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Action / Adventure / Fantasy

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IMDb Rating
4.4 / 10


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Jul 27, 2020 at 01:07 pm



Joseph Vijay as Maru Dheeran / Puli Vendhan
Sridevi as Queen Yavanaraani
Sudeep as Thalapathy Jalatharangan
Prabhu as Vembunathan
Shruti Haasan as Pavazhamani

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Movie Reviews

Even a die hard Vijay fan should stay away from this unintentionally hilarious fantasy film

It is very difficult to point out what's good in the film as there is so much ameturishness and mediocrity in it. Anyways, here it goes. The film has been nicely shot and cinematography by Natty is top notch. The VFX work to create lilliputian characters and the giant tortoise is commendable. Vijay's dancing skills are a relief in otherwise lackluster songs. Vijay has great comic timing and is ably supported by Thambi Ramaiah and Sathyan. Few action scenes in the film have been brilliantly shot like the fight between Vijay and the giant, on top the maze of pointed needles at the courtyard. And the scene where Vijay walks through the hell fire and comes out unscathed is praiseworthy. But alas these scenes are few and far in between.

BUT THEN THE BAD THINGS !! Now where should I start? The clich├ęd plot of the film borrows all the fantasy elements from previously made hit films and knits an incoherent screenplay without putting much thought to the proceedings. The lack of novelty could have been ignored if the treatment of the story was fresh and entertaining. But the film plays out to be unintentionally hilarious all thanks to the makers who consider fans as 8 year old kids high on candy. There is no doubt that Puli is U rated as it is apt for 6-8 year old kids and it assaults our intelligence with kiddish stuff. I mean mild comedy with lilliputians and a giant tortoise barfing might make kids giggle but it feels like WTF to us adults who have grown up watching classic fantasy films like Chronicles of Narnia. Even if you try to look over the wafer thin plot, you are attacked by garish make up and tacky costumes. VFX is not the highlight of the film as it seldom appears to be of high standards. Sridevi, who makes her comeback in Tamil films, has absolutely nothing to do other than look arrogant and evil. While her costumes might give you creeps, she hardly has 15 minutes of screen time and has less than 10 dialogues in the film. It baffles me why a veteran actress like Sridevi resort to play such a demeaning and worthless role. Kiccha Sudeep, the Kannada superstar, who impressed us in Rajamouli's Eega is stuck in a typical villainous role. His role is so poorly written that it makes him look like mere caricature. Sudeep and Vijay's climax fights might induce a few unintentional laughs. Shruti Haasan plays sleeping beauty in more than half of the film and despite of her beautiful looks, her harsh voice makes you wanna close your ears. Hansika is there in the film for namesake as she just adds glamour in couple of songs. Coming to the songs, Devi Sri Prasad's music is not that great and it becomes very hard not to walk out of the theatre during the long drawn song sequences. The film is too long and has very little meat to hold it through for two and a half long hours. The jokes in the film are at times so childish that it makes you laugh at the film instead of laughing along with the film. Overall, it is a pathetic attempt at fantasy filmmaking by Chimbu Devan.

You must have heard the caption 'Save the tiger'. Well this tiger aka Puli is sure to be hunted down by critics and I advice you to save yourselves and stay away from Vijay's Puli if you want to maintain your sanity. I am going with 3 stars for Puli just for the sake of Vijay's earnest efforts and one or two stand out scenes.

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Nonsense movie.

Let me tell u this in the beginning itself. This is one of the worst Tamil movies ever made. And wait. Some one else told here that this movie deserves and Oscar. Please man. I hope you 've out of asylum. This is movie was completely senseless. Vijay has no expressions on his face and is completely dull. Poor screenplay. Poor direction. In fact I think he dint even direct the movie. Worst music. Except one song every other songs in the movie seem to be "Kuthu". Can some one please explain me which music director will put such songs for a fantasy movie. And the other actors are also completely wasted. No one is given importance in this film . Just a usual masala flick with nonsense written all over it

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Well ..ppl should re-think again

I would just like to highlight few pros and cons and then finally ending up with my conclusion.

