Pandiyanadu is an exact formula to engage people of all classes.There would be always a remark for an Art movie and a commercial movie.Very few director including him comes out with a movie which does not included in both the above category and proves that such things are fictional and engaging of the audience is what important.

The story plot is on Madurai with every character merging out as an existent according to that region. Actor Vishal has improved a lot "chick hatches out of its egg",Menon good nothing more but what a dance? since the screenplay runs under a family pot every character engages and makes itself more appropriate.After a long time i see more character build up on family in Tamil cinema Not like other movies that the movie and camera moves only with the Hero "This is what a Movie is called" that is why i called Vishal as a good producer.

In a long period of time After an Emotional activating action scene of Basha,Thool,Thottijaya,Yutham Sei I see the "climax of this movie" More perfect one there was temptation all over the audience A superior Commercial. That is why this movie has what a art movie wants and has what a commercial movie misses really a both

A Suited work at the back end cinematography and editing and all the other team behind work there is no other word that it all worked out.Since i have said only one line because for me the when i am watching a movie i should not be disturbed by cinematography or the editing for example if i enjoy the cinematography that means you have over played the movie That means i lack concentration on the movie That means a when i give one line to you guys that means your are more perfect.

Pandiyanadu A rare movie where every one afraid to take.When you enter theater it will engage you for its full run time.

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the ultimate commercial revenge story

gotta admit, this is the ultimate commercial revenge story i have ever seen in Tamil cinema.! this is the clear winner of this Diwali.! Suseendhran comes up with yet another path-breaking movie.. Vishal gets the much needed break and he deserves.. must watch..edge of a seat thrilling revenge story.. The jaded revenge formula in commercial cinema is reinvented.!!!

Vishal in a tailor made role and bharathiraja sir as a sentimental father steals the show.!Sharath Lohithaswa tries to be villain at perfect.. suri and laskhmi menon played their parts very well..

first half will be a delightful yet little violent one..from then on the movie pics up the speed and second half is a edge of a seat may be an usual revenge story but told in a very unusual way with the apt cinematography which makes us feel very thrilled.!!

must watch movie..This movie has that thing which lacks in a class movie and what is needed in a commercial movie..

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A new outlook for revenge dramas

aandiya Naadu- My Review

Finally watched Pandiyanaadu starring Vishal directed by versatile director Suseenthiran.....

Coming to the film....

| #Plot

Shiva (played by Vishal), is an ordinary guy working in a mobile shop. After killing his opponent, local mafia don, Ravi takes complete control over Palnadu and rules it with an iron fist. Siva's brother, a honest govt officer, gets killed by Ravi for opposing his unlawful mining acts. A helpless Shiva, plans to avenge the death of his brother.......meanwhile, he finds that his father too is on the floor to kill Ravi.... The basic story of the film is nothing but the most seen subject #Revenge.....But I must say that director Suseenthiran gave re- birth to the so called subject, "Revenge" and made Pandiyanaadu an excellent flick.....He didn't follow the traditional route followed by most of the film makers, instead, he made his own way..... in fact, he is popular for his different making, which we have seen in Vennela Kabadi Kuzhu, Nan Mahan Alla and recently, Aadhalaal Kaadhal Seiveer......

| #Building_Up

Sussenthiran and Bhaskar Shakti were successful in building up an excellent script for a wafer thin plot. The ''most seen'' story had a different presentation, offering a great feel to the viewers. Every character was close to the heart and the director was able to expose the mind or soul of every character. Especially, the character of #Shiva, it was intense and realistic. From the start to end, there was no transformation in the character of Shiva..In usual films, we see a meek hero transforming into a Super Man to avenge the death....but here, there was no such trans\formation of character ...Vishal too,was able to present it in a much realistic manner.....Kudos to the writers for this ordinary Shiva. A slowly started Pandiyanaadu, gained its pace slowly. Certain wits and comedy sequences in the start were interesting. Soori had some funny scenes to his credit in the first half. The first half passed off breezily in a good manner but the latter half was racy and engaging.

| #Performances

#Vishal rendered brilliant performance......Woow.... No words to say.....Excellent characterization as Shiva. He excelled as an ordinary man. There was no transformation in his character at any point of the film. Watch the film to experience it....No Mass Action No Punch Dialogues, Still the best role from Vishal. Those mannerisms of him in certain sequences, particularly realistic action sequences in the climax were wonderful. The fear and sadness in his face, even during killing the villain were appreciably good.....

Next person I have to mention here is #Bharathiraja....Never expected such performance from him.Mind Blowing.... A character close to the heart. The sadness and anger of an ordinary person, who lost his son, were well presented by him.......Excellent.

The rest of the cast including Lakshmi Menon, Soori and Vikranth rendered good performances. Other mentionable roles were of our villains, Harish Uthaman and Sharath Lohitaswa, both of them were perfect in their roles.

| #Making

Sussenthiran's versatility was visible in every scene of the film.......He had a much realistic approach and excellent direction for the well written script.

R.Madhi's cinematography is yet another highlight of the film. Was able to capture the locations very well...offered a good feel. The BGMs were matching the mood of the film but D.Imaan's songs weren't up to the mark. Could've been done better. I donno why Suseenthiran choose him.....Usually Yuvan used to compose for him...Technically, the movie was superb....Colouring was also good....

A song of Vishal and Lakshmi in the second half could have been avoided, Really misplaced and unwanted. Except that, nothing negative.....

Realistic Direction, Appreciable Performances and tight Script makes Pandiyanaadu an Enterprising Film, in all contexts...

My Rating: 4/5 Verdict: Very Good

Must watch for good film lovers....

Thank You For Reading My Review

Yours Truly Sooraj.. :)

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Pandiya Naadu (2013)

The movie was excellent. One of the best movie of Vishal. Vishal and everybody acted good in the movie. This is not like other Vishal movie. The movie was so interesting. The movie has some boring scenes but the movie was good. Songs and BGM in the movie were also excellent.

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