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Pudhu Pettai


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
8.5 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jan 02, 2021 at 08:43 am


Dhanush as Kokki Kumar
Sneha as Krishnaveni
Sonia Agarwal as Selvi
Azhagam Perumal as Tamil Selvan
Bala Singh as Anbu

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Movie Reviews

A political film that thrills the viewer with a grain of reality

Selvaraghavan has managed to picture a movie that careens past the usual reality check in films and perches itself atop a hill. A gargantuan talent that has been latent in Dhanush has been exposed. The veracity and his luminous capability to scintillate his dialogues with authenticity is what implodes the shell that the film initially cocoons itself in. The movie wings itself into a political drama that unflinchingly emanates a feeling of relativity. The movie bludgeons relativity to such boundless extents that by the end of it, the viewer is sure to have a sure shot idea of how politics in India works. Kudos to Selva Raghavan for creating a gangster film that saunters happily past the line designed for success and it is a film not to be deigned with.

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Gangster Flick cum Reality Check

Its gangster flick season in Kollywood. After Thotti Jaya and Pattiyal, Pudhupettai covers the negative side of Tamil Nadu-it's underworld network. This film was released on May 26 2006, and not 2005.

Directed by critically-acclaimed director Selvaragavan, Pudhupettai also depicts the harsh reality of the life of an underworld don. Kokki Kumar, the protagonist, leaves home when his father murders his mother and joins the company of a gang of drug-dealers and brothel-runners. His transformation from a scrawny innocent chap to a notorious gang leader is cinematic and clich├ęd in some ways.

The events unfold in periodic flashback from Kokki Kumar's cell. The film contains lots of interesting characters- a prostitute who falls in love with the protagonist, a friend who betrays his leader for the sake of his sister who becomes accidentally married to him, a rival gang leader who never gives up and a string of politicians who will do anything of their own free will. Kokki's almost downfall is narrated well and his fatherhood comes off as a clean and believable sentimental arena.

The climax induces some laughter-which comes off as unexpected and thus, not a bad move for the director. Although the film does meet expectations in some ways, it falls short of a few things that arise due to the director's desire to carve the film differently from other typical gangster flicks. I'm surprised the rating was PG-13 in Singapore. It should have been at least NC16. Otherwise, the movie is anticipated to meet critical success. Violence has been making waves in many recent films and Pudhupettai is no exception. Blood is so common in the film that you get used to the sight of red everywhere. However, bloodshed is justified in this film compared to the others.

The ending is also handled in a believable manner. This film may very well be based on a true story. Reality bites, especially in the life of a gangster who is a wannabe-politician.

Dhanush has obviously worked his heart out for the movie. Yet, he seems to overact in a few scenes that makes us wonder is his character is slightly insane. Of the 2 heroines, I found the Sonia Agarwal character more interesting though the prostitute character gets the more accolades. Yuvan Shanker Raja has 2 catchy numbers-Pul Pesum and Vaariya. The theme music is quite familiar-survival of the fittest-which also happens to be the tagline of the film. How that tagline is suited to the movie, I have no idea.

I really enjoy gangster flicks and can't wait for the next one, titled "E" to arrive.

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Pudhupettai - flabbergasting!!!

Pudhupettai - flabbergasting!!! Forget morality and logic, sit back and enjoy the movie! Every bloody scene deserves deafening applause!! Amazing dialogues!! Selvaraghavan proves to be matchless!!!! Kola bhaskar has tried very new editing style, the movie is super fast cut, esp. the first half. Yuvan's music is mind blowing, perfect to fit the tempo of the movie. Visual effects was ultimate especially for the stunt scenes!! Dhanush acting deserves an award!! Every character had given their best, it was an impressive work by homely sneha as a whore who becomes a loving loyal wife!! The movie starts with an innocent north madras guy having filthy father who kills his wife for a domestic fight, Fearing danger from his dad he runs off. Finally, consequences lead him to become a henchman and from then on the movie runs into an unexpected chain of sequences, so violent yet it strikes you at the right spot that we agree that, he is got to be the king of villa pudhupettai!! What happens when vanity takes over him????????........... Just witness it on the silver screen ASAP.

P.S. I feel this is the most violent movie ever made in tamil.

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An opt movie replicating the real south Indian gangsters.

An apt movie replicating the real south Indian gangsters.

Selva Ragavan had did a good home work on making this movie .People think gang leader should have huge built body, which is actually not. Most of the gangsters are brutal in behavior but looks thin and lean. Kokki Kumar's noxious behavior in this film is very well framed in to different scenes.

A gangster film never looked this good and real. The Energy and raw power brought in to this movie is admirable. Even though it imitates minute things from "City of god", Selva Ragavan has shown his own signature in Pudhupettai.

It is one of the best gangster movies after Nayagan in south Indian movie.

This is certainly for the kind of audience who love to watch reality in cinema .

-Arun DX...

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