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Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
6.9 / 10


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Jul 05, 2020 at 08:02 pm



Vikram as Veeraiya
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Ragini Subramaniam
Prithviraj Sukumaran as Dev Prakash Subramaniam
Priyamani as Vennila
Prabhu as Singarasan

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Movie Reviews

Mani Ratnam's Toofan

Ravanan is probably one of the hardest movies for which I'll be writing a review for. For most people who have already watched the movie, when they think in retrospect, it becomes easy to term it as 'very disappointing; or 'a complete waste of their time'. Well for one thing, this verdict shows the still conservative, yet to be unconventional mindset of the general audience towards Indian cinema. The most important aspect that I learnt after watching the movie was that, one cannot ever question a filmmaker's viewpoint, especially not of someone who has brought Indian cinema to great heights with movies such as guru and Bombay. Usually in the initial phase, a director has his thoughts aligned in a manner which only he can understand. It is converted to the screen only when he brings his ideas to everyone's comprehension. It is the latter fact that Mani Ratnam has not brought to complete satisfaction, which though he might be clear of, in a way puzzles the audience. In this film, the director has made us understand the importance of looking through a particular situation or argument through a different perspective, more specifically, a perspective which we might fear to judge. Ravanan can be said to have a definite storyline comprising that of a modern storyteller's as well as the ancient sage's. The modernized and refurbished version of the Ashokavanam episode and lanka war is re-enacted and cinematographed in different locations with different character descriptions and names, different, yet similar situations and most importantly looking from a different viewpoint, the perspective of Raavana himself, who we are accustomed to the knowledge that he is the villain.

The idea is different and definitely in the best of its ways. Not everyone is ready to take a blind shot at the vague parts of an epic like Ramayan and Mani Ratnam to the most part has handled the concept well. The support team including the expert actors have contributed to their best and have brought their abilities to near perfection. Vickram as Veera steals the movie with ease, giving one of his best performances. The fierceness in his depiction of modern day Raavana is apt and does quite a lot of justice to Valmiki's image of Raavana. Aishwariya rai who plays Ragini, modern day Sita otherwise, gives another artwork that will always remain as one of her pioneer roles and so do Prithviraj and Priyamani who play Dev (lord Rama) and modern day Shoorpanaka respectively. On the technical front, the music though not the best work of A.R. Rahman does pure justice to the theme of the story and BGM gives you a wonderful thrill. But, the most exemplary aspect of Ravanan is the direction of photography by Santosh Sivan and V. Manikandan. The lens men have captured the scenes in a manner seen never before in Indian cinema. The location, the camera angles and clarity are brought to near precision and gives the most delicious treat to the eyes of the viewers.

So what could be the possible letdown for the movie, to begin with, it lacks clarity towards the climax which most usually matters to the audience because it is the final sequence that tend to have the final impression on them. The ending is clouded with smoke giving no clear idea of the exact feelings of Ragini toward Veera and the tryout of grey shading Prithviraj's character tends to be a little more than required. The scene where he ruthlessly shoots Veera's brother gives us a feeling of hate towards dev and love for Veera. Apart from all these things, once you step out of the movie hall, you are forced to think back about the story, about the characters and most importantly, whether you liked the movie or not, you have a propensity of conflict in your mind about who was right and who was wrong. After all that's what cinema is all about, the primary aim is to make the audience analyze and contemplate and Mani Ratnam pulls of that objective with finesse. With Ravanan, the director has carved himself a niche in greatest epitome of Indian Cinema.

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Not Mani's The Best, but this man still has a lot in him for the whole world ! Its worth seeing ..

I watched Raavanan the 2nd day of its release in a theater near Toronto. Like everyone I went for the movie with huge expectations and as a matter of fact I m a die hard Mani Ratnam's fan like other million people.

