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Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
4.6 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Nov 03, 2020 at 03:26 pm


Keerthy Suresh as Rhythm
Linga as Raghu
Mathi as Doctor David

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Movie Reviews

An experiment gone horribly wrong!

Sorry, I had no option for 0 or half star. I gues director had not made even a single short film before this.

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Pile of nonsense thrown at you.

Wasting of time and energy,not upto expectations, story, logic no

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Does not deserve even 1 star.

Utterly disappointing story line with needless histronics by Keerthy Suresh. Not sure how she fell prey to this dumb story unless desperation took its toll... it had everything in it ... excepting relevant story substance... the regular drone views of kodaikanal and its beautiful winding roads appear interesting, especially with bluish tinge to the lush greenery... story is spoilt... so not sharing any spoilers :) how can i actually give away to reveal true nature of her friend and a vile doctor ?? Doggie has a fairly good role and acting

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Horrible acting, No logic,

After watching "Prisoners" last week and followed by watching the trailer of "Penguin" i had the opinion, some Indian movie will match Prisoners, coz i felt story line would have been the same.

The story writer may have picked up all the points from different movies and made at a mish-mash of it .....and loo and behold ....we have Penguine.

Feeling very sorry for talented Keerthy Suresh for picking up this movie.

The director wants to trigger sympathy out the charcter of Rhythm making her to in be advanced pregnancy ....but he fails miserable to evoke the feeling of mother hood - she goes on at length to look for her son for years. Her divorce - missing child - pregnancy failed to bring empathy to her character.

Story falls tooooooooo flat , to many loose ends, the characters jumping in - to say - - im fooling you. No essence in their act.

Please keep away from this. I like to thank the director only for one reason ...for keeping it just for little over two hours.

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