Pros: Boldness to make a fantasy film. VFX Vijay Cineamtography Art Direction

Cons: Screenplay Music Wasted the cast's potential


It is a fantasy film and they mentioned that it is a "Family entertainer". Let's say they tried doing a Disney- style film which didn't excel, but common it is a good attempt and encouraging these kinds of movies is something that I would love to. Now let me share my opinion.

Simbudevan tried giving a family entertainer with a unique movie genre that South Indian Industry is afraid to venture into. Also, I believe that he wanted to direct the overall story a simple one. But, the problem arises when the other small stories come into play where the main story of the movie gets saturated. however, if that's the case and he wanted to direct a typical commercial film, then the movie would have become a fantasy story tailored only for Vijay and it would have been a typical "Commercial" movie with just the word fantasy added in front.

No way I am telling this movie is Awesome. If people want a "Solid Mass commercial packed action fantasy drama film", then there is good chance for them to get disappointed. But, if people look this as enjoyable fantasy film that they would love to watch and appreciate or want too enjoy this with their family, then do give it a try.

I do support and like this movie, but, my request to Simbudevan is that that we need these kinds of movies and when you are planning to direct in this genre, please make a unique story coz we are known for fantasies and we can definitely make a "World Class Movie". And director like you, it is definitely possible.

So basically, I Liked it very much but not Loved it for sure. Even when I tried watching it 'open- minded', it did not get me intrigued enough throughout the movie. All I can say is go with an open mind and you will like it. I would also like to appreciate the entire Puli team to give us this genre of Tamil movie after a long time.


Overall----> To put in a nutshell, a journey(Movie) which was supposed to be amazing got tiring a bit due to many diversions(Screenplay) in the forest. Puli's roar is not majestic enough, but, it did try really hard.

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Worst Vijay Movie ever made!!!

I expected a minimum level of entertainment when I decided to watch the show in the first day itself. Also the campaigns for the promotion of the movie added much weight to the expectations, which always highlighted the big names casted in the film.

Yes! The thread had a lot of potential. Even though it was a centuries old storyline in the fantasy genre. A hero, going on a hunt to retrieve his love from a scary castle. A lot of hurdles on the way, lot of fantasy creatures, and never seen before places to pass through.... There was more than enough room for an Adventure, action packed visual treat in the given plot. Even with this familiar fantasy thread, the movie could have been made a memorable one, with a strong screenplay and some advanced cinematography and editing. Even the background scores and the songs were well below the average, which made it painful for the audience.

Starting 3-4 scenes, had somewhere some resemblance with bahubali. I am not complaining, but this is what i felt. Again, the camera didn't seem to use any kind of tints to create a feel of ancient days. Video as well as the audio department failed pathetically in taking the audience to another world. Even switching between scenes was not fluidic. The frames which displays the title for the first time and the introduction scene of the hero were at wrong timings, and couldn't generate any punch. The nicely trimmed hair of hero again added artificiality in the age in which the story happens. The costumes and make-up was not that bad , but lack of that colored tint in the scenes revealed that the materials were all modern.

In many occasions, we could feel the resemblance with many famous fantasy movies, and it was expected. The castle area appeared to have been adapted from the prince of Persia video game, and some monsters, weapons, and some fight sequences adds strength to that belief. Any one who have played that game(warrior within) would have come across the same feelings when he watch this movie. This opinion is just my own feelings and i don't want to argue about this.

Anyway, there were some occasions, or moments which gives the idea that direcion was not completely dry. And in many scenes VFX could show its potential too. Graphics was strong, but couldn't make its use to the best extent. Writer had good idea and good level of imagination and failed badly in the execution part. With this much amount of money and a proved set of actors, the movie fell miles short of a masterpiece.

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