To start of with, Raavanan has Mr. Ratnam's class written all over it right from the start till the end. To make things even more better, works of The Mozart of Madras Mr. Rahman, Santosh Sivan, Suhasini Mani Ratnam and Co have done an excellent job. And I m not surprised to see them at their best, as this is "A Mani Ratnam's film" ! The story might not be very new to Tamil cinema, but even a love story involving just two characters can be portrayed in a very classical manner and the screenplay can make the movie a big hit. Simple such example are Mr. Ratnam's old movies . A simple story could be directed in a very good way or a bad way. Mani always chooses the right way - Excellence and sheer CLASS! Vikram has reached new heights already, this character is a tough one , but the way he has essayed the character is top notch ! Kudos to him and I personally feel he is not utilized properly by Tamil Cinema. This actor has lot more potential to make it big, to take Tamil Cinema to the next level just like what Kamal Hassan has been doing.

Aishwarya has a lot of scope to perform and proves her versatility once again. May be she saves her best for Mani's films I m not sure, but such a wonderful performance by the beauty Queen. Dances really well and makes her eyes do the talking in most scenes. Early in her Iruvar days to Raavanan, her success is for her hard work and dedication.

I don't have anything to talk about Karthik and Prabhu as i can only be shocked if they don't give their best in all their movies. These seasoned actors are at their best like always. Priyamani has always been an actor who can balance her talents doing glamor along side roles with substance. Good talent to be nurtured for the future. She has gone long way post Paruthi Veeran.

The music surely plays a big part in the movie. Rahman has done a superb job to make sure he delivers his best to his guru. I always felt bad about Ratnam partying ways with Ilayaraja, but may be it was a blessing in disguise as Ar Rahman came to the podium with a bang ! I hope Mani and Ilayaraja join hands some time in future.

Vairamuthu's lyrics are powerful as always. DOP Mr.Sivan has given his all for this movie given the fact this movie was mostly shot in forests and with rain most of the times. Amazing talent ! I felt that I was watching the movie like a side actor in the sets and not from the theater, it was so very real.

To summarize the whole story, even though its a Mani Ratnam's movie,I felt it wasn't his very best as he has handled tougher subjects and the screenplay lacks the master's touch in few places.

I always consider and compare Mani Ratnam to Clint Eastwood as both these people share something in common - The passion for quality cinema ! For people who look for a excuse not to watch a movie in theaters, I would suggest you to watch it and see the visual in big screen as only then you can realize their hard work. Even if your not a Mani's fan, you should watch movies like this to support quality cinema and Indian cinema as a whole.

I don't need to talk about Mani's fans, as by now most of them would have watched the movie. I don't like comparing his other movies as each are good in their own standards, this one stands right up there but his best is somewhere round the corner.

Wonderful movie, very creative, excellent performance by all its lead artists and all together a complete wholesome entertainer by the one and only Master, Mr. Mani Ratnam ! Salute you

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Raavanan: A visual Treat

Stunningly spectacular visuals, Sleek and stylish technical aspects, crispy narration, powerful characters and magnificent performance from the cast makes Raavanan one of the best movies of 2010.

Raavanan is the 21st century Ramayana by India's acclaimed writer- director Mani Rathnam. The movie draws inspiration from the crucial events of the epic; the kidnapping of Seetha during the exile, Ram preparing the army to invade Lanka, Raavanan falling for Seetha, Hanumans giant leap into Lanka, to send message across to seetha and cautioning Raavanan about the debacle of lanka, anticlimax where Ram insists Seetha to step into fire to prove her chastity. For those who have no idea about the above events, Raavanan would give you a preface.

The story revolves around Veera ('Raavanan' Nick name); wild, untamed, dauntless warrior. A leader for his clan, his people worship and follow his path. He would not tolerate injustice against his people, this gets him into the police records. Dev, the police officer, who has been specially appointed to capture Veera, shifts to the area where Veera has established his reign. Veera intolerant of the action against his clan, kidnaps Ragini, wife of Dev, and there begins the cat and mouse game which bears shades of Ramayana. In the later part of the movie, we get to know that Veera's vengeance against the police is because of his sister's (played by Priyamani)suicide for the pure agony she faced at the hands of the police. Ragini, then, like the Stockholm syndrome, starts to exhibit a soft corner for Veera. Well paced second half and a riveting climax should be given a special applaud. The climax is the best of 130mins of the film as the performance of Aishwarya Rai and Vikram reach the highest level. Remember this; no other cast could've pulled out a performance like this. Thanks to Manirathnam for the best casting.

Vikram has played his character Veera with perfection, making it his own, in few instances taking it away from mani. He takes each scene into his stride depicting ease with the character. Prabhu, who has played the right hand of Veera in the movie, has given a good performance. Prithviraj, Priyamani and Karthik (outstanding in his come back) have given their best; with Prithviraj playing Dev, the 'good' policeman with shades of grey, Karthik, in fact, seems to be the 'Hanumam' character of the movie brings back the flavor of his yesteryear touch, and Priyamani expresses with her eyes and jazzy voice. Aishwarya Rai as Ragani, the female lead is looking refreshingly beautiful and sinks with the backdrop. She excels in her role and on few occasions she matches the performance of Vikram.

There is a poetic feel in the conversations between Aishwarya and Vikram, and its complimented by the scenic beauty around them. The abundance, splendour and the grandeur of nature has been captured by cinematographer Santosh Sivam and V Manikandan. The views are breathtaking; Mani's Love for rain is almost visible in every scenes especially in those conveying emotions. Cinematographers have done a fantastic job in recreating the spectacular visuals on the screen.

A R Rahman's music is predictably brilliant. Most of the songs bear a rustic and earthy feel and lyrics by poet Vairamuthu glorifies the story. The songs blend with the visuals rendering viewers a treat. The movie has the stamp of Mani Rathnam's style in the narration, scene execution, but still, one does feel the scenes in the first half slack a bit in continuity and connecting characters.

Yet again, the star studded combo of Manirathnam, AR Rahman, Santosh Sivam and Vairamuthu rocks the box office.

On the whole, 'Raavanan' is a film that doubtlessly offers something new, fresh and exceptional. For those whole liked this movie i would recommend a movie inspired from epic Mahabharata 'Thalapathi' written and directed by the same genius ManiRathnam.

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A stepping-stone of film-making in Indian cinema !!

The much hyped Raavanan having released, I was one of the lucky few who got to watch it on the first day. The story in its most basic senses, is a modern adaptation of the Indian epic 'Ramayana'. But Mani Ratnam has brought to this movie a magical touch that would indeed change the trend of movies to come in Indian cinema.

The movie is a tale of revenge and vengeance that Veeraiya (Vikram) unleashes on the people responsible for the death of his sister. To teach them a lesson he ends up kidnapping Ragini (Aishwarya Rai) and lures the cops right into his trap. Even though Ragini was his captive her attitude and approach towards things only makes his feelings grow stronger for her everyday ! The movie focuses on Veeraiya and all the multiple voices and thoughts in his head that refer to "Raavanan" from Ramayana. But only as the movie progresses do we find out his real character and the reason for such a transformation.

The beauty of this film and the most appealing factor is the cinematography adapted. The camera work was so brilliant that it would make anyone stare in amazement at how beautiful they have shown each and every thing on screen. Not once was there a dull moment as the positioning and timing of every scene was in sync with every other aspect. A R Rahman has given life to the movie with the background music and songs he has to offer. The songs were timed so perfectly that not once would you feel that there was no necessity of a song being shown there. Watch out for the cinematography in "Usure pogudhey". And the bgm for each sequence being unique made you literally connect with the things happening on-screen !

On a further note another technical point of excellence seen in this movie is the make-up and costumes used. Be it the black soot or sandhanam smothered all over Vikram's face or the many scratches and bleeding cuts on Aishwarya, the make-up department has done its best to make the movie look as realistic as possible !

When it came to acting, needless to say the director Mr. Mani Ratnam brought out the best in each and every person cast in the movie. 'Veeraiya' would have been a disaster if it was portrayed by anyone else. Vikram outdid himself by giving his best performance till date. His aggressiveness and crazy mannered body language showed us that he was living in the character the whole time ! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on her comeback to Tamil cinema after more than a decade has also pushed her acting skills to the limit. It is impossible to stop staring at her immense beauty and now, after her portrayal of the modern 'Sita' you just can't help but be in awe at how much she has to offer.

Raavanan, according to me is one of the finest movies made in Indian cinema. And i urge all you people out there to go watch it as soon as you can !